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AdLib On November - 10 - 2018

Many had sky high hopes for a Blue Tsunami coming in on Tuesday and some felt a bit disappointed because it wasn’t a total wipeout of Repubs.

But the reality is that Dems did make their Blue Wave come true. They won back The House and when the remaining races are decided, could end up having won around 40 seats. Meanwhile, the only seats Repubs won were in Red States which is less of an accomplishment.

This is the biggest win for Dems since 1974…when Watergate swamped The GOP.

Over 100 Dem women won seats in The House, two Muslims and two Native Americans for the first time. Also, 7 Red states turned Blue with wins in Governor races and over 300 state seats turned Blue.

Trump will now be stopped and investigated for his criminal and unethical behavior. The ACA, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are protected. No more tax cuts for the wealthy. Our democracy has been saved.

In other words…we won!

So this weekend’s music thread is all about celebrating the Dems’ Blue Wave, winning and believing in good things happening.

Dedicated to Scott Walker:

We’re all still a bit on guard because of Trump and his continuing madness but let yourself enjoy this historic and indisputable victory for Dems, our country and sanity by sharing songs to celebrate this big win of good over evil.

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Written by AdLib

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