English: Recent earthquakes from w.United Stat...
English: Recent earthquakes from w.United States Geological Survey from the last 8-30 days around the world. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fracking is causing pollution of our water sources and also causing earthquakes.




If you’re wondering where oil and gas production and hydraulic fracturing are happening near you, FracTracker has a new mapping tool that will phelp you find out.


Areas where America’s 1.1 million oil and gas wells, both conventional and hydraulically fractured, are found are highlighted in orange. Texas, where many of the wells are concentrated, is excluded because FracTracker was unable to publish data from the state.
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“Oklahoma is recording 2-1/2 earthquakes daily of a magnitude 3 or greater, a seismicity rate 600 times greater than observed before 2008, the report by the Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS) said.”

Last year the state recorded 585 quakes of magnitude 3 or greater, up sharply from 109 in 2013. Prior to 2008, Oklahoma averaged less than two a year.



“The USGS said these frequent man-made earthquakes “greatly” increase the overall earthquake probability for Oklahoma and the other affected areas compared to the probability in the latest National Seismic Hazard Model, published in 2014. The national maps, which are updated every six years, detail the hazard levels for naturally caused earthquakes in the U.S.

Man-made earthquakes were intentionally left out of last year’s model because of how difficult they are to predict, the new report explained. Typical national models forecast earthquake likelihood over a 50-year period, but Thursday’s report introduces models that offer only a one-year time period for assessing risk. These short-term models, which the agency hopes to finalize later this year, should be useful because of uncertainties surrounding the wastewater injection wells believed to cause man-made earthquakes.”

These stories say it better than I. But nothing says it like this guy, Prince Ea. Listen and watch, please.

We are running on borrowed time, folks. Every country needs to do all it can to lessen their effects on our environment.Every person should do all he or she can to cut their own carbon footprint. To speak out against polluters. To encourage others to take action. If we don’t start now our children and theirs will not enjoy the wonderful things that nature has to offer. The beauty of forests, lakes, rivers,and all the other resourses nature has given us.

To all those who think we can keep on polluting our planet, I say F you!
Stop with the greed for short term gains at the expence of the environment.

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Nirek, I can’t imagine how much more ridiculously malicious and evil the oil/gas industry could be.

Aside from knowingly destroying the planet through CO2-caused Climate Change, they are now fully aware that they are causing earthquakes in OK, TX and other parts of the country, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before they cause a big destructive quake.

I live in CA, our homes and buildings are built to standards that recognize that we have earthquakes. I guarantee you that they don’t do that in OK, TX, etc.. So if a strong earthquake hit those parts of the country, the destruction would be for more terrible.

But they don’t care. Whether it was Wall Street stuffing their pockets at the expense of burning down the world’s economy or oil and gas companies creating physical destruction of the planet and the lives of regular people, the greed of corporations and their shareholders and execs has exceeded disgusting and given a bad name to sociopaths.

Aquarius 1027
Aquarius 1027

Hi, Nirek – Great article, thanks for more information on fracking. The adverse effects of geological damage to underground structures needs to be repeated often! There are too many unknowns with fracking yet still the corporations keep drilling to increase profits.

I am also concerned about the unknown chemicals used with the fracking processes. The long term adverse effects from these chemicals to both people and the environment remain unknown. The current studies are denigrated by oil companies. – To deny and ignore these adverse consequences is criminal.

I have watched as the scenic western PA countryside around me has been diminished by the tall structures of drills. As I drive down the roads in my township – these drills are in fields, next to barns and even close to the roadsides. They are a constant reminder of corporative greed. Many towns in the area tried to fight the fracking but so-called geological experts from the oil companies refuted other studies, claiming that “their” studies proved the safety of fracking.
Such blatant deception!

No earthquakes in my local area so far, keeping fingers crossed. – P.S. The Sorry video did not open for me but it may have just been a glitch with my computer. – Hope your day goes well. 🙂


U.S. Maps Pinpoint Earthquakes Linked to Quest for Oil and Gas



This is not about fracking but it is about another big energy company failing to take responsibility for contaminating the environment. In this case the drinking water, and I wonder just how many people are already sick from this. I have a friend in NC who became sick a few years ago and I know his water comes from a well.

These companies need to be held responsible.

Fears Of Contamination Confirmed, North Carolina Residents Warned Not To Drink Their Water


Btw, England normally has had very few earthquakes. I can’t ever remember experiencing one until I moved to Japan, but now with the extensive fracking, there have been earthquakes that were actually felt. The earth is angry, and who can blame her?

There are so many alternatives but of course the greedy just want a quick fix and don’t care how many people they contaminate or how much of this beautiful planet they render uninhabitable for humans, animals, birds and our friends in our rivers, seas and oceans, and fauna. It’s a crime against humanity.


Nirek, thanks so much for a valuable reminder — and especially for the links to resources that you included in your article.

FracTracker is a really helpful site. I never knew it existed. When I clicked on my state I was amazed to see the number of licensed fracking operations in the southeastern part of the state.

Unbelievable — well over 100. And this is a beautiful part of the state. Highly attractive to tourism because of the hilly terrain, cliffs and waterfalls. What a place to put at risk! (Not that any part of the country should be jeopardized.) In a sense, these frackers are willing to sacrifice the steady income from farming and tourism for the short term gain of fracking. An activity that could destroy the ability of farmers and tourist services (like white-water rafting and fishing) to continue to operate.

Everywhere, these Koch-type operations are killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Short-sighted, to say the least.