Trump Is Above All Of Us, “Human Scum.”

Not only is Trump above the Law, he is above morality, honesty, decency, and justice; and as a natural result, above us all. He sharply defined the division when he called a group (roughly anyone in his administration who disagrees with his immoral, anti-Democratic policies and actions) – “human scum.” That’s the sort of inflammatory rhetoric that gets people killed. It smacks of genocide; and recalls horrors from another time, when another monster chose groups and defined them as “human scum.” A time when this very definition led to the murders of millions of people, and a generational tragedy – a world war.

Interestingly, the Anti-Democrat Trump (follower of Bannon) stressed very clearly that Republicans who balk at his outrages are “dangerous;” repeating this several times. That follows in the footsteps of Hitler as well: Hitler spent years preaching the tremendous “dangers” posed by Jews, ethnic minorities, and political opponents. He claimed that Jews had committed atrocious acts: everything from poisoning food and water supplies, to murdering infants in satanic rituals. It wasn’t true, and it flew in the face of reality; but somehow that made it all the more appealing.

My dictionary uses some interesting words to define “scum”, in regard to human beings: worthless, useless, noxious, and “the lowest form of life,” and, “nothing.” Is this what President Donald J. Trump thinks of us, all of us who will never bow down to him: “Scum”?

We’ve all heard that there is no exit from the Mafia; once you’re in, you are in for life. We’re in. And there is no authority except the “Don.” Trump is saying that it is treason to think for yourself – to be yourself. Once you’ve chosen him, which is to choose mafia rule; to deny him anything he wants is treason (and, yes: there will be punishment for the disloyal).

Trump doesn’t want followers, he wants worshipers. He wants you to choose him, not anything that he stands for: but Trump doesn’t stand for anything except ignorance and hate. And, if you question the value and worthwhileness of an empty, narcissistic, gluttonous life, driven by greed and the lust for power; and constantly inspired by hate (Satan), then (according to Trump) you don’t deserve to live. Not in the opinion of the phony president – and, of course, his is the only opinion that counts.

The walls are closing in on Trump. It’s becoming obvious that he and Rudy Giuliani participated for years in schemes to corrupt our electoral system, and brainwash certain of the American people, the most susceptible. He committed impeachable crimes when he gave and accepted bribes. And, he has a host of criminal charges waiting to crush him when he leaves office. His cohort is abandoning him, and we, the people, have had enough. Damn you, Donald Trump. My children’s children’s children will pay for what you have done.

To “impeach” is to publicly denounce a person as false and unworthy. As a betrayer of trust. Impeachment is a stain, and marks the impeached for all time as a failure. All public responsibility and authority is stripped from him. And, the Constitution is specific that he is subject to the demands of criminal and civil courts after he falls. Only our sense of civility will keep him from the gallows. Only our sense of decency will save him from being stripped naked and driven out, penniless, into the cold.

It’s extremely interesting that Trump obviously thinks that he is being spied upon from within his own office: “I hope that they are good people.”

I hope so too. And courageous!

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