Like marshmallows floating above a mess of yams in a casserole dish, there are many sweet things that have risen to the top this year to be thankful for.

Trump really is (and finally) being impeached. His deceit and crimes are exposed wide open for all (but neutered Republican politicians) to see.

Democrats have an exciting, diverse and competitive field of candidates (including the minimum requirement of billionaires) from which the nominee and next president will emerge.

And Millennials finally have equalized the injustice their generation has suffered, from inheriting a deteriorating planet, to being paid lower incomes, to facing inflated home prices that are beyond their reach…thanks to the invention and use of the phrase, “Ok Boomer.”

In truth, we do have so much to be thankful for in our lives, beginning with our family and good friends, our health, our resilient democracy and the final year of the Trump regime counting down.

It’s my family’s Thanksgiving tradition to go around the table at dinner and ask what each of us is grateful for. Oddly, no one’s ever said that it was asking this question when people have their mouths full of Grandma’s Mashed Potatoes. Still, it does add important and desperately needed perspective in this frantic Trump Era we’re living through.

Here at PlanetPOV, we do the same thing, asking political figures what they’re thankful for on this Thanksgiving. Aside from working less during the year than hibernating bears, here are their responses.

Thanksgiving 2019 – What I’m Thankful For


“I’m thankful for Rudy Giuliani who, if he’s indicted, I don’t know and never worked for me. I’m thankful that people don’t reveal what they’re blackmailing you for when you give them Syria, that drugs work even better when you snort them, corsets coming in size XXXL and that there’s no IQ test for voting.”



“Here’s what I’m thankful for, that there are two sides on every mouth, that it doesn’t hurt you physically when you lie, that some people like weasels and keep them as pets, how sexy Skeletor is, Industrial Strength Poligrip, deer staring into headlights, Kamikaze pilots and being on the cover of Vermin Illustrated.”



“I’m so thankful that people aren’t judged by the content of their character but by how many times they say that they were in the armed forces. I’m also grateful that Assad washes the blood off his hand before I shake it, I’m thankful for Russian nesting dolls, Moscow Mules and sheep’s clothing.”



“I’ve been ordered by the White House not to disclose what I’m thankful for but I will say that I’m not unthankful for doublespeaking with double chins, jellyfish, snails, worms and all creatures without spines, knee pads, playing hide and not seek and it not being illegal to just step back and let a staff member hit the ground in a Trust Fall.”



“Among the things I’m thankful for are the 2018 election, that humans have ears and memories, not having to look at Gordon Sondland’s oddly-shaped head for more than one day at a time, Devin Nunes’ habit of tripping himself and that it is still possible at times to differentiate between Republicans in hearings and monkeys flinging poo.”

As for me, I’m very thankful for my family and friends, for my brilliant, witty and wonderful partner here at PlanetPOV, Kalima, for all of our conscientious and thoughtful members, for a majority of Americans ready to end this reign of destruction under Trump and for so many hard working and inspired people who are working hard every day to make this country and this world a better place for all.

From all of us at PlanetPOV, we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Although I don’t post these days, I read! Today I want to say thank you to Planet Pov for your kindness, friendship, wit, wisdom and sanity that emanates from all of you. Thank you AQ, Glen, Murph, Kesmarn. Thank you Ad for including me in your warm posts. Thank you Kalima for your friendship which I know is always there. I will never forget the first Christmas we ‘met’ and how you got me though a particularly blah time! Thank you to my rock PPO for taking such good care of me. And a huge thank you for making this such a welcoming second home for him. I know how much he values your friendship and the outlet for intelligent conversation and the wit that accompanies those interactions.
It means more than I can say. So I will just end “with gratitude and love – Fergie.”


Hello Fergie. I see you every week on the Music Thread so I feel that you are ok and I hope you are. You and ppo are an important part of The Planet and if you participate or not, you will not be forgotten.

Take care of each other and peace always.


Wishing you all the very best, Fergie!


And we here on the Planet are so thankful for the brilliant wit and dedication of our own AdLib. Also for the shining light from Tokyo— Kalima— who is on top of the latest news every day. Usually while we Americans are still in our pajamas! For just a second though, while reading through the article, I thought I was celebrating the wrong holiday. That NON-photoshopped image of Rudy Ghouliani was virtually screaming “HALLOWEEN”!! (I’m thankful I don’t have to wake up next to that every morning.)


It’s just a matter of time zones, kes. When you’re asleep Asia and Europe are still awake or well into their morning already.

Who wants to wake up next to Ghouliani? Not even Ghouliani. I don’t even watch scary films anymore, do you?

Someone described him as, “Crazier than a bag of scorpions on meth’.


Just found that brilliant description of Ghouliani, Kalima! Sooooo completely perfect!! lol !


I’m grateful for having the inimitable, unsinkable Fergie1 as my better half, and also for the people I now call friends in this PlanetPOV diaspora. You have made me have to think about my life, my health and our planet, which is great mental exercise. You also prevent me from major financial hardship by me refraining from dropkicking the big-screen TV every week or so! Hope you enjoyed your TG.


I echo the words of my partner and amazing, talented and very funny dear friend, AdLib, in wishing our members and readers, a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Personally I am thankful for my wonderful hubby, my remaining family and friends while I mourn the loss of so many I have loved, miss and still love.

I am grateful for a second chance in life and thank the brilliant Dr. Horiouchi. He gets a bottle of champagne for that at Christmas plus my lifelong membership to his fan club.

With the destructive chaos facing us around the world, I am thankful that there are far more good people than bad on our crowded planet. It gives me hope that we will be ok.

Hope you had a wonderful day.

Peace always.