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PlanetPOV was founded back in 2009 by ex-Huffington Post bloggers, Kalima, KQuark and me. Along the way, we became fortunate enough to have Bitohistory then Kesmarn come on board to help us administrate the site.

We’re coming up on celebrating our 7th year in orbit around the Internet which has included tens of thousands of posts and hundreds of thousands of comments. Not to mention ongoing special features at The Planet like:

MORNING BLOG – Providing global perspective, a fascinating view of what’s happening around the world.

VOX POPULI – Hosting a live chat every Friday night, it’s like meeting at a virtual neighborhood bar where folks visit, joke around and talk about the events of the week.

LIVE EVENTS CHAT: PlanetPOV hosts live chats during special live political events like debates, State of the Union speeches, etc., allowing members to share and discuss their immediate responses to what they’re watching.

WEEKEND MUSIC THREAD – An antidote to the seriousness of the week’s news, presenting  a new and fun theme every week that invites Planeteers to be creative with their picks and share their favorite songs with each other.

POLITICAL SATIRE: Often accompanied by original comedic graphics, PlanetPOV publishes parodies and satirical articles. Or as Republicans may refer to them, “Tomorrow’s news today”.

Whoops…I did mention our special features, you got me.

Over the years, PlanetPOV has grown into a recognized community of smart, witty and conscientious people who can openly discuss and debate the heart of any issue while respecting their fellow members. And as you no doubt know, that’s quite a feat when it comes to political discourse on the Internet.

For all these reasons, we see The Planet as a pretty unique place. And we are constantly improving the software and technical aspects of the site to make your experience of the site and its features even better.

As part of our founding principles, we don’t run conventional advertising for revenue, such as Google Ads, because some of what would be advertised would run counter to what we stand for. So to keep The Planet spinning and pay the expenses of keeping it doing so, we rely primarily on support from our members and readers.

We don’t run fundraising drives very frequently so when we do, we hope that those who enjoy this site, whether frequently or time to time, will support us with whatever they can afford to help us keep The Planet spinning.

We’re in the middle of another big election year and whatever the outcomes in November, next year will be a year filled with change and conflict. There will be so much to discuss, debate and consider and thanks to your support, PlanetPOV will continue to be an island of sanity for people of good will and wit to discuss what’s happening in the world around them.

There are two ways to make a donation to PlanetPOV, you can make a one-time donation or you can subscribe to PlanetPOV on a monthly basis. Any amount would be welcome as a one-time donation and subscriptions are only $5/month (.17 cents a day, that means that if you give your 2 cents at The Planet on the issues 9 times in a day, you’re making a profit! Or something like that.).

To make a one-time donation of any amount, please click the button below:


To subscribe to the Planet at $5/mo, please click the button below:



Thanks so much for all of your support! The Planet IS you and your fellow members, you and your support are truly what makes this site what it is!

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Aquarius 1027
Aquarius 1027

Congratulations to almost seven years in orbit!! – I was just learning to get comfortable with that thing called posting when HP disintegrated. I was forced to venture out further into cyberspace, a kind friend directed me to this site. – And I found a warm and welcoming Planet amid the stars of that vast net universe.

A tremendous thank you to the founders of the Planet as well as to those who now participate to keep it going forward. Your efforts are much appreciated – happy to give my support for all of the time and energy that you have given to the Planet. 🙂


I feel it’s a privilege to be included in this great forum. Happy to send a contribution in a brown paper bag under the table so Adlib can indulge in his chocoholism! Keep up the fantastic work you originals manage to do. Can any of us help in other ways? I sometimes feel we are getting off lightly!


Happy to be a part of the community. Glad to contribute.


Same here, Murph. A pleasure knowing you and the other Planeteers.


To all of you who have been with us since the beginning, and those of you who came looking for refuge and stayed, a mighty thank you. We have enjoyed the experience of your open mindedness, your wit, passion and patience with those of opposing views. We hope to continue to bring you the truth on many issues in the future. Eternally grateful for having known KQuark and Bito. Thrilled to have kes aboard for her patience, compassion and honesty.

As AdLib said, if you can help in any way to keep The Planet spinning, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for all you do to make The Planet one of the most civil and unique places on the Internet.

I sent mine last week, AdLib, and hope you didn’t spend it on ice cream or those “Must remember to reply to Kalima’s emails” reminder “Post It” stickers?

Love the “heart planet” btw. Really want one!! Can you imagine the confusion of the “flat earthers”?

A shoutout to Nirek who will be going through surgery for his injured shoulder on the 4th. Best wishes and healing thoughts. Get well soon!