What could be more Republican than appearing on the biggest Russian-controlled propaganda network to denigrate America’s democracy,  its free press and provide cover and support for Russian attempts to sabotage and manipulate America’s election process? And what could be more Republican than embracing the murderous, invading, ex-KGB dictator of Russia while portraying America’s President as weak and “a disaster”?

A lot would be more Republican than that if you ask most Republicans and yet, most are still willing to give a foreign dictator influence over America rather than have a Democrat…who’s an American…become President.

The outcries are coming from all across the political spectrum after the C0mmander in Chief forum on NBC/MSNBC Wednesday night, in which Donald Trump doubled down on giving Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin a french kiss while trashing America’s military, its generals and its President.

Trump expressed that Putin is a stronger leader and has huge approval ratings in Russia and in the US (which is of course a bald faced lie about US polls). Using Trump’s reasoning (or lack thereof), it follows that Trump would have seen Hitler in the same favorable light as he has Putin, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-un since, like all dictators, their popularity is always near unanimous…because internal propaganda and the killing of those in opposition makes it so.

Trump’s view towards tyrants who cause the deaths and suffering of millions of people is, “If he says good things about me, I’ll say good things about him.” Nevermind the oppression, ransacking of the country, torture of those who speak out, murder of opponents and journalists, violent invasions of neighboring countries, cyberhacking of America’s critical data…Trump’s assessment of someone as good or bad all just boils down to whether they stroke his ego or not.

Trump has crossed the bounds of the outrageous on an almost daily basis and perhaps this has dulled the reaction of some in the media and the GOP to these latest comments. For the rest of us, it is appearing like mass insanity that so many self-proclaimed “patriots” who are backing Trump, can rationalize away that they are supporting someone who has clearly expressed his preference for dictatorship over democracy and giving Russia a foothold in our government.

It’s been discussed frequently that Republicans supporting or considering Trump are overwhelmingly motivated by emotions alone, reasoning and critical thinking being buried under a mountain of denial.

Those Republicans who are openly bigoted or secretly bigoted know why they support Trump no matter how he embraces a betrayal of America and its values, because their anger at losing white supremacy in America is their main motivator. And having a pro-hatred candidate who promises to serve their resentments is all that really matters to them in the end.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

These white, uneducated voters who support Trump would gladly hand Russia a degree of control over our country and support their invading and controlling more of the world in exchange for such small minded gratifications.

Trump may have closed the gap in the polls with Hillary Clinton but he is still a real long shot to win the Presidency. Why is that? The irony is that while these white “patriots” are lining up behind the “pro-Russian empire” candidate, it is minorities who are acting as the real patriots, standing squarely between Trump’s and Putin’s victory over America and its democracy.

Unfortunately though, we are having to witness such a large swath of Americans comfortably tear up their patriotism because of mindless partisanship and uncontrollable anger. And only Republicans would be allowed to get away with this and be described by the media in such ordinary terms.

Imagine if Senator Barack Obama ran against John McCain in 2008, declaring Russia’s leadership superior to America’s while being an apologist for the horrible actions they’ve taken within their country and around the world. How matter of fact would the MSM have been towards him (not to mention the GOP)? How quickly would his nomination have been permanently buried by the MSM?

Republicans may continue their dreamy-eyed romance with Ronald Reagan’s ghost but are so driven to put party over country, many see no conflict with championing a candidate who’s inviting Reagan’s main enemy to move into the White House and make himself at home.

The Republican Party, having so hollowed itself out of legitimate principles, existing solely at this point to make their wealthy financiers wealthier, stooped to the lowest of human instincts to keep their party viable. Fear and hatred was all they had left to whip up voters to check the box for them. Now, out of this slime has arisen the creature they have created that is the embodiment of blind, destructive greed. The GOP is now taking the position of being willing to lose our own cherished sovereignty over this country as long as they can have more power to serve the wealthy.

Granted, there are Republicans who see this as a bridge too far and are not supporting Trump but many just put on the blinders.

This can be said categorically, one can’t be a patriot and support Trump, they are at odds and completely incompatible now. One can’t believe in American democracy and support Trump since he openly supports a tyrant who is trying to sabotage it, over our own President. One can’t believe in our Constitution and support Trump, who frequently states his intentions to violate it and has cynically tried to sew distrust of our elections simply to save face when he loses.

Donald Trump is vowing to turn the US into the USSR (United States Serving Russia) and while he won’t succeed at this, those Americans supporting him and this goal need to take a good long look in the mirror at what they and their party have become in the mindless pursuit of partisanship.

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Can’t do any better than you already did, great post, again. Poor Joe McCarthy must be rolling over in his grave about this. His republican party “Bowing to the Commies”!!!



Just heard that for the rest of his campaign, trump insists that this song is to be played before and after his future campaign speeches and tv appearances.

Anthem of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Another stipulatation is this song at the victory speech sung by Putin riding in on a horse and shirtless, flabby manboobs and all.

The Full Trolol Song

My suggestion would be a billion tons of stain remover for the skid marks he left on the process of electing the next president of the United States, and a few million lawyer to sue him for the mental stress he has caused the nation and the world.

As always AdLib, you put trump in a nuttyshell. This is the behaviour of a tyrant traitor, a wannabe dictator, and quite honestly I have no idea how he is being allowed to get away with it. Are there no limits or lines in the sand in America?


Gnarls Barkley – Crazy


This whole Putin-Trump narrative presages something quite dangerous I think. By throwing his own country’s leadership under the bus, enjoying pleasure of mutual flattery masturbation, and aligning himself more with the autocrat, Trump sets himself up and the nation to a potentially awful future dynamic.

Two narcissists who get easily offended, once the mutual flattery takes a turn, will become angry at each other for not getting their narcissistic needs met and will be much more apt to strike out violently at each other because they feel injured.

This toxic romance is by far the scariest Trumposity I’ve seen.


Top republicans are criticizing Putin, when pressed about Trump’s fondness for the autocrat, but they will not condemn Trump for praising this murderous tyrant. They are despicable cowards, plain and simple.

Everyone of them need to be voted out of office the very next time they’re up for reelection. Sadly, I know this won’t actually happened, but they need to publicly shamed, in a big way.