We have been struggling for the past two years, under the oppressive weight of Donald Trump’s maniacal words and deeds.

When he won the 2016 election, most Americans went through shock and depression then by the time his inauguration came around, transitioned into a determined anger to stand against the hatred, fear and destruction he represented.

Record numbers of protesters walked across Washington DC in The Women’s March. Activism had a rebirth, inspired in Americans once again when it was again so desperately needed. We’ve seen protests for a number of just causes in this era of government neglect for issues of great concern.

And now we have reached the first major crossroads of the Trump regime, the midterm elections. What happens tomorrow can take power away from Trump and give power to Democrats, congressional oversight and our constitutional democracy. If Republicans were to retain all power in DC after this election, with the drastic decline of our democracy to date, we may not have a democracy left in 2020 that looks familiar or legitimate.

We have already seen the blatant voter suppression, vote changing and other anti-democratic schemes by Republicans to steal elections from the majority. An empowered Trump could spread that corruption of our democracy across the country to assure his re-election in 2020.

So this is a call to all Americans of conscience. It is a call to action and a call for people to live up to their civic responsibility as a fortunate member of a rare and precious democracy. Citizens are morally required to protect and affirm our democracy for themselves and the generations to come.

Voting is not just a right but also a basic responsibility of every adult citizen. When people don’t vote, they undermine the strength of their own democracy and undercut the right to vote. In some Republican-run states, they strip people off the voter registration roles  just for not voting so yes, many Americans literally lose their right to vote because they skip voting.

Donald Trump doesn’t fear many people who aren’t dictators…which leaves a lot of people in the country and world he sees as weak and inferior. However, as his recent panicked extremism, racism and ratcheted-up lying betrays, he is finally scared of one more type of people.

Americans who vote.

That’s right, you can be someone who Donald Trump fears. You have that kind of power available to you to inspire fear in a man who aspires to be a dictator…as long as you vote tomorrow.

Join with others tomorrow and be among those taking away a big chunk of power from Trump and handing it to those who will stand up to him and for the America we believe in.

Especially in this election when so many political races are so close, your vote has even more power to sway the results.

To those Americans who have already used their power and participated in Early Voting, genuine and heartfelt thanks. Those who vote tomorrow are equally deserving of a country’s gratitude.

Tomorrow will be a defining day in American history. You need to be a part of that history and help to determine what path our country will take.

Vote tomorrow as if everything important about our democracy and our future is riding on it…and hopefully, we’ll never have to find out just how true that would have been.

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Congratulations Dems! A few disappointments, you won back the House. Time to turn off the tv and have a nap. Will rest easier tonight without the nightmares.


No matter what the drumpf says, I have the distinct impression that he’s extremely unhappy with yesterday’s election results.

He was positively vicious (even more so than usual) at his press conference today. Attacking CNN, Yamiche Alcindor from PBS and others. He looked more out-of-control than he has in a long time. And for him, that’s saying something.


I’m so glad I decided to miss it and save myself from violent stomach cramps.


Tim Kaine retains his seat in Virginia.

Democrat Jennifer T. Wexton defeats Rep. Barbara Comstock, turning a GOP stronghold district in Virginia blue


Blown a few fuses?

Trump’s hilarious Obamacare gaffe reveals the GOP bind on health care


Ad–as you know, I am “cautiously optimistic” about Dem chances in this election. I am also “cautiously optimistic” that if Dems do win, they will actually “burn the house down” with charges against the lying bully sitting in the oval office. Or, will they let it go like they did with gwb in 2008? If they do win, and they do bring charges, I hope they don’t overreach, either. They need to bring specific charges, one at a time, and keep the lying bully against the ropes until they get the final knockout.

In the meantime, what time is tonight’s live blog?


America, please do the right thing for all of us, and vote for the Dems today. By saving your country from further destruction, you will help the rest of the world too.

Peace not war. Love not hate. Equality not inequality. Good luck!