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AdLib On July - 25 - 2016

Watching the RNC convention was a bit like watching a group enactment of a nervous breakdown. You had every neurosis on display not to mention all seven of the deadly sins battling for dominance.

Today the DNC convention begins and from the advance word, we’re in store for less schizophrenia and more rational speeches about reality (one of the top banned substances at the RNC).

So feel free to share your thoughts and observations about the DNC Convention on this thread and feel free to check your RNC-convention-watching-straitjacket at the door.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Kalima says:

    Just for the record, trump said he has no connection whatsoever to Russia after his outrageous statement this week. Right! Who me??


    Donald Trump exclusive: Russian mob-linked fraudster a โ€˜key playerโ€™ in presidential hopefulโ€™s business ventures



    Here’s What We Know About Donald Trump And His Ties to Russia


  2. AdLib says:

    Hillary’s speech tonight was a bit uneven, a rocky first half but saved by a solid second half.

    She doesn’t seem to be a natural at public speaking the way Bill and Obama are, she often seems like she’s just trying too hard to speak with their cadence and delivery style but it comes off forced and artificial.

    However, later in the speech, once she settled into a style with which she was more comfortable, she was much more effective.

    I think the first half was a bit meandering and a kind of laundry list of issues and (appropriate) attacks on Trump. Not bad but it didn’t have the charge it could have had.

    Not a lot of time spent courting Bernie supporters and kind of scattershot against Trump, attacking him then moving to other topics then coming back to attacking him.

    I would have liked to have seen a more deliberate structure to it. And more storytelling, for example, painting a picture of what an America and world under a President Trump would be like as opposed to how much better it would be under her.

    On the whole, it was a good speech and in comparison to the frothing ravings of Trump at the RNC, she looked presidential and he didn’t at all.

    Bottom line, the speech worked, the convention was very successful, I expect Hillary to get a real bump in the polls and retain a meaningful lead through November (the debates will only damage Trump and cement Hillary’s lead).


    • I pretty much agree. I think she was doing her best to contain her immense joy, and still come off as rational and serious. It was a monumental moment for her (and all women). I think her speech writer/s were a tad cornball at times.

      Obama, Michelle and Booker are tough acts to follow in the oratory department. I think overall she did OK. Compared to Trump’s bile filled, vomit sandwich he force fed to America last week, Hillary’s speech was a very welcome breath of fresh air.

      I think president Obama and Michelle were speaking from a point of personal satisfaction in what they have achieved in the last 7+ years, and that helped them be a bit more relaxed. Plus, the president is a polished orator, and Michelle is an excellent spokesperson.

      Overall, I’m pretty optimistic about the coming democratic leadership. The democratic party, with the very large portion of Bernie Sander’s influence and hard work, is finally coming around to a more reality based view of America in the 21st century. I see that as a definite good.

    • pinkpantheroz says:

      Such a contrast to last week’s debacle. Solid all the way. Loved Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio)’s appearance in the same dress as MenaLIAR!

      Mutter, mutter, mumble mumble -- No Vox POP!

  3. AdLib says:

    This is Donald Trump’s mother, look closely, you may see a tiny family resemblance:



  4. AdLib says:

    A funny musical number from The Late Show:

  5. Nirek says:

    It is hard to give up on a political ideal that you believe is the best in your lifetime and settle on “the lesser of two evils”. I’m coming around, but it bothers me that people who don’t agree that Bernie is by far a better choice than any we have today. I believe that many of the “Bernie or bust” folks will hold their nose and vote for Hillary like I will.

    The last thing I want to see is trump in the position to appoint Justices to the SC. This is one of the most important reasons to vote for Hillary over trump! Actually trump is wrong on every issue except, maybe the TPP. He may even just be giving “lip service” to us against it. I just don’t trust trump on any issue.

    I hope that Hillary will try to get us out of these endless wars. I supported Bernie because he is against endless war and huge defense budgets. I am not sure Hillary will do anything to cut the fat out of the defense budget. Time will tell.

    Bernie has gotten a bunch of his issues in the platform and I am proud of him for that and also for the way he conducted his campaign. Bernie never took advantage of her weaknesses or her email scandals. By running a fair and clean campaign, Bernie has shown us how politics should be done.

    I will back Hillary for POTUS. It will be good to see the first woman President and have her a Democrat to boot.


    • Hey Nirek. Do you mind if I ask just what your political ideals are?

      Bernie hasn’t given up. He has simply joined in Hillary in preventing the absolute worst candidate in US history from becoming president of this great country.
      He has vowed to continue to work with Hillary in moving our country forward, in every critical area of governance. Elizabeth Warren will also be joining Hillary and Bernie in the struggle.

      The 2016 platform of the democratic party is the most progressive platform since FDR, and possibly even more so. I really don’t see any good reason you should be unhappy with the way things have turned out. Sure, your guy didn’t get the nomination, so I understand being a bit disappointed about that, but Hillary is NOT the enemy. She honest to goodness really is NOT the enemy.
      I know how you feel about the environment, clean, renewable energy, and social justice. Most Americans feel the same way. Hillary feels the same way.
      This is politics. We don’t always get what we want. We have to recognize the best and the brightest and work to give them the power they need to change things for the better. That’s all we can really do, rationally, civilly and peacefully.
      I am joyful that Bernie’s monumental efforts have moved the democratic party more to the left, especially on social and environmental issues.
      Think of your granddaughter, that you love so dearly. Think about helping to make her future brighter. Cheer up old, friend. The sky is not falling.

      • Nirek says:

        Sure you can ask any question, KT.
        Thanks to Bernie the platform is the most progressive in history. There are a few issues that I would have liked to see also in the platform.
        1, bankers who break the law should be prosecuted, not fined and allowed to go back to their jobs.
        2, Fracking!
        3, The defense budget is now 55% of the budget over all. We could make some big cuts in that bloated defense budget.

        I believe that every item on Bernie’s agenda was right for America. I believe that Bernie is a rare politician, honest, morally correct, and fair minded. The best candidate we have ever had in my life time.

        That is why I am disappointed with Hillary. She is not the best choice we had. That said, she is the best choice we have now.

        I just had high hopes for our environment and economy.

        I never have had as much respect for a politician as I do for Bernie. Maybe because I know him better than most other people do. I have talked to him in person on a few occasions.

        I hope that clears the air some for you. Peace, my friend.

    • kesmarn says:

      Thanks so much for your thoughts, Nirek. I agree. Bernie has every reason to be proud. He ran a clean campaign and he kept his word regarding his initial promise to support the eventual nominee. No one could ask for more.

      And this was in the face of DNC duplicity and — I believe — corruption. When all is said and done, he’ll be able to hold his head high. Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Maybe not so much.

      Now the mission is to keep The Donald out of the White House. And to continue to hold the Democratic Party accountable for once again returning to its FDR ideals and for advocating for the common man. Not the corporations. And for keeping this country out of war.

      No more endless war!

      • I hate to be a bummer here, but when has the world been without war? Sure would be nice, but not bloody likely. Unfortunately we have enemies, civilization itself has enemies now. No way around it that anybody can figure.

        Our enemies want a global Caliphate and see all westerners as obstacles in the way of their nutty goals.

        At least were don’t have a hundred or two hundred thousand troops engaged in combat.

        • kesmarn says:

          Homie, I know there’s a lot of rhetoric out there about “caliphates,” but I think Pope Francis nailed it more accurately when he said that a great deal of the bloody conflict around the world is rooted in human greed, the love of money and the will to exploit other human beings — not religion or even nationalism. (Although religion and “patriotism” are used as a pretexts to motivate the hapless warriors who get sucked into the endless conflict.)

          My hope is that the next administration can go back to being focused on defending American moral values, rather than “protecting American interests” around the globe. Fingers crossed. And I’m willing to take a wait-and-see, patient attitude. Not wishing any more challenges for the next American president than the normal ones that go with the job. Because if the president fails (no matter which party), in a sense the whole country does too.

          And we’ve already been there with Dubya. And then some.

          • Well, I think the Pope is first, and foremost defending religion. He’s in that business.
            There is absolutely a religious component to this whacked out dream of building a global Caliphate. That is really what these nutbags want. It’s not just rhetoric, and unfortunately, they’re not going to give it up. These maniacs don’t mind dying. It’s something they are eager to do.
            We can discuss their motivations, but it won’t change the fact that they are bent on killing westerners…infidels, and anybody who doesn’t bow to their demands.
            It’s a brave new world Homie.

            • kesmarn says:

              Well, sadly, in many ways it’s anything but a brave new world, Homie. It’s an fearful old one. One that seems to be veering back to old cold war mentalities and is giving growing room and a listening ear to right wing fear-mongering and xenophobia.

              One that’s afraid of the kind of self-examination that might lead to the conclusion that this “exceptional” country has had a lot to do with radicalizing Muslim youth around the world.

              One that’s afraid to admit even a mere 10,000 Syrian refugees to this country who have already been thoroughly vetted and cleared.

              One that says “Love trumps hate,” but seems to be too fearful to actually believe it.

  6. Kalima says:

    Just finished watching the President’s speech, and he knocked it all the way to the moon and back. He was sensational! America has been so very lucky to have him for the last almost 8 years. An incredible man of passion, honesty, integrity with a deep love for his country, the American people and determination to improve lives for the better.

    Simply wonderful!

  7. glenn says:

    After listening to President Obama’s speech, I have one thing to say, and then I’m going to bed!

    I would rather be led by hope than ruled by fear!



  8. Hey Ad! I understand what you and Kalima and Kes are saying, and for the larger part, I completely agree. Maybe we are defining the term Buster differently.
    These people hate Hillary with an unbalanced passion. They hate the DNC and think the primaries were rigged to the point of actual voter fraud, which is just not the case. Many of them are not democrats and trash us like there’s no tomorrow. They attack Elizabeth Warren almost as ruthlessly as they do Hillary, and they trash Obama as well.
    I have to say, you are much more optimistic about these fools than I am.
    I hope you are right, because I would love to see them understand and act like responsible adults instead of petulant children.
    I’m not going bonkers over this, by any means, but I had to let my opinion be known. What really jerks my chain is that these people call themselves progressive. All the while they are willingly taking part in aiding and abetting Trump. Hard not get pissed at them. I’m no saint.
    I will say, that some of them are surely paid Trump trolls pretending to be Busters. So there’s that.

    • Fergie1 says:

      Exactly KT. My sentiments totally. I could not add anything better than what you have written. I think some are missing the point. I’m with Sarah Silverman!

    • Kalima says:

      Funny you should mention repub trolls, KT, as I had though that being likely. In 2008 there were so many on HP who admitted being payed for it. In 2012 we had some here on The Planet too but they were soon shown the back door. Stands to reason that they would try to widen the gap between Bernie voters and Hillary voters at this crucial time.

  9. Kalima says:

    Hi KT, ran out of buttons so will reply here. Yes, I understand your frustration and would suggest not to engage them anymore. Alienating will only end up with a loss of votes for Hillary with those who are still undecided, and that was my point about the video not being helpful at a time that Hillary will need every vote she can get. Multiple kudos for you for remaining polite, I know only too well how difficult that can be at times.

    Now I really have to get some work done.

  10. AdLib says:

    Okay, Donald Trump has today declared himself a traitor to the United States of America and aligned himself with Russia, supporting their attacking our nation.

    I don’t expect any of his lemming supporters to do anything but again applaud whatever garbage spews out of his mouth but I am expecting that Hillary will get a big bounce out of the convention and most voters will not ever re-consider changing their vote from Hillary.

    And more than ever, I can’t wait for the debates and for Hillary to rightly hammer him for betraying our country and taking the side of our nation’s adversary to attack us.

    Trump is toast now, the ads about how unpatriotic and traitorous Trump is will run in a loop until election day in all those rural and blue collar areas he needs to win…where loving America and patriotism is primal.

    • kesmarn says:

      I know I’ve said it before, but all the GOP outrage about the “exceedingly careless” handling of Hillary’s emails is going to ring very hollow now if the party stalwarts don’t denounce what the Donald has done here.

      Do they care about national security and cyber-crime? Or not so much?

      They can’t have it both ways!

  11. Fergie1 says:

    Just posted this in TO/OT but can’t resist posting again here in case!

    No disrespect to any “principled” people intended!


    • Oh Fergie, if I could give that video a thousand thumbs up, I would. The creativity alone deserves many kudos, but the message there is spot on, as well.

      Thanks! I was literally laughing out loud nearly through the whole thing!

    • Kalima says:

      You know what, Fergie, this is exactly the kind of thing that will turn off the 85% of Bernie supporters who have said that they will vote for Clinton in November and make them rethink their decision. If you remember their valid anger at being insulted by the Clinton surrogates and Bill Clinton, then painting any group with the same brush could prove to be counterproductive. Not all young people are the same, not all Bernie supporters are young people, it might be useful for Clinton supporters to remember that as only half of her fight is over, and the constant ridicule after giving up their dream of having Bernie as the nominee, could just as easily backfire.

      • They have no sense of humor and take themselves wayyy too seriously. Almost every Buster I correspond with has a sense of entitlement that is acres wide and a mile high. It’s all about them and their precious consciences. I know this may sound harsh and overly judgemental, but I see it every damn day.
        Bernie is now working with Hillary and has asked his supporters to join him in defeating one of the biggest threats to decency, peace and prosperity that this nation has ever face in a candidate for the presidency of the United States of America! My country, and millions and millions of others’. I have little time or patience, for someone’s hurt feelings when it comes to this election.

        We don’t need them. Fortunately, there are plenty of mature, intelligent Bernie supporters that understand the crisis way face. They understand the huge threat that looms before them, like a dictator’s gigantic ghost from decades past.
        They will have no trouble voting for Hillary, because they know that the perfect, is the enemy of the good.
        Hey, it’s their future at stake here, us Boomers are on our way out.

        What rough beast, it’s hour come round at last

        Slouches toward Washington.?

        • Kalima says:

          If you don’t need them, why insult them further?

          What with the insults to young women voting for Bernie from the Clinton campaign, the demeaning Berniebros also from the Clinton campaign, the blatant disrespect for the man they trusted and voted for, and the fact that every younger generation known to man has always protested against doing things they believe to be wrong, the holdout are not on their own.

          I watched many video clip from both inside the convention hall and outside, and there were just as many older protesters as there were younger protesters. It was inevitable that not all of the 18 million who voted for Bernie would vote for Hillary, it happened in 2008 with some who voted for her, so why the double standard?

          In 2008 there was Palin the clueless to deal with. This year it’s trump the clueless. My point is that trump is ahead in a few states, and now is not the time to alienate any of the voters who are still considering a vote for Hillary. She still has a tough fight on her hands, and a win, or a landslide is not a given. Having hope is good. Being complacent is dangerous.

          In four years these voters will get to vote again, and will probably not be with the Democratic Party tainted by the behaviour of the DNC and the elite Dems.

          • I can’t answer for the behavior of others. I have given my opinion, from what I have seen, day, after day, after day.
            The insults and false allegations, and outright demonization of not only Hillary, but Elizabeth Warren and even Bernie himself.
            The Bernie or Busters I have encountered would rather burn the whole village down…to make it better.
            I get passionate about this and not offered any untruths.
            This is American politics, probably at it’s worst. this is beyond my control.
            I don’t believe I mentioned age in my comment. but yes, the majority of Never hillarys, are young.
            I also said in a previous post, that if I were 18-20 these days, I’d probably being screaming for revolution too.
            There comes a time when people have to face reality, like it or not, and the Busters need to be reminded of thaat little fact.
            I make a clear distinction between sensible Bernie supporters, and those that refuse reason and logic.
            I will not apologize for how I feel about them. I am merely expressing my personal opinion. I don’t expect everybody to agree with it.
            I have spent hours and hours being polite and writing comment after comment trying to explain the situation. They don’t want to listen. I too have been insulted in amyriad of ways, merely for saying that I plan to vote for Hillary. I will not coddle fools. That’s just me.

            • AdLib says:

              Hey KT, I have seen some of those Busters being interviewed and find them typically, self-centered, self-righteous and self-destructive, willing to have Trump elected and the country and world seriously endangered because the biggest wrong is…waiting a few years to get some of the change they want?

              At the same time, I do agree with Kalima’s point that just like all extremists, they don’t represent a whole class of people so I wouldn’t paint all or most younger Bernie supporters with a broad brush of disrespect and disdain.

              This is a time when Dems need to unify and if younger voters, who are the real energy in the Dem Party this time around, feel that Hillary supporters are spiking the football in the end zone and doing a taunting victory dance, it could ironically lead to their estrangement and her defeat in the GE.

              I’ve seen ignorant older Dems and brilliant younger Dems interviewed and vice-versa so there’s plenty of clever and stupid to go around.

              Bernie did inspire more of the younger voters so of course, more younger voters (who may have committed to a Presidential campaign for the first time in their lives…and may be voting for the first time) may be discouraged by their candidate not winning in what has been confirmed as a slanted playing field run by the DNC.

              But most younger voters aren’t Busters and even some of those declaring they’ll never vote for Hillary will come around if the majority of Dems supporting Hillary just give them time.

              Hillary’s the nominee, nothing will change that and Trump is a frightening and horrible threat. It’s healthy for folks to vent their frustration over their candidate’s loss and best that they’re allowed to do so without being attacked, this way they can be relieved of that frustration and eventually make a less emotional and more sensible decision on casting their vote.

            • Kalima, again, I’m talking about the hardcore Busters that vow never to vote for HIllary, under any circumstance. i am not generalizing when referring to them.
              The Buster I encounter are on Salon, and some of them are obviously intelligent in other areas. We have things in common, but not when it comes to this.
              I know what I’m talking about, because I see it every day.
              i see them as irrelevant, and they have made themselves irrelevant when it comes to this race.
              I don’t coerce anyone. I merely state my opinions, informed opinions, on a few internet discussion boards.
              I wasn’t talking about millennials only, or the video.
              I have even more contempt for the old holdouts, because they of all people should know better.
              As I said, I have spent hours and hours with these people, being politie and diplomatic even. I have explained over and over and over again what is at stake, and they don’t give a shit.
              I tell that over 12 million people will lose access to proper healthcare. They don’t care. I tell them that women will lose the right to chose how to manage their own bosies and lives, they don’t care. I tell them nothing will be done to improve the lives of black people, they don’t give a squat. I tell them thousands upon thousands of Latino families will be split apart by irrational deportations, they don’t care. I remind them that Trump has vowed to stack the SC with RW judges, who will have lifetime appointments. They don’t care.
              It makes me ill, and really, considering how much they anger me, I’m still being polite.

            • Kalima says:

              You are absolutely entitled to your opinion, KT, but generalisation is never fair or accurate. You mentioned once that you commented on Yahoo, if that is the case, then I’m not surprised that you encounter the worst of the worst from any party.

              My point was that the Dem party will lose a majority of the 20 to 40 year old voters for the next GE, even those now willing to vote for Hillary to stop trump. i respect and understand how you feel, but this conversation was about the video and rubbing salt in the wounds of voters, not just the busters; who might still be deciding to vote for Hillary. Her becoming the next president should not be taken for granted even if trump has insulted many groups of eligible voters. We have no idea how people will be feeling on Election Day, or what could happen in the time from now until then. All we can hope for is that more people will come to their senses, but it won’t happen if the insults don’t stop on either side. Trying to force people to do something or make them feel guilty, will usually have the opposite results. That is one thing I remember about my own youth.

              I will miss most of the initial reactions after the election because I leave for Europe on the 6th of November and won’t be back until the 14th. I also won’t have the time to access a computer. Those stupid enough to vote for trump are thankfully in the minority. Those not voting at all are throwing away a chance to be a part of defeating a monster. That’s on their conscience should he win.

              You and others are happy to vote for Hillary. Bernie supporters are being asked to vote for a person they don’t trust, don’t like, and don’t want to vote for.

              So we will just have to agree to disagree on the merits of the video at a time Hillary will need to garner every vote she can get.

  12. pinkpantheroz says:

    We Do need great Education.
    We do need some thoughts for youth.
    We need good teachers in the classroom
    Who will bring our Kids along.
    “All in all it’s just another
    Crack in the Glass!”

    Congrats Hillary. One small step for a Woman …..

  13. glenn says:

    I’m actually learning a lot about Hillary’s early life. All I’ve ever heard is how she was a “Goldwater Girl”, and here is Bill pointing out some of the other things she’s done, many of which I didn’t know. I’ll wait for the fact checkers to tell me how much of it is true!

  14. glenn says:

    Oh my, here comes Bubba!

  15. AdLib says:

    If you see many of the Bernie or Bust delegates, many are around college age and suffer from the stubborn self-importance of youth that they view as “principle”.

    These “principled” purists openly admit they would be fine with helping to elect Trump by voting 3rd party simply because their candidate wasn’t nominated.

    They look like spoiled little kids who shove their birthday cake onto the floor because they wanted Pokemon on it, not Power Rangers!

    Grow up Busters, throw a tantrum over not finding a gluten free cronut but when it comes to the future of this country, you work towards the best possible outcome with the available options…at least, that’s the way adults make decisions in life.

    • Fergie1 says:

      Exactly Ad! Could not have said it better. It beggars belief that the real deal Bernie supporters would be so petulant as to turn their backs on all that Bernie has achieved.

    • I’ve been saying that for months now, on another site.

      When I was 18-20, I would have been a rabid Buster. Hell yeah, viva la Revolutione!

      Now over 40 years later and in possession of some real life lessons learned, I know that what we have is all we have. The only power even remotely available to me as a US citizen, is my vote, my voice and any talent I may have picked up along the way, in expressing myself well.

      There are no magic wands, no quick fixes. The problems we face are monumental in size and scope. All we can do is work to elect the best and the brightest.

      I don’t worry, really about the Busters, as much as I once did, because they are now, truly a fringe group and won’t really sway the election one way or another.

      I’m looking forward to our nation becoming the America I always felt in my heart, we could be.

  16. Fergie1 says:

    Bernie was just “threading the needle”. His speech was well crafted and led to the ultimate reasons why working to get Hillary elected was the only outcome that could possibly have any of Bernie’s agenda, and those of his supporters, become a reality.

    Sorry, I just have one “beef”! When Bernie said that he will do everything in his power to get Hillary elected and to help get progressives elected up and down the ticket (I’m parahrasing!). That Trump can never become President etc., I would have liked him to ask his supporters, if they are truly inspired by his ideals, to help make that happen also. Everything Bernie has worked for will be null and void. I doubt very much that he would want that. In fact it would be very saddening.

    • AdLib says:

      Fergie, we’re unified around here and I have no doubt that 99% of Bernie voters will vote for Hillary.

      I would just suggest that in pursuit of unity, it may be more productive for Hillary supporters to welcome Bernie and his supporters over to supporting Hillary than to keep viewing the efforts they make in that direction to be insufficient.

      Just as I think it’s counterproductive for Bernie or Bust supporters to insist that all the concessions to Bernie that Hillary has made on the Dem Platform and on her policies are insufficient, I think it’s counterproductive for Hillary supporters to claim that every show of commitment and loyalty Bernie and his supporters make towards Hillary is insufficient.

      In the end, if folks want to, they can always find Hillary or Bernie lacking the sufficient words and deeds they require to be satisfied with them.

      I’d suggest that all Dems take “yes” for an answer on the Hillary/Bernie issue and instead of investing our energies on scrutinizing the “yes”, accept the “yes”s from both of them and move forward together.

      Can we do this?

      Yes…we can!

  17. Nirek says:

    This is not easy for me. Out of my deepest respect for Bernie, I’m going to do what he asked and support Hillary. I am reluctant, but I trust Bernie and I don’t trust trump!

    Bernie did get some of his ideas into the platform and that makes me proud. It is the most progressive platform ever.

    For now, I will leave it at that.


    • AdLib says:

      Nirek, I completely understand how you feel. You know I’ve been a solid Sanders supporter throughout the primary.

      I am looking at this through a broad lense though. Sanders supporters are nearly half the party and they’re not going anywhere, in fact, I think they will be a majority of the Dem party by the next Presidential election.

      Hillary is not our first choice, there are issues of trust but Bernie voters need to remember that a President relies on the support of their base to lead successfully…let alone be elected.

      Hillary does seem like a very practically minded person to me, she knows that she can’t be a successful President if she alienates half of her base by betraying her commitments to them.

      For that reason and also adding on that in a Dem controlled Senate, Bernie and Elizabeth will be very powerful, I think Bernie supporters will have a very attentive President in the WH with Hillary there.

      Not necessarily because she set out to be so but because of the Bernie Revolution, she has to be for her Presidency to work.

      It’s a different situation than having a Bernie or Obama as aggressive and longtime committed representatives of Progressive values but the end result may be pretty much the same.

      We can’t get caught up in the model of car that the Uber is that’s taking us to our destination, all that matters is that we get where we need to go. It will be a lasting impact of the Sanders campaign that Hillary drives the country in the directions that she has promised to do so.

      So really, if Hillary wins the WH, Bernie wins too, both Hillary and Bernie supporters…and for that matter, the whole country, wins too.

      • Absolutely! Ad, do you believe that Hillary really does care about America and all our people? (except for the rabid RWers) I do. She has her warts, and she is stone cold ambitious. Well isn’t that what were told to be while growing up? Work hard and someday, you too might become president of the USA?
        I know I heard that a lot, growing up. Now here is a woman who has done all the work necessary to make that dream happen for her. I don’t have a problem with that.

      • Absolutely. I’m beginning to see Hillary, Bernie and Warren as a sort of democratic triumvirate.

        Even if we don’t progress as quickly as we’d like, Hillary will most assuredly keep the barbarians from destroying any and all progress this country has made in the last 50 or 60 years.

    • gyp46 says:

      One huge factor should help you, SCOTUS!!

      • And the very possible loss of proper healthcare for over 12 million Americans, many of who will die without it. There’s that!

        • gyp46 says:

          Being 70 and growing up in pleasanter times, when even politicians used some decorum in their talk of the opposition, when even the most bitterest of enemies in the political arena were ladies and gentlemen, what truly dismays me is the reality that many, many American voters actually seem determined to elect a school yard bully to the White House. When nearly every remark about the other side starts will name calling just what level of intelligence does that show for the candidate and the voters willing to vote for him?? Especially working class whitemen! Do they not realize this 1%er really has no use for any of them outside this election cycle !!

          • thanks for the reply gyp. I think the answer to your question is multi-faceted. A lot of younger people are frustrated, because they’re not getting ahead fast enough, or not getting ahead, at all and are merely treading water. I understand that completely. My own daughter is one of those people, caught in such situation.
            Some of those young people understand that the way to make things better is by voting and voting for the best and brightest. They’re willing to continue their struggle and do what they can, within the system we have.
            there are also many others caught in the same situation and are very angry. They blame the system (and they’re not entirely wrong) and don’t trust either party establishment.
            Many of them just haven’t been around long enough, or haven’t taken an active interest in politics until just recently. They don’t have a clue to how things actually work in this country, or the rest of the world, for that matter.
            So, instead of working within the system, and persevering, they want a quick fix. They want what they want, and they want it RIGHT NOW! Well, that is simply not reality.
            I think that’s why they have abandoned even their own political idol. They’re a lot like kids who scream and throw tantrums in the cereal isle at the market, because mom wouldn’t buy them their favorite sugary cereal.

    • Bernie isn’t going anywhere. He and Hillary will continue to work together. It’s a two-fer. I think that is even better than Bernie by himself.

      I’m quite proud of the democratic party, right about now.

    • Fergie1 says:

      Thank you Nirek. I think what you wrote :” out of deepest respect for Bernie…..” is exactly what is being asked. Respect. Bernie has done an amazing job to have achieved so much in so many ways.

      I hope to goodness that a large percent of Bernie’s supporters can see the wood for the trees and have your logic and common sense for ALL 99% of America!

    • pinkpantheroz says:

      Not a bad place to leave it, friend. I reckon Bernie will have quite a bit of influence going forward, and deservedly so. I do wish that he had given more encouragement to his followers to back Hillary instead of just saying he will do all he can for her.

      You are in lock step with many who do not follow or trust Hillary, but surely we can look past her imperfections to see that she really is the only rational alternative to Don the Con.

      • Kalima says:

        Ppo, Bernie Sanders has been asking his supporters for quite some time to support Hillary, so what else do Hillary supporters expect him to do? Knowing for sure now that the DNC elite plotted against him, I think his speech yesterday giving Hillary his full support was both admirable and honorable. People who thought he wouldn’t deliver quite honestly amazed me. Why wouldn’t he after he promised he would? Treating Sanders like the enemy was a huge mistake on the part of Hillary supporters, and blaming him for a few holdouts is petty. It’s time to leave the majority of Bernie supporters alone. 85% have said they will vote for Hillary in November, and yet I still hear people criticising them, painting those who will and won’t with the same brush. I think it should stop because those who said they would, could always change their minds. If Hillary supporters want her to win, they should be going after the one man who will destroy their country.

        Many people have had to swallow their principles to agree to vote for Hillary, and to come to this decision took a lot of agonizing. I think they have come far enough by voting for her in November to beat trump, so one thing they will never be happy about is voting for someone they feel they can’t trust and who has left behind the progressives and the liberal left. I imagine those who will vote for her to stop trump, feel like they have been wearing shoes a size too small for months. Nirek has come far. From never voting for Hillary to voting for her out of respect for Bernie. I believe that no other concessions or explanations are necessary.

        Now if Hillary wants those votes she needs to win, she will have to prove that she will work for all the people who will vote for her. Not one can put the blame on Bernie anymore.

        • AdLib says:

          Kalima, this is the kind of problem I have when there’s an act of terrorism and Republicans keep saying, “I know many Muslims have condemned it but the Muslim community needs to come out in a bigger way to condemn Islamic-inspired terrorism.”

          It’s a bar that’s never high enough, no matter how much Muslims condemn terrorism, it’s never enough for some people.

          For some Hillary supporters, it’s the same kind of hostility towards Bernie and his supporters. No concession, pledge or vow of loyalty from Bernie will ever be enough, it will always be lacking something and can’t be fully embraced.

          It’s the irony of pleading for unity while backhandedly insulting the ones one seeks unity from, they slide into sabotaging unity because of resentments still harbored when simply accepting the hand of your opponent would seal the deal.

          And the same goes for the Bernie or Bust crowd. They won’t accept all the concessions Hillary has made on platform and policies to them and Bernie, it’s never enough and will always be lacking.

          I’d just say that if Dems want unity and want some of the major policies Bernie has supported to be the law of the land, they need to put aside all of the negative feelings they acquired towards each other during the primary and show the same respect towards the other candidate and supporters that they seek for themselves and the candidate they supported.

          • Kalima says:

            Well put, AdLib, and yes, the Bernie or bust crowd need to take a cold shower because all they are doing is undermining Bernie’s efforts to bring sides together to beat trump. Thinking about the way he was treated by almost every corner of the media, the Hillary crowd and now the DNC, I don’t think that most people understood what it took for him to be standing there last night. The same can be said for Bernie supporters like Nirek who I know has spent endless days and nights agonising over his decision to vote for Hillary to beat trump. These genuine feelings from Bernie supporters should be applauded, not condemned or asked/demand for more as I think they are very brave and honorable. Pushing someone into something they really don’t want to do, insulting or bullying them usually will bring the opposite results

            I didn’t watch much of it, but did hear Michelle Obama’s speech and Bernie’s. Just before Michelle’s speech there was a woman talking about how she had been swindled out of money by the so-called “trump university”, she had to shout to be heard above the noise and that was the height of bad manners.

            After the first convention day, I flitted around the internet until late at night and was appalled to find those screaming the loudest for for party unity, picking apart Bernie’s speech. Talk about in-your-face hypocrisy.

            About a month ago I left a link twice to the latest poll of Bernie supporters. 85% said they would vote for Clinton in November, and only 9% said they would either not vote at all or maybe vote for trump. It’s inevitable that not every person from the 18 million who voted for Bernie will vote for Hillary, so isn’t it about time that the 85% who said they would be treated with respect and to stop the whining about the comparatively small percentage that won’t no matter what?

          • The only comments I have ever seen, that disparage Bernie supporters were directed at the Busters, not a mature, intelligent Bernie supporter who understands what’s at stake and will vote for Hillary, because she’s the nominee.

            I really haven’t seen a non-Buster take criticism from a Hillary supporter. I’m sure there are some, the law of averages would suggest that, but I really haven’t encountered them.

            People (including myself) get frustrated and angry at those who would willingly take part in allowing Trump and his minions into the white house. What really gets my goat is how they act like they are true progressives. No genuine progressive would never willingly allow a Trump presidency.
            But hey, that’s in the past. I look forward to the future.

        • kesmarn says:

          Kalima, I wish I could give this more than one thumbs up.

          After horrible, horrible treatment by the DNC, Bernie has shown courage and a sense of unselfish honor. So impressive.

          As for Bernie having been expected to give orders to his supporters earlier on to support Hillary? I think Bernie has never viewed his supporters are anything other than intelligent individuals who are very capable of making their own decisions. Last night’s speech was the culmination of weeks of his having managed a very impressive and masterful winding down of a passionate and heartfelt campaign. I think he handled it brilliantly.

          Nirek has summed it up well. I feel the same way. On some social media (not on the Planet) Bernie people have been called horrible names and grossly insulted (yes, there’s bad behavior in every political group, but I’m sorry to say I have encountered some of the very worst from the HRC camp). And the DNC has acted so shamefully that the chair has resigned and the DNC has issued a (too late) apology to Sanders and his campaign.

          Those things are not easily forgotten, but most Sanders people will do the adult thing regardless — only because they’re mature enough to want what’s better for the country. Better than Trump.

          Then the election will be up to Hillary to win or lose.

          • Kalima says:

            Couldn’t agree more, kes when you say the election is hers to win or to lose.

            The email scandal is blamed on the Russians while Hillary’s unpopularity is blamed on Bernie Sanders. I can’t figure this out, can you?

            As for his speech containing his platform. What was wrong with that after the impressive fight he put on in the primaries? He was a formidable opponent, not an annoying fly to swat away. I hear the word respect being thrown about, so where was the respect for him and his “must have” supporters? Was his speech supposed to be only about Hillary, and would people have been more impressed if he had slit his wrists on the stage and asked for forgiveness for being good on his campaign with a message millions wanted to hear, but an obstacle to the already decided nominee? Whatever he did was for some illogical reason never good enough.

            I’m grateful that I have never built my life around excuses, they always appear so hollow to me. Time to concentrate on beating trump who believe it or not, actually got a bump from the venom he threw up at the convention from hell.

            Stay cool and goodnight from me.

  18. AdLib says:

    In case you missed it, here is Michelle Obama’s speech from tonight’s DNC Convention.

    Be prepared to be blown away!

    • Fergie1 says:

      Powerful, brilliant, spectacular! Just WOW!
      And what a contrast to the RNC in so many ways.

      I suppose that someone somewhere has already mentioned, that Michelle Obama has spoken at both conventions this year! Just in case it hasn’t already been mentioned!

  19. This is for EW’s speech tonight;

  20. OK, enough of that nonsense.

  21. kesmarn says:

    This is a good man. A decent human being.

    • glenn says:

      Now, we’re getting somewhere. “Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States!” Bernie bros can go to hell!

  22. whew! Damn Bernie, you sure know how to keep a person in suspense! Whew!

  23. Alright Bernie. Slap the media upside the head. They deserve it!

  24. glenn says:

    Is Bernie pulling a double cross?

    • glenn says:

      Whew, he’s getting better, but I still haven’t heard a ringing endorsement of HRC.

    • I’m not quite sure where he’s going, besides saying what our goals should be. I hope he’s not pulling a Ted Cruz.

      • AdLib says:

        In Bernie We Trust.

        Never had a doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t wholeheartedly endorse Hillary and stand up to the Bernie of Bust crowd.

        Bernie despises what a Trump Presidency would be and has supported the Democratic Party and voted with them his whole career.

        I know many were displeased that he didn’t endorse her earlier but as I mentioned then, if folks were patient, they wouldn’t be disappointed.

        It’s a process, it took Hillary time to process losing in 2008 and endorse Obama, the same was true for Bernie and maybe a little more difficult since he was in front of a true populist movement.

        As he said tonight with no ifs ands or buts, Hillary must be elected President and he will do everything in his power to make that happen.

        The Dem Party is unifying now as I think was inevitable and we are going to win!

      • glenn says:

        That’s what I though at first, however, he’s now getting into specifics and talking about what HRC will do, which are the same things he’s been talking about. I’m feeling much better, especially since he’s getting really specific.

  25. Make me dizzy, Miss Lizzy! Smart speech! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Corey Booker is knocking it out of the park! Now that, is oration.

  27. Oh yeah, Keep showing clips of Trump’s ignorance, meanness and misogyny!

    There is so much ammo against that cretin.

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