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AdLib On February - 3 - 2018


So the Nunes Memo came out Friday and landed with a transparently dishonest thud. The lead up to this curtain raising on a pile of manure was that it would be the worst scandal in the history of America, ten times worse than Watergate, would blow up  any and all investigations by the FBI into Trump and set free those who have already pleaded guilty.

In other words,  the sun rises, grass is green and Republicans lie.

So to hammer home the failure of Trump’s, Nunes and the Repub’s latest attempt to use devious propaganda to bury truth and obstruct justice, this weekend’s music theme is about lying, cheating or just being all around nasty.

Now it’s your turn to lay down your favorite tracks (but don’t let them lie) about lying, cheating and all other kinds of deplorable Republican traits! See how good you can be about nailing how bad they are!

Categories: Music Thread

Written by AdLib

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