It’s Christmas Day, a celebration for people of goodwill about family, generosity, peace and love. Republican Congresspeople also celebrate it I’m told.

It’s also the fourth night of Hannukah, one of eight joyful days and nights which, if anyone from the White House is reading this and confused, it’s the holiday George Soros owns.

In the spirit of the season, PlanetPOV offers to all of our members, this gift of a special Christmas Carol to serenade your Christmas Day.

The (Political) Christmas Song

(to the tune of “The Christmas Song”)

Trump’s nuts roasting while old Lindsey cries
Rand Paul curling ’round his toes
Tyrant Donald being hung by his lies
While Trump’s mob falls like dominoes

Everybody knows impeachment and a Senate trial
Help to make the country right
Russian bots help Repubs who are vile
And pray to Putin every night

They know election’s on the way
Trump’s stirred a lot of public outrage every day
And ev’ry voter’s vote is gonna try
to see if racists really know how to cry

And so, I’m offering this simple phrase
To Trump, whose head is filled with poo
Although it’s been said many times many ways
“Karma’s coming, for you.

To all of our members at PlanetPOV and their families, we wish you the very Happiest of Holidays!

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Brilliant! Thanks for the huge laugh that’s overdue this year, and it’s a keeper. 😆

Some RW nut jobs are supporting a bizarre website that claims trump has an IQ of 156 “at a minimum”. How much did they have to pay them? Are they sure that they didn’t mistake it for 1+58=59??

– slurred speech
– semantic paraphasia (inserting wrong word)
– phonemic paraphasia (combining words to form a likely nonsense word)

Trump’s Best Words: 2019 Edition | The Daily Show