Trump baby santa

It’s almost that time, when that wonderful old man descends from the blue, reaches into his sack and pulls out indictments and a report to take down Donald Trump.

Sure beats the hell out of visions of sugarplums.

Donald Trump may be accustomed to getting Clean Coal in his stocking but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t go to sleep on Christmas Eve dreaming of the gifts he wants the most.

And what would those be? Fortunately, one of Trump’s White House aides escaped his manacles long enough to get a quick look at Trump’s wish list for Christmas and share it with us.

Donald Trump’s Christmas Wish List

  1. A podium that sprays acid
  2. An Ivanka mask that looks real in the dark and fits Melania
  3. A Spanks t-shirt – Size: XXXXXXL
  4. Poland
  5. A cake with a file baked in it
  6. An Adderall scented air freshener
  7. A new Mike Pence wax figure
  8. Flesh-colored gloves with normal sized fingers
  9. A tie that goes with horizontal stripes
  10. The Mexico president’s checkbook
  11. A big smocking cup of covfefe
  12. The 50th Anniversary DVD of “From Russia With Love”
  13. A military parade where they don’t shoot me.
  14. A constitutional amendment that gives the president the power to end any prosecution of him by simply saying, “I know you are but what am I?”

Meanwhile, each news day seems to be another gift from Santa for most Americans. Americans must’ve been very good boys and girls this year, judging from election results, they were indeed!

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