Trump Grimace

Many are speculating about how the latest revelations about Donald Trump trying to fire Independent Counsel, Robert Mueller, and how Trump and his administration’s denials are now proven to be bald faced lies, may be making Trump need a change of underwear.

However, that may not be as much of a problem as it may be a solution for him.

Sources inside the White House say that Trump’s growing confidence in facing Mueller’s questioning may be due to his plan to claim that he suffers from a weak bladder and will excuse himself after each question to go to the bathroom. According to these sources, he will then claim to have forgotten the question then after it is repeated, will again excuse himself to go to the bathroom.

If confronted by Mueller on this, Trump is prepared to “wet my pants”, blaming Mueller for it then leaving the interview to go to the White House residence to change his underwear and pants. Upon returning, Trump would again claim to have forgotten the question then when it is repeated, he would hurriedly rush out of the room because he’s “Gotta go pee” again.

Trump is reportedly training for this by drinking enormous amounts of Diet Coke so often, his desk’s button for requesting Diet Coke has had to be replaced twice. He is also planning on documenting the legitimacy of his bathroom breaks using video, referring to this as having a “pee-pee tape”.

When asked if he truly intends to use this “weak bladder” strategy to avoid answering questions in his interview with Mueller, even to the degree of wetting his own pants, Trump just responded, “Depends.”

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