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When Will The FBI, Or William Barr, Make It’s Move To Subvert Trump’s Impeachment Trial? Today?

The FBI threw the presidential election of 2016 on election eve. The information that the Director illegally leaked (he admitted that the information about 12 mishandled emails was preliminary, and not yet investigated. If he can’t control leaks within his own office, then he must absolutely take full responsibility) was inconsequential. They, the FBI, always claim that they can’t talk about ongoing cases; but the leak was carefully selected to influence public opinion and swing the election. It was specifically geared to appeal to the Base. It was designed to mislead, and incite misogyny. The leak was illegal – they made no pretense of having even preliminary results. In fact, it was an intentional criminal act, with one intention and goal: to insure that a Mafia don became President of the United States. The FBI Director committed treason. That was the ultimate betrayal of the people, and the narcissist didn’t respect the people enough to even offer any explanation at all; though he wrote a child’s apology, and called it a book. He failed to mention that the FBI has information about the Trump family’s history of crime, that would put Drumpf away for good. That was, and is, a betrayal of the American People, and a violation of his oath, and treason, because the Mafia is an “enemy of the United States.” He says that Trump can’t commit a crime while he is President – but, Trump committed many crimes formerly. What mob reasoning makes that a secret, or priviledged . How could we ever have a fair electoral process if everything’s always a secret. If the federal police lie?

William Barr has turned the government of the United States over to the mob. But FBI directors and William Barr don’t hold any loyalty to the public, only to the mafia.

They did it once, and got away with it. Like all career criminals, they will do it again. Likely enough, very soon.

How will they do it? Here’s a good guess: They leak, once again breaking the law, irresponsible rumurs about Joe Biden without substantiation or proof. At the eleventh hour.

Or, how about the “king maker” William Barr declaring that Trump can’t be impeached, that no law was broken. As he breaks the law. Or the FBI attacking Adam Schiff and opening an investigation against him, on the eve of the vote. Or would it suffice for one of them to simply say that Schiff: “has emails, he has emails. What on earth shall we do. He has emails.” While Trump has secret meetings with enemies of the United States, and breaks the law and lies about every thirty seconds. Snakes.

If the cowards would ever even state their intentions! Did you ever try to pick up an eel? That’s arguing against Trump and his slimey minions. How does one argue against someone who lies, dillutes and equivocates like these people. Trump answers every question with childish, simple-minded insults, and half-truths and blathering nonsense. Coward’s talk. Thug reasoning: “Maybe he’s looking up.”

Look for Barr or the FBI to attempt the murder of the American Way. Look for it today!

(And, bye the bye: “minion” means, “a fawning, servile follower,” not, “a servant of evil.” It doesn’t matter what you call William Barr: he’s too low to insult.)

I’m sure it sounds foolish, but I can’t help but wonder what would be happening right now if we had a strong, honest and impartial Attorney General. Instead we got a man known for a single political agenda. Maybe we deserve Trump.

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