U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Senator Bernie Sanders is a man with more integrity than all the GOP candidates put together! He has no skeletons  in the closet.

This is his Facebook  page where you can read many of his thoughts. https://www.facebook.com/senatorsanders

I have had the pleasure of voting for Bernie every time he has run for the House and Senate. I have seen him as Mayor of Burlington Vermont as well. Bernie has never changed from the caring person he is. I have personally benefited from his assistance in getting my VA disability. He cares about our veterans unlike the republicans who use them and do not want to help those who are returned broken.

Bernie has always said he is a “socialist” with a small “s”, which means he cares about all Americans. He wants everyone to have equal rights, equal chance to succeed, and equal pay for equal work. So many times I see where he is called a “communist” but he believes in democracy with a twist of socialism.

Bernie is not beholden to corporations or rich folks. He is running a grassroots campaign.

Why would anyone with any common sense vote for a republican over Bernie?

 I never gave to a politician before, but I sent $100 to him last Saturday. That is the kind of donation he wants. That and your vote! I have never been this excited about an election before.

I honestly believe President Obama has done as good a job as Congress would allow him to. I also believe that Bernie would have a better time getting things done because the GOP sees him as a white man. The GOP as we all know can’t stand having a black President. Not all republicans think that way, but a bunch of them do.  Some republicans I know are fans of Bernie because of his integrity and honesty. He will get some votes from moderate republicans and many independents will also vote for Bernie as a Democrat.

What is your opinion? Do you think a “grassroots” campaign will be able to overcome the billionaires money?

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Nirek, thanks so much for posting this. I am planning to support Bernie on the ground, and have already supported him financially. He’s a good man, with a deep concern for his neighbors and friends, seemingly including every American in that circle.

Here’s my thinking:

I’m going to support Bernie 100% up until the Washington primary. I’m going to do this over the phones, social media, and financially. Our caucus isn’t until March 26th, so the race may be over by then, but I hope not! If Bernie wins, on to the general election! If he doesn’t, then I plan to support Hillary or other nominee 100% through the general. Federal elections are about comparative voting once the general election hits.

I feel good about this strategy. It worked when I supported Jesse Jackson against Bill Clinton in 1992, and really worked well with Barack Obama.

Could not agree more with everything he lists on his platform!



I would definitely vote for Bernie Sanders for POTUS. I would also vote for Hillary Clinton if she were the nominee. Two excellent candidates.
The only candidates the GOP has to offer are morons, rubes and criminals.


I remember a song from the ’60’s, “WISHING AND HOPING” that is Bernie Sanders. Love the guy’s honesty and his willingness to battle all for his vision of America, but his chances in 2016 are nil and if we are honest with ourselves we’ll admit that. Progressives have one goal for ’16 and that is to not allow the White House to fall into the hands of the enemy of all the workers of America. Can any imagine if the idiots of the ‘invasion of Texas’ crowd were in power!!!!


I have followed Bernie for quite a while. I admire the man. I sent him $50 when he announced he was running for president. I also sent him $50 for his last election and I live in NY. I will be pleasantly surprised if he beats Hillary. The country is too polarized now and I don’t think he could beat Jeb because the Repubs will paint him as a wild eyed Socialist( read Communist as you said). The Repubs use the word socialist like it’s a dirty word. I will vote for Bernie in the primary and the general election if he makes it that far but I don’t think he will. I am glad he is running if only to make Hillary veer left. I never supported Hillary in 2008 because she was too gung-ho to invade Iraq so she wouldn’t be labeled “soft on terror”. She was arrogant in 2008 and thought the nomination was hers for the asking. I don’t think she will make that mistake again.
I hope I’m wrong and you are right Nirek but I think I will be voting for Hillary because I always vote and she will be somewhat better that any of the idgits the GOP drags up.