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AdLib On October - 19 - 2016


Less than three weeks left in purgatory…er, the presidential campaign and tonight brings us the final debate. This is the last major opportunity for Hillary Clinton to leave a lasting, positive impression on tens of millions of Americans before election day and for Donald Trump to prove to all just how presidential he is. Interestingly, we have obtained video of a peek into Trump’s debate prep for tonight:

As always, PlanetPOV is hosting a live chat to accompany the debate, unofficially the official debate watching format of Sanity. A lively, witty, insightful conversation is in store for you tonight, we hope you can join us!

The debate takes place tonight at UNLV and begins tonight at 6:00pm PDT but our chat will begin at 5:30pm. You can live stream the debate below (opening this post in a separate window works well to be able to watch the debate and chat simultaneously).

To join in the chat or just read along with the discussion, click on the floating menu bar in the bottom right of your screen that says, “Live Events – Join the chatroom”. Only members who are logged in can chat but anyone can click the bar and read along.

Hope to see you then!

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. pinkpantheroz says:

    Ah, wasn’t Trump an absolute genius to trot out our old pal Sarah Palin, just to show respect for how her-and-McCain’s campaign went. a great reminder!

  2. Kalima says:

    The trump is a broken record. 2nd amendment. NAFTA. Late term abortions. Lies, lies and more repub lies.

  3. AdLib says:

    Chris “Hack” Matthews asked Harry Reid what he would miss the most since he’s retiring. He responded, “Not you.” So funny though not to Matthews.

  4. Kalima says:

    Thanks for the link, AdLib. Will be watching with my barf bag on my lap.

  5. grammit says:

    they never left, they were just out numbered by sane Americans. Now since the conservative supreme court voted to let the voting act pass they are BACK full swing

    • AdLib says:

      grammit, but with a moderate to liberal SCOTUS, maybe we can finally get Citizens United overturned!

      These people have a sad future ahead of them as they become a smaller and smaller minority. America won’t go back to the 1950s, ain’t gonna happen. Time only moves forward and the country is going in that direction as well.

  6. grammit says:

    lets hope we will hear answers about their plans for America. I for one do NOT want false promises,,, I want to know what they PLAN to do and HOW they plan to implament these plans

    • AdLib says:

      Hey grammit! Welcome to The Planet!

      Agreed, I keep waiting for the issue discussions and recognize that this is pretty much the last night to even hope for any.

      Considering the circus/reality show Trump is already putting on with his choice of guests (just heard Sarah Palin has been invited by him too…pretty clear he’s not trying to win anymore but just lock up his base for further exploitation), I highly doubt we will get much more than personal attacks and accusations from a desperate and losing Trump.

      Meanwhile, I am hoping Hillary focuses on details of her proposals for various issues. It will be a stark and welcome contrast to Trump’s ugliness that even his own campaign has declared he will display.

    • No one really knows what Trump is going to do. like he himself said, “I like to be unpredictable.”
      If you want to know what Hillary’s plans are, just go to her website. She has it all there, in detail.

  7. Ha! The video of Archie is absolutely perfect. I had one alt right member tell me he wasn’t racist, he just wants to live in an all white “area.”
    Naw, that’s not racism! Hard to believe these tools are still around, in such numbers, here in the 21st century. Aaaccckkkkkkk!

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks KT!

      Most alt-rights and Trump supporter live on the bank of the same river…you know where I’m going with this…denial.

      They attack those who call them on their racism as “the real racists”, call Trump’s racism, “Telling it like it is” and “Straight talk”.

      They want to believe racist things, they just don’t want to be called racists.

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