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In the debut of his new show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert used the allegory of not being able to refuse himself eating one after another Oreo cookie to the addiction of the media to covering one after another story about Donald Trump. It was an apt metaphor but one that may not go far enough. At this point in time, Donald Trump seems to be more like a political heroin addiction for both the media and his followers.

They need frequent “hits” of Trump, mainstreamed intravenously right into their bloodstreams. The rush and euphoria they feel when finally hearing the latest insult and egotistical bravado is something they crave.

Though there have been many in the GOP Elite and MSM who keep claiming that Trump is just a passing phenomena that will burn out soon, perhaps the more relevant question isn’t about Trump but about the MSM and Trump supporters, are they too hooked on him now to be able to give him up?

It is hard to imagine these Trump junkies going cold turkey after the GOP primary and instead getting a rush from scoring some “low energy” Jeb!.

Polls this early are not reliable but it is interesting that right now, Jeb! is polling in the single digits, closer to the bottom of the pack than the top of it.

Jeb Bush has proven to be a poor and incompetent candidate, he has been indecisive (took many days and various positions before being able to answer a question about whether invading Iraq was a good idea), is a boring speaker, spineless, racist and is a clumsy and obvious panderer to Latinos and others.

Can Jeb Bush or any other Republican candidate be the political methadone to replace the heroin-like addiction GOP voters have for Trump?

It is possible that Trump will indeed be the best campaign tool for a Democratic victory in 2016. If he does win the GOP Primary, his schtick will have become so tired and predictable after a year that it will hardly be effective outside of his core supporters. If Trump loses, whoever becomes the GOP nominee will pale in comparison to Trump’s outsized image and how intensely he excites the Republican base. And with Trump pulling most of the candidates over to the anti-Latino, anti-woman, pro-Iran war side, whoever ultimately wins their nomination will be unpalatable to the majority of Americans.

As it stands now, Donald Trump couldn’t have been designed as a better Frankenstein by the GOP. He is a monster that their hateful and intolerant rhetoric has sewn together, their anti-government hysteria and paranoia has electrified and they have finally been forced to admit, “It’s alive!” He can’t be stopped by ordinary means because his “heart” was transplanted from the heart of the GOP, to stop his heart would mean stopping the heart of the GOP.

It is an open question whether the GOP Elite can once again rig the primaries to force their candidate on their core voters without alienating them. Tea Partiers have had to swallow the candidacies of establishment choices, John McCain and Mitt Romney, having to be content in hating that a black man would be President to turn out the vote instead of having a candidate they really wanted. Will they roll over again, content to hate a Clinton as the motivation for turning out to vote for a Jeb! or Kasich! or Rubio? If they don’t get “their” candidate this time, Trump or Cruz, will they be discouraged and not vote in protest?

At this point, one can hardly believe a hard core Trump supporter will become a hard core Jeb! supporter next year. After seeing their candidate buried by the Koch brothers and establishment money, will Trump supporters really be enthusiastic about supporting their candidate’s “enemy” and the enemy of their anti-government views? Or, if Trump won the nomination, would establishment Republicans really jump onto his racist and anti-woman bandwagon?

Poor Republicans, they should have heeded the famous words of their favorite president’s wife about drugs when Trump first announced his candidacy for President, “Just say no!”

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AdLib, imagine if the methadone that would cure or help to wean republicans off Trump was this: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton got together and decided Trump would run in order for Bill to get revenge on republicans for his impeachment, and Hillary would get a smoother run for the presidency. Could it be that they decided that Donald would out the racist Tea Party wing of the party with his anti-immigration speech? Could it be that he would out the misogynistic wing of the party with his speeches and attitude toward women? Could it be that he was enlisted to expose the parties total dependence upon corporate money, and their having sold out to wealthy donors. Could this be an opportunity for the republicans to wake up, put the Kool-Aid down and begin accepting the Methadone? Methadone in this case being waking up to the truth number one, and then realizing they have been had all these years by those that have been feeding them the drugs that have been destroying their lives and the lives of millions in this nation. I wonder….. 🙂


Interesting supposition but it may be a lot simpler than that. It may be Trump providing entertainment, screwing with the heads of people easily led who may be teabagging, homophobic racists because he can…..I mean, how hard would that be? If the result works out for the democratic party, that would be….a welcomed result? Something about him for me makes me not believe even he believes half the shit that escapes his mouth. Helping the Clintons though? Hmmmm….since I don’t support HRC or Bernie for that matter, I hope not. Helping a Biden and mayhap Warren ticket? That would be welcomed!


That’s the “Manchurian Candidate,” theory about Trump. Some people believe he is actually working to destroy the GOP from within. Trump WAS a Bill Clinton supporter, but I don’t put much stock in this theory.

I don’t think Biden will run and Warren has said repeatedly that she would not run.

There are some things I like about Biden, but he’s no progressive. I know, Hillary isn’t either.


The supposition concerning the Clintons was just a thought I had that would help make sense in my head why this man is running for President…nothing else seems to make sense to me. I did hear somewhere that Trump met with Bill Clinton before announcing his run for President. I definitely support Bernie over Hillary in the democratic campaign. I have been a supporter of Bernie’s for years. I believe he would make a pretty good President. As for Biden and Warren. If Warren would throw her hat in the ring with Biden I believe she would sway a lot of voters to Biden’s side. I don’t believe Biden would stand a chance without her though. Too bad Warren has said she will not run. I would vote for her for President in a heartbeat. I love the job she is doing in the Senate, so whatever she decides, I’m still a fan.

It’s good to see you here VegasBabe, I miss you from the old HP days. Hope all is well with you and yours. 🙂

I knew I remembered hearing about or reading this somewhere. Check out these stories:


Spot on Ad, it’s hard to take anyone seriously who has to constantly say how great they are. The tRump candidacy will have future historians scratching their heads, come to think of it the anti-science GOTP will be something of a mystery to them too.


Spot on as usual, Adlib. The funny thing is that Trump now confirms what we’ve all been thinking – that he’s just an Entertainer! F’r instance:

Isn’t it ironic that Scott Joplin’s song, ‘The Entertainer” was the theme music for ‘the Sting’? Well, we bit, not as much as CNN’s Zucker, but we bit good!


Great read, AdLib!

Here is my five pence worth.

You have written what I have been thinking from the beginning, that Trumpdom will fizzle next year when he will have to give opinions about much more than just building a ridiculous SciFi wall, and deporting up to 11 million immigrants. His foreign policy answers to questions showed that he doesn’t know his arse from his elbow.

All but a few of his rabid supporters will have to hold their noses to vote for the nominee or not vote at all.

I have to laugh out loud when I hear how badly people like Cruz, Walker and the other Bush are doing. Some of the others should have stayed at home to play with their rubber duckies as their participation is a bad joke.

By next year Trumpy will have done enough damage to the GOP to last them a lifetime, and I’m looking forward to seeing them trying to get out of their sinkhole.

Trumpy is such a fake. I really can’t take his campaign seriously.


“Trump changes tone on Syrian refugees”


Well by my calculations, he has 32% of 39% of the voting public. And since the polls that are out are only targeting Republicans, he is no threat.


I love the look on Yeb!’s face in the above photo. It looks as if he is thinking to himself, “I’d like to punch you in the face, you asshole!”

And of course, Trump’s look is total arrogance, like he’s thinking to himself…”Loser!” 😉


Hey Ad, I would describe the media’s addiction to all things Trump, as more of a crack addiction. It’s cheap, gives an intense but short in duration high, and very addictive.

I would say that Yeb! is more of a heroin buzz. You just can’t help but nod out, shortly after exposure. 😉


For now I’ll just say yet another excellent article. There is so much in here, it is going to take me a minute to digest it all. Excellent analogy AdLIb. 🙂