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The racism of some police, police unions and Republicans has never been more virulent and disgusting.

This past week, a desperate gang member who had just killed his girlfriend and was on a self-destructive spiral towards death, tried to build a facade of righteousness and meaning by assassinating two unsuspecting and innocent policemen who were just sitting in their car.

This deranged murderer claimed on social media that it was retribution for the recent killings of black men by police. That BS is easily disproved by asking the simple question, “Then why did you kill your girlfriend just before this assassination? Was she a cop? I didn’t think so!”

Instead of seeing this psychotic murderer for exactly what he was, some NYPD officers, their police union and prominent Republicans are exploiting this tragedy to validate the righteousness of their racism and renewing it against black people and those protesting the against the unwarranted attacks on them by police.

These unprincipled racists blame President Obama, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio and those who have protested against police brutality and killings of unarmed black men and children, blaming them for the heinous acts of one deranged, violent gang member.

Would these same haters blame all white people for the acts of Timothy McVeigh or the Columbine killers, let alone the white cop-hating couple in Nevada that earlier this year identically ambushed and assassinated innocent policemen who were simply eating their lunch at a diner? Were all white people group-blamed by police for the actions of these murderous lunatics? Were white politicians who previously railed against police brutality or the White Power groups defending Cliven Bundy and aiming rifles at and demonizing law enforcement blamed for inciting that killing (that cop-killing couple had even been part of the Cliven Bundy militia crowd)?

The racist double standard exhibited by some police, their unions and some Republicans is appalling to witness. It can be summarized as this, “When white people murder cops or innocent people, they are crazed loners. When black people murder cops or innocent people, all black people and all who stand up against racist treatment of them have blood on their hands.”

The very people who supported bad cops killing an unarmed innocent man in New York and an innocent black child and a young black man in Ohio, each for innocently holding air guns, were apoplectic about claiming that entire police forces can’t be blamed for the actions of one “mistaken” cop. But when it comes to black people, a murder by any black person, no matter how deranged he was as an individual, is a murder by all black people and their supporters.

Let’s be crystal clear about who created the environment this is all happening in. White politicians, white District Attorneys and prosecutors and  white policemen. The nation’s predominantly white police forces have become militarized, overly aggressive, isolated from their communities and are killing citizens in record numbers (“The number of felony suspects fatally shot by police last year — 461— was the most in two decades, according to a new FBI report.” – USA Today ). District attorneys\prosecutors have been manipulating the justice system to prevent cops who wrongly murder from being held responsible for their actions and the demonization of black people and black communities (as we have seen in Ferguson) is cynically used to justify past and future murders and violence against innocent black people.

Then comes an incident of a lunatic who happens to be black, horribly murdering innocent police officers and that wipes clean the slate of responsibility for white racist abuse and killings of innocent black people that has gone on for decades…in fact, in the minds of these hateful people, it justifies it.

We should be mindful of not playing by the rules of these racists, though they are cops, union spokespeople and Republicans, it would be hypocritical to blame all cops and all Republicans for the actions of others. On the other hand, when they stay silent and don’t condemn the heinous actions of those who are their fellow officers and fellow Republicans, they do become complicit in the continuance of such racist acts.

To display that this is not a double standard, the families of victims of police murders and black community activists came out immediately to condemn this cop-killer. They made clear that unlike some cops and Republicans, they don’t defend the heinous acts of an individual because they belong to the same race or group. Police and Republicans stand alone in defending the violence of individuals against innocent people simply because they belong to the same group and if they have any hope of regaining any moral authority, they need to rediscover the principles of personal responsibility, honesty and justice.

Social conflicts are never resolved through hatred and violence, they are only exacerbated. Resolutions come from peaceful protests, legislative action and moral leadership.

The more hatred these racists whip up, the more they should be shunned and isolated. Politicians and police who support all citizens should be acknowledged and supported and those who attack a segment of their society because of their skin color and political views should be removed from positions of power through our social and political systems.

The focus right now of those with a conscience, both police and citizenry, should be to prevent further injustices and bring together people and their police forces. Equality and justice for all should be the primary goal.

Any who espouse hatred and division at this point, whether police, politicians or citizens, those who seek to enshrine a social civil war in pursuit of self-righteousness and justifying their partisanship and racism, should be seen as they really are, as adversaries of the majority of Americans and core American values, especially those of equality and justice.

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This place where the US is now was inevitable….black folks knew it! Many just kept their heads buried in the sand. Ignoring a problem never makes it go away. Now here we are and what in the world are we to do about it?


AdLib, Bravo……your article should be featured on the editorial pages of NYTimes, WaPo and on every newspaper and newscast in the country. If Huffpo was a real place for discussion, your article would be comment of the year.


AdLib,and they treat it like a political problem.This is very serious stuff that I don’t think is going away.It was good to see the Police walk back some of what they said and did to the Mayor.I am waiting for Eric Holder and the President to complete the Federal investigation.What they do either way is going to be huge.
And will no doubt play a part in 2016.I still don’t like your perpetual elections though.It impedes progress big time.


They lie as only repubs can.


Fact Checker
Giuliani’s claim that Obama launched anti-police ‘propaganda’



When wrong, obfuscate!! The specialty of the ‘right’. Instead of seeing the reality and deciding to finally have some open discussions of the lousy race relations in America, just blame Al Sharpton or the President. Keeps their base fed on their lies. I doubt we will ever reach the level of total honesty about the track record of equality or the lack of, I should say. Many my age, 68, still live in the dark ages of the 50’s, colored people is their term still, they have no concept of how privileged their lives as whites has been. I will hold out for change with the millennial generation, maybe somewhere down the road something will happen!!


Wonderful article, Adlib.

What is happening in NY now is a disgrace. The police have all the information on the killer and his background including his long list of previous arrests, so to make this about revenge for the murders of Eric Garner and Michael Brown just because the killer said so, is disgustingly dishonest and adds another stain to their reputation. For the repubs to jump on it and make it a political issue blaming the protesters, the mayor and even the President, is low even for this pack of vultures.

As you so rightly say, by doing this the only thing that becomes clear is their racism. It is now unmistakable.

Here are a few articles, one about the shooter and his criminal history, and the last one about another shooting of a black man by police that will not be prosecuted. Could the pattern of disregard for the lives of black men be any clearer except to those whose eyes and hearts are filled with hate?





Racial concerns approach highest point since Civil Rights era



Tomasky sums it up perfectly.




Ex-officer won’t be charged in Dontre Hamilton shooting



It is a sad reality that racism and bigotry are embedded in virtually all societies. Every country has groups or religions marginalized. The USA is not unique in that, except that more and more social media is being used to highlight it like never before. This, IMO, is a good thing. The NYPD, just like every other police force in virtually the world, is a rainbow force. The pity is that they do not seem to view the people they police as being as identically diverse. Inbred and inherent racism shouts from their lamentable record with minorities and lower socio-economic people.

We need for racism to be eliminated from police squad rooms, and clear lines need to be drawn between anarchistic behavior and righteous protest. Both sides of the divide need to address this.

Here’s an anthem to get things going:


HI AdLib, This is a five and i like what you said. Is there bigotry and racism in the USA? Yes and we know mostly who it is used against more.

It is sad the GOP officials are not behind justice. It is even stranger they are accepting torture. The supreme court recently ruled a lie can be constitutional . Well if someone tell a lie on the stand in a court of law, That someone is guilty of a crime. SO how can a lie be allowed to be constitutional? This defies LOGIC and it tells that this conservative supreme court is the most corrupt conservative court in all us history. Think about it, They are saying Jesus likes to lie and it is acceptable.

Now back to the shootings. Both sides should not be doing this in logic but it is happening.

Now the GOP and police thinks police and GOP politicians are above the law.

Now police and politicians should not be able to investigate themselves period.

Suspected bad shoots should just go to trial with no grand jury involved. Make the shooters defend them selves in a court of law. Doing this is not saying they are guilty but would help everyone feel better.

It should not be about race. The one thing i am sure of is the GOP/conservative in politic are racist. In the police some are racist. Many police citizens are good but the USA should be firing police and taking away their pensions when found guilty.

Now those are my idea’s and strong feelings. I really hope other on Planet pov have some good idea’s that can be used or better for matter of fact.

Well i have had my say.
I have also been absent a while not because i dislike the Planet pov.

Again thanks for a great article.

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RSG, your comment “Now the GOP and police thinks police and GOP politicians are above the law”…perfectly describes a fascist state.

We have to admit, we are becoming an authoritarian or dare I say a “fascist apartheid-like state”


The cop killer was deranged, as you said. Killing cops sitting in their car is dispicable, premeditated and wrong on so many levals. Both of the policemen were family men from what I have heard and read. It was senseless! It is also senseless to blame the protesters of the killing of unarmed young black men and children.

Ad, thanks for the article. it makes good points that need to be made. This is a time when people are supposed to show love for oneanother, not be killing those who protect and serve.