Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 4 hours ago

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For Sale: One only Atlantic Island, only 800 billion. Enquiries to Arfur Daley SLaes pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Hey Ad….look at that; I’m on time tonight! How are you? glenn 3 hours ago

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I’m impressed glenn! AdLib 3 hours ago

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So…easy rider rides into the sunset. glenn 3 hours ago

PPO – Will Trump buy Pedophile Island and make Roy Moore governor? AdLib 3 hours ago

Hey Murph! You’re on time too! Good on us! glenn 3 hours ago

Him or Stephen Miller pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Murph! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

glenn – Peter Fonda will always be a part of film history. AdLib 3 hours ago

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Glenn…I would like to take a bow but I have been hanging around the Planet on and off all day. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

Sad about Peter. Ride In Paradise pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Ad–Such a choice…buy Pedophile Island or Greenland? Which will it be? glenn 3 hours ago

Murph and I have been trading amusing graphics on the Trump buying Wakanda post. AdLib 3 hours ago

It’s actually Garden Island in Sydney Harbor for sale. Bloody eejit got it wrong again! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Ad–Yup! I saw a decades-old profile picture of him today, and I was amazed at how much his profile was like Jane’s. Just a random thought. glenn 3 hours ago

I keep wondering if Trump has had his aides help him make a long list of outrageous distractions so they can go to the next on the list whenvere something terrible for Trump becomes news. AdLib 3 hours ago

That list is endless, Ad. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Murph–Ahhh–stalking, huh? glenn 3 hours ago

Loved the low turnout at his latest cult service. Even the devout are exhausted! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Ad–buying Wakanda? glenn 3 hours ago

Did you see The Elephant Man at his rally last night…….there apparently are more and more disruptions taking place….he is trying to stare them down…not working….. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

glenn – There is a very eye opening doc on Jane Fonda on HBO. Fascinating woman but it seems she was living her life like an actress, passionate in playing the role of the ingenue, the activist, the billionaire’s wife but able to abandon the last role she played completely when she took the new one on. AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad–well, it would definitely have to be a long list, because the TLB does/says something terrible every day. glenn 3 hours ago

Murph, I think his endless braying is finally doing what Dems couldn’t – driving them away pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

glenn: Here’s the link to the new humor article: https://planetpov.com/2019/08/16/trump-exploring-u-s-purchase-of-wakanda/ AdLib 3 hours ago

Murph–if by The Elephant Man you mean the guy who was yelling “traitor” at the TLB, yes I saw that. glenn 3 hours ago

Murph – I was thinking it may just be me but Trump’s act seems to be getting sour and transparent. AdLib 3 hours ago

Well, Brokeahontas can’t buy Greenland because Hillary pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

glenn – I’ll bet every week they refresh the list of 50 outrageous items to pick from to distract from the usual bad news for Trump. AdLib 3 hours ago

Just an interesting tidbit….I went to a meeting a farmer association here last week and we had a guest speaker brought in by three of our group, not liberals by any means. He from the state agency that oversees farming production. He had some interesting things to tell us about conditions in Mo. What farmers are noticing Fewer bees, especially the bumblebees Fewer birds The hotter it is the harder it is for plants and animals to recover, to maintain resilience Areas that do not recover become deserts, dead swamps/bogs, barren plains Croplands dry out faster, water sources are less reliable, parasites and pests show up earlier and stay later requiring more pesticides AND with cool rather than cold winters their eggs, and spore do not die, weeds flourish MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

Ad–yeah, Jane is definitely a fascinating woman. I watched several episodes of Frankie and Grace while I was at my friends’ house, and it seems to me that her role in that program is her actual personna. Or maybe she’s just a great actress! glenn 3 hours ago

PPO–I agree. And the TLB’s act is driving women away in droves. Although, for the life of me, I could never understand any woman supporting him. glenn 3 hours ago

Murph, is it now percolating into their heads that they are in big trouble due to you know who? pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Murph – It’s fascinating and frightening to hear all of that (though those of us who believe in Climate Change know this has been going on). Yet, I’ll bet those farmers can rationalize Trump’s actions that are making all of it worse. AdLib 3 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib 3 hours ago

harleigh! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

hi guys Harleigh 3 hours ago

Ad–the problem is, they don’t seem to be working any more. More and more people are just outright laughing at him. glenn 3 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! glenn 3 hours ago

The group by and large agreed that those observations were ones that we too were seeing…..when asked if he had an explanation…he said we would not like the answer and before he said another word…one of our oldest guys said….”the damned weather is changing….that global warmup thing……yeah, I think that is what’s happening too….hell, what happened to winter here….” MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

Is Epstein’s departure a good or bad thing? pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

glenn – She is a fantastic actress but she reflects the kind of self-absorption, and I don’t say this to be mean, that many actors fall into. It’s hard to stay modest when you are treated like royalty your whole life. AdLib 3 hours ago

Murph–IOW, what scientists have been saying for years would happen….What were the farmers’ reactions? glenn 3 hours ago

glenn – Trump’s driving away that whole segment of non-cultists that gave him enough to win the electoral college. He will lose in 2020 as long as Dems stay focused and push GOTV like they’re behind. AdLib 3 hours ago

agree, Ad. But Bernie needs to be muzzled! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

I see Elizabeth Warren has pushed ahead of Bernie to be second pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Glenn…given that one of our eldest said those words…which were then backed up by the speaker…..there was a pause and very little counterargument. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

This poll from Fox News (of all places) tells the real story right now:

AdLib 3 hours ago

Murph–Disregard my last question in my last post; you just answered it. It never ceases to amaze me that repubs/conservatives never believe anything or want to help anyone unless it directly affects them. The next question is what will they do about it? Will they vote accordingly? glenn 3 hours ago

Trump is down to 39%!!! And all top Dems beat him nationally by strong margins! AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad–Exactly re: Jane glenn 3 hours ago

Ad, that is now. With Russia, NRA, Kochs and 1% billiions, will it stay that way? pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

PPO – I would have rather seen Epstein convicted and forced to suffer the rest of his life in prison. AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad–I sure hope that the TLB loses in 2020. And not just loses, but loses by a “bigly” margin! glenn 3 hours ago

Agree, Ad, and all his nasty stuff aired to the horro of his pals. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

PPO – I disagree, the more Bernie talks, the lower his numbers get. And the stats are showing Warren is draining away Bernie voters. AdLib 3 hours ago

Glenn…since I am known as “the lib” in my group….I got asked that and I turned it back to our speaker who rather expertly said that we need to look to alternative fuels and that solar and wind here in MO. are strong bets…and that we need to find leaders who support that kind of thinking. He also suggested that the less meat we eat the better we address the issue too. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago