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AdLib On December - 20 - 2016


In response to the election of Donald Trump and the resulting celebration of the wealthy, bigotry and hatred, The Walt Disney Company is changing the ending of its classic animation films to be more in tune with Trump’s America.

Instead of the original “happy endings” where the brave, morally principled hero or heroine wins out, the new endings to Disney films will portray the character that used to be seen as the villain, as the “tells it like it is” hero or heroine of the film. Here is a list of Disney films and the possible new endings that they may have:


The Queen will instead be a narcissistic, power and image obsessed King who constantly asks his Magic Mirror, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is truly the most magnificent of all?”, and will be told that he is but there is another named Snow White who has more of the popular vote on being the most magnificent. The King will vow to “lock her up” and despite the attempts of the Seven Dwarfs to define him as “unstable”, we cheer for him to defeat her and the dwarfs and reign over the kingdom from its reflection in his mirror.


The character of Cruella De Vil is changed to be more sympathetic, as a brilliant businesswoman and her exploitation of the puppies by killing them, skinning them and turning them into a fur coat succeeds and makes her a celebrity designer with her own cruel reality show, “The Apprentice Furrier”. The trend of heartlessly killing domestic pets for their fur catches on, she becomes a self-proclaimed billionaire and while dalmatians soon become an endangered species, at the end she is appointed by The President as Secretary of the Interior.


Eddie Valiant and Roger Rabbit discover that Judge Doom has bought up the Red Line public rail system in L.A. and is crushing those who stand in his way so he can destroy the establishment of Toontown and build a freeway in its place that will profit himself and his rich oil industry buddies. Doom succeeds and all the joyful animated characters are dissolved in a trickle-down of Dip.


The “Supers” who use their powers for good are seen as “coddling” the public and are outlawed. The superpowered Parr family risk their lives to use their powers again to stop Syndrome from conquering the world. As a hateful, grudge-holding man with big and unnatural, brightly colored hair, Syndrome stages a propaganda act to fool the public into supporting him and cheering his defeat of the Parrs to bring the world’s establishment under his amusing dictatorial power.


Earth has become a wasteland and people now live a sedentary life under corporate domination. The movie is simply cut down to being two minutes long since it already is a happy ending.

As with the Trump years, it’s all about the ending.


Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Kalima says:

    Love it, AdLib! The graphic is enough to scare not only small children, but sane adults and animals too.

    Yes, trump and his know-nothing administration would like nothing better than to watch people cry at his planned bad endings. The irony is that for them, a bad ending is what is in store for them if he makes it through the 4 years intact.

    Looking at him now, he doesn’t look all that healthy. Overweight with Boston bag sized sagging under his eyes, I can easily imagine a stroke or cardiac crisis not too far down the road. Even his flaky, “fake” doctor seems to agree.


    Donald Trump’s doctor: ‘If something happens to him, then it happens to him’


    I have a perfect post for trump that does not include ever stepping foot inside the WH. He should be heading the new “Department of Abusive Insults, BS and Bullying.”

    He can sit on his golden toilet seat in trump towers and tweet to his heart’s content from 3 am in the morning without ever having to use his orange tinted stage makeup again.

  2. gyp46 says:


    • AdLib says:

      gyp46, once I witnessed my parodies becoming premature news, I realized we’ve reached an era where the line between satire and reality has been erased.

      The challenge now as I see it is to see how many ridiculous parodies I can come up with that come true. With the GOP and Trump as deranged as they are, I’m getting a pretty good batting average.

  3. Nirek says:

    Ad, it seems that we are destined to live through 4 years of “reality show”.

    My prediction though, is that trump will not last the 4 years. I’m not sure how he will leave office. Either quitting because he refuses to divest of his business interests, or being impeached for any of dozens of reasons. Treason comes to mind.

    When I was drafted, I took the same oath to defend America from all enemies foreign and domestic. So do all congressmen/women and senators. As far as I can see they all should be against trump for treason. He colluded with foreign leaders to get elected.

    • AdLib says:

      Nirek, no rational person could disagree with you on that. It will be 4 years of a president who reflects all the worst attributes of reality show tv and we’ll be force to watch it. But…we can also participate as his adversary and take action to humiliate and interfere with his ambitions. And we will.

      I know Michael Moore floated that Trump might quit part way through but I don’t think that will end up happening. He’ll just disengage to the level that suits him and expect his minions to pick up the slack for him, as has happened his whole life. He has no conscience about how he would harm the office of President or the country, he just wants all the perqs without having to do the work.

      I’d go even farther to say that much of the GOP is defined as traitorous, embracing Putin’s manipulation of our elections simply because it benefited them. And McConnell refusing to investigate it (yet Benghazi and email servers were threats to our nation). They are traitors too. It’s pretty disgusting.

      • Nirek says:

        I couldn’t agree more about the republicans in congress. They are parsimonious equally to trump. It’s all about them and their fortunes.

        • AdLib says:

          Nirek, that’s why I think it’s not going to take long at all for an even bigger majority to turn on the Repubs and Trump, especially now that they can’t just blame Dems for everything.

          Their greed and selfishness will destroy them in the end.

  4. kesmarn says:

    Awesome,AdLib! Now if we could just put each one of these new Disney villains at the head of some major federal agency, fiction would be as strange as truth!

    Maybe we could start with Cruella DeVille as head of Health and Human Services?

    The mean step-sisters in Cinderella at State Department?

    • AdLib says:

      Cheers Kes!

      I did add in the 101 Dalmatians redo that Cruella was appointed as Secretary of the Interior which happens to oversee the US Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Would Dalmatians be considered “wildlife”?

      I’ve already overused the comparison about Republicans and Bizarro Superman that it seems redundant to apply to Trump’s cabinet picks but it sure fits. Each one seems directly the opposite of the type of person who should run that department.

      When parody becomes reality, we’re in for a rough ride for four years!

      • kesmarn says:

        Oh, you’re right, AdLib! I missed the sentence about the Dept. of the Interior. Even better.

        This feels like “Idiocracy” in real life, doesn’t it?

        • AdLib says:

          Kes, that thought keeps coming to me from time to time, Idiocracy has become a documentary.

          Though to be honest, less than half the country falls into that category but thanks to voter apathy among the majority, they won the next four years of an Idiocratic government.

          Hail to the Chief Idiot!

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