Aren’t you sick of being played for a fool, again and again? Now Mississippi Asst. A.G. Hurst, and the Border Patrol chief in Louisiana are insulting our intelligence again.

They started saying today that they did everything that they could for the Latino children in Scott County; but, that leaving hundreds of children stranded in schools and daycare without a caregiver or a way home is just one of those things. Raids have to be made, and often children suffer. But, there was no need for a raid, and they committed hundreds of acts of child endangerment, and seem, actually, to have been oblivious to the fact.

Their boss said, when shown video of a little girl crying for her father, that: “She’s upset, alright, I get that, but her father committed a crime.” Chilling, that any man could be so heartless, so inhuman.

So we punish the children? And we punish their parents for working to provide for them? That’s insane.

But, complaints were made with CPS (Child Protective Services) by teachers, and a local psychologist stated that these children, all of them, will be emotionally scarred for life. That’s just the way it works. What I would like to say next would be unprintable, but let me just say: How stupid do they think we are, or are they that limited? To put it very simply, there wasn’t any need for a Gestapo style raid, they were on their way to work. They were trying to support their families, put food on the dinner table.

And, regardless of anything else, there’s no excuse for neglecting and endangering the children after their “more than a year” of planning. It’s not even believable.

This feels the same to me as the two mass murders this week. In a way, it’s worse: these people are supposed to be protecting us, and they let us down. They let the whole country down, especially when they lied today. They admitted no wrong.

There was only one week in my life when I was more disgusted, and saddened, with this country. It was the week when J.F.K. was assassinated. I was sadder then, I think; but I am a hell of a lot angrier now.

Hurst said that anyone who “tries to make a quick buck in Mississippi,” will go to jail. But, not a single owner or manager of any of the chicken processing plants was arrested. Another one of them! What did we do to deserve this?

Children should never be told that they are “illegal.” I am not an American today. I’ll get back to you.


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That isn’t the first time that owner has hired undocumented. It time they get rounded up for hiring them. Poor Trump would be one too.