“Something Is Indeed Rotten…”
In The Judiciary!

Jeffrey Epstein was charged with soliciting prostitution from a fourteen year old; but a minor can’t legally agree to an act of prostitution. The judge let it pass, and treated our boy Jeff like an honored guest, which I suppose was how he thought of the lowest excuse for a human being that most of us have ever heard of. The judge gave every consideration to a man who openly enslaved girls, and who showed by every standard that he was in the highest category of risk to re-offend.

A frat boy, who’s name I won’t mention because I don’t want to see him appointed to the Supreme Court, was convicted of violent rape and forcible sodomy, and he got a “week and a walk” because the girl had been drinking. So had he, chronically and pathologically, seemingly since childhood.

“Affluenza,” “good family,” “elite school,” and “sports star” (and, Supreme Court Justice”) just roll off the tongues of the media; but not, “emotionally scarred for the rest of her life.” And the public feel bewildered and betrayed. No one can comprehend behaviour so deviant, so heartless and cruel, so thoughtless – by the Judges!

Donald Trump committed outrages against the law countless times in the New York apartment racket; and in one thoroughly documented case, lied to lenders by valuing a property at $50,000,000 dollars one week, and lied to the IRS a week later that the property was worth only one-tenth that amount. And, as was almost always the case, the judge sealed the record, and destroyed any chance of further prosecution.

In the New Jersey casino debacle, Trump lost billions in a crooked business that the New Jersey Gaming Commission later determined was making money. The judge, again, sealed the record. The incoming State Attorney General, later Governor of New Jersey, never mentioned that numerous crimes, especially of money laundering, were committed, and no investigation was ever begun. The “Baltimore” investigative reporters claimed that at least 6 murders were ordered and committed to silence whistle-blowers. But, the trail led into places where no one is allowed to go – the money laundering and influence peddling implicated persons in the Congress, the Judiciary and the mafia. So, most Americans have never heard this story (and they wouldn’t read the 27,000 word NY Times report to save their lives).

The judges claim that they should never be held accountable, because they are just “following the law.” Such bullshit. They create new law every day, as they go along. And they enforce laws that any gentleman or woman, any decent person, would renounce as inhuman (such as imprisoning infants).

I don’t believe that Trump, his “Legion of Liars” in Congress, or his millions of hate-inspired minions can destroy freedom. But, I know that the devolution of the judiciary can, in a heartbeat.

Time Out! WTF is going on? If we can’t believe that the judiciary is honest, then how can we be expected to believe in anything? How can even the best efforts of police men and women be effective? Where is the deterrent factor? What will stop the next elite from raping your daughter, when he is thinking: “I’m not near as bad as those guys; they will validate my parking stub and apologize for any inconvenience.” And he wouldn’t be far from the truth.

In judicial districts all over the country; fees, fines, and penalties, for mostly manufactured charges, rake in millions each month and destroy millions of lives. Unless the accused is in a local mafia, or from a “noble family.” If a “made man” comes before him, the judge becomes an usher.

I am completely at a loss on this one. How did we get here? How did the judiciary become so corrupt, and at so many levels? How did the integrity of even the Supreme Court become hostage to political extremism?

We’ve fallen so far, and so fast! And, the judiciary seem to want only to drag us down into the gutter. No one can do more harm to society, and to our morals and behavioural norms than they.

But, they sit on their lofty thrones, dressed as executioners, and pronounce sentence without giving a thought to the harm they do. May God have mercy on you, Your Honor, when you are ultimately judged, I for one, pray that your punishment fits the crime. No one should suffer so much. But you deserve it.

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Opie Cat

The corruption is so widespread among the judiciary that all we can hope for is a way to replace them.

There has been talk of impeaching Kavanaugh.


Justice John Paul Stevens was appointed to the federal court by Nixon and to the Supreme Court by Ford. Some say he was the leader of the liberals on the court when he was there. What he really was, was an impartial justice. He did not consider his ideology or the ideology of the president when he considered a case. He simply applied the law. I get a lot of flack when I say there should not be liberal or conservative judges, but rather impartial judges. It should not matter if a judge graduated from Harvard or Yale, or from a state university. What should matter is that a judge has a history of impartially applying the law. Supreme Court justices don’t make laws. They interpret the laws that are made by the legislative branch as to the constitutionality of those laws. There is no liberal Constitution or conservative Constitution. Liberals and conservatives are subject to the same Constitution. As long as we make our laws liberal and conservative, our justice system will continue to be unjust.


The rule of law and justice in America has been undermined so terribly by the wealthy never seeming to pay for their crimes, whether defrauding the world and crashing the global economies or operating a child rape industry.

I do think that Epstein being put in prison for life could help repair some of that damage and if Trump is defeated in 2020, pursuing Trump for his crimes would be a big affirmation for the rule of law in America.

I don’t think Dems would support any attempt at imprisoning Trump but I would hope they would support his being sanctioned and losing most, if not all of his wealth if he’s found guilty of financial crimes.

I can’t think of a more painful sentence for Trump to serve than to lose his criminal empire and have no one willing to lend him a penny.