Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib a day ago

Don’t forget to say “Hi!” or “Peace!” When you arrive. AdLib 19 hours ago

I won’t be able to make it for Vox tonight but guest hosting will be the always wonderful Choicelady! Have a great Vox and I’ll see you next week! AdLib 17 hours ago

Hi everyone! Here for a rousing conversation even with AdLib gone. How are you? choicelady 16 hours ago

HEy, cl! Hi pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

Hi PPO – how is life down under? choicelady 16 hours ago

Freezing! 4C today, snow on the hills and high winds so big windchill! pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

YIKES! From fire to freezing throughout the year. You’re beginning to resemble the USA. Sorry about that! choicelady 16 hours ago

Shaking my head about the shootings. Atrocity in El Paso and all that swine can do is a photo op! pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

He is beyond words despicable. choicelady 16 hours ago

How can someone be with survivors and give a ‘thumbs up’ sign? choicelady 16 hours ago

Well, will the banks giving the docs to Congress, can his impeachment be sooner rather than later? pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

Oh, that’s easy, CL, Someone with no skerrick of morality. pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

the banks HAVE given up the docs. Nadler (whom I met and talked to at length some years ago) says we are definitely into an ‘impeachment inquiry’ which is EXACTLY what we want, what is needed. choicelady 16 hours ago

PPO – skerrick! GREAT word to adopt. Thanks – is it Aussie? Or am I merely ignorant? choicelady 16 hours ago

MURPH!!!!! choicelady 16 hours ago

Hi choice! Nice to “see” you. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Maybe, just maybe, we will begin to see Pelosi’s strategy come to fruition ( whatever it is!) And maybe, just maybe, the debacle of the visit will disgust even the most ferl of his supporters. pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

Murph – nice to “see” you, too! choicelady 16 hours ago

Irish word, tiny bit pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

hey murph! pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

PPO – Pelosi’s strategy is the Watergate process. Start an inquiry, impeach on evidence. Don’t telegraph the intent until you can slit his throat legally. choicelady 16 hours ago

PPO – Love it. choicelady 16 hours ago

Choice is sherrif today for Ad, Murph. He’s fighting the good fight elsewhere tonight pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

PPO – I am hearing that even his slavering multitudes are scared as shit of the unfettered terrorists shooting up public venues. choicelady 16 hours ago

Murph – Ad asked me to step in. Glad as all get out I had NOTHING on my schedule to keep me away. choicelady 16 hours ago

In my days in the UK as a kid, we used to say “scanbit” i.e. scant bit…a tiny amount. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Love it, Murph. choicelady 16 hours ago

glenn!!! choicelady 16 hours ago

cl, If I were in any place and a guy walks past with a gun, I’d yell ‘GUN!!” and dive to the floor. See how soon open carry in Malls is curtailed if we all did that pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

hey glenn! pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

PPO – I’m with you. I see an ophtalmoligist regularly, and some bozo started with the “gun free zone” crap to those of us talking about the shootings. I smacked him down on ALL points though gently, and when I was called for the next round of tests, I got a huzzah from everyone else. There are such jerks in the world defending guns. choicelady 16 hours ago

CL! Temporary el jefe tonight, huh? Good to “see” you. glenn 16 hours ago

I must say I’m disappointed. I thought the NRA was on its last legs, especiallt with them wanting to buy a mansion for that dickhead in charge pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

Hey PPO, Murph! glenn 16 hours ago

glenn – I am indeed jefe for the day. Not quite the old “Queen for a Day” but the next best thing. choicelady 16 hours ago

Need to share a story…there is a local farmer who also owns a nursery, and a “sod farm” along with crops in soy and corn…..he had his property slathered with Trump signs. I went by a couple of days ago and all the signs were gone. Learned that he had burned them when he learned that he would only be getting the tiniest bit of relief from the special allocated funds because he did not have enough land under cultivation for a single crop……in other words he was not agri business…..and, of course, if there comes a time when he cannot keep up his costs for his too small farm the big boys will be there to snatch it up. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Murph – I am not one to gloat when a Trump supporter gets it in the neck, but…what the HELL did he think would happen? choicelady 16 hours ago

Murph–you know, I wish I could feel sorry for your farmer…… glenn 16 hours ago

The plan from the start, Murph. HOw much is big agri contributing to Trump’s defence fund? bet its Yuuuge! pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

glenn – I do feel sorry for him, but angry at the same time! choicelady 16 hours ago

CL–You are always a Queen in my book. Much better to be a Queen than a princess! glenn 16 hours ago

I wrote a long piece here at the Planet and got a couple of comments. Posted it at a Facebook blog and got a few more. I find people are less and less interested in a fact based, logic driven conversation. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

PPO – I think you’re correct. He told a small farmer worried about losing his land, “Oh, you’d lose it anyway”. SERIOUSLY – he SAID that. choicelady 16 hours ago

glenn- LOL! I’m also NOT a diva! Thank you, dear friend. choicelady 16 hours ago

fact based, logic driven conversation isn’t as sexy to MSM as TheOccupants rants and fails. pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

The farmer in question is from one of the old farming families in this area….sadly easily fooled it would appear. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Murph – you’ve nailed the greatest issue. Ignorance and emotion over fact and reason. choicelady 16 hours ago

PPO – Spot ON. choicelady 16 hours ago

I AM sorry he was gulled. Seriously. But anyone paying the most remote amount of attention could have predicted this would happen to him and his family farm. choicelady 16 hours ago

True, cl, and the problem is that the rank and file are unable or unwilling to grasp that tariffs are taxes on THEM, not the Chinese! pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

PPO – I do think MOST people get it with rising prices. Those that don’t choose not to see. choicelady 16 hours ago

Murph–I’m not sure it’s that people are not interested in fact-based, logic-driven conversations than they are just not sure that fact-based, logic-driven conversations are just so futile nowadays. I am not demeaning in any way your fine post; it’s just how many ways can we say the same thing and not get anywhere? FWIW, I do agree with you. glenn 16 hours ago

How did Wall St close today? pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

PPO – “modest declines” on top, of course of horrible declines.] choicelady 16 hours ago

Oh, they get it alright, CL, they see it, too. They just want to place the blame on anyone other than the TLB, because that would mean that they were suckered by him, and they can’t admit to that. glenn 16 hours ago

Let me give you another one…..there is a roofer here….son who got the business from his dad who got it from his datd. They have used temp workers with visas from Central America for many years to work in season up here. They are good people and have 2 houses where the workers live (rather comfortably) are paid well and are actually flown back home twice during the year for family holidays. The result….outstanding work and lots of business. Now…these folks are afraid to come here…and in a number of cases are finding it hard to get the visas. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

here’s hoping that it will be the Trump House of Cards that falls before the Crash of ’19! pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

All – I just googled my house. It’s now valued at over half a million. It’s old, it’s small, it’s Sacramento, and that’s insane. choicelady 16 hours ago

glenn – too ture! choicelady 16 hours ago