The 1st Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump starts tonight at 6:00pm PDT and our live chat right here starts at 5:30pm PDT. Hope to see you then!   AdLib 11 hour ago  

How will the MSM react to the debate? MSNBC already is hyping ONE poll that shows Trump close to Hillary in PA and CO. One poll. And even though their NBC/Survey Monkey poll still shows Hillary ahead by 5% nationally, as it has for the last 2 weeks, they present an “average” of her ahead by only around 2%. They are putting a heavy thumb on the scale to rattle the public and keep the impression of the race as closer than it is. MSCUM is more like it.   AdLib 4 hours ago  

Welcome Guest! Our chat will begin at 5:30pm!   AdLib 4 hours ago  

Hi Terrytim! The chat will start at 5:30pm!   AdLib 4 hours ago  

figured that   terrytim 4 hours ago

and good day   terrytim 4 hours ago

Good day to you! Definitely eventful.   AdLib 4 hours ago  

well the live chat has thewrong city for me bt its close   terrytim 4 hours ago

You can change it by clicking on the three line icon in the upper right corner then clicking on your username.   AdLib 4 hours ago  

ok thanks   terrytim 4 hours ago

No problem!   AdLib 4 hours ago  

geust i now need close out and restart the chat   terrytim 4 hours ago

Just close the chat window and reopen, should show your new info.   AdLib 3 hours ago  

thanks   terrytim 3 hours ago

back in a few   terrytim 3 hours ago

See ya then!   AdLib 3 hours ago  

there we go even sent a post to all my friends on facebook   terrytim 3 hours ago

Very cool!   AdLib 3 hours ago  

Should have a nice crowd here tonight!   AdLib 3 hours ago  

wel normally at this time im on wwe raw live chat   terrytim 3 hours ago

Heh! Don’t know if you’ll see much a difference!   AdLib 3 hours ago  

Hey Beatlex!   AdLib 3 hours ago  

good day beatlex   terrytim 3 hours ago

Hey everyone! I don’t think Trump can last 90 minutes without saying something stupid or losing his cool   Beatlex 3 hours ago

probably not   terrytim 3 hours ago

Not 90 minutes but we should have a pool on how long he can last. I’ve got 30 min!   AdLib 3 hours ago  

10 minutes!   Beatlex 3 hours ago

the only thing trump has in his favor is the fact   terrytim 3 hours ago

BBL   Beatlex 3 hours ago