Don’t you just love the “state prison” decor?

Did anyone notice that in her recent speech, Sec. Devos didn’t make a single suggestion that could even generously be called, “educational.” She harped on anti-democratic politics. As always.

She informed us that disastrous test scores are the norm, going back years. She identified a crisis as a crisis; apparently never having heard of “circular logic.” In her language, such as: “crisis in student achievement,” she blamed the students, without mentioning once that teachers also failed, and she failed. (Is it a disease with these people: to always blame the victims.)

She gave a political speech. She never seems to do anything but give political speeches: usually repeating (and repeating, and repeating) the same old segregationist, elitist, divisionist charter school creed; or campaigning for “states rights.”

But, she is a liar! The role of the Federal Government in education has been reduced and reduced, and the states (some states) have always done a poor job – no, a horrible job. We understand now that many pseudo-agriculturalists (means: in name only) don’t want their children to have any education at all, or even a “better life.” Presumably, many teachers and administrators feel the same way.

Teach kids about technology. Teach them what they want to learn; like robotics, drone development and game development; and give them what they can clearly see is a pathway to a good, productive, involved life. Use a game-like interface. Involve the children in decision making at every level. They will want to learn English; and they will need to learn the math and coding.

But Betsy doesn’t really give a damn about our children or their education. The only thing that she cares about is anti-Democratic politics, and dismantling the Constitution. More than any other cause, I truly believe that Betsy Devos is the problem; she and all the others who put politics before everything. She and all the others who want to put obsessive religionists in charge of not only your local school, but education in general.

They can’t seem to just have strong opinions: They are obsessive, and if that doesn’t work, subversive. They can’t compromise; because of their “superior,” “prophetic” knowledge. So they divide.

And that is utter blasphemy: to use religion to divide. And it is the ultimate failing of Modern Man.

Our problems in education are infinitely beyond the abilities this thoroughly unremarkable woman to address.

To paraphrase the artist: “Betsy, leave them kids alone! All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall.”

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