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monicaangela On August - 31 - 2014

Education is the Key!


How can individuals/citizens begin the arduous task of better educating our children in our homes and schools, better educating our young people in our colleges and universities and do a better job of educating our citizens who are literally on a tread mill juggling the affairs of daily life? Most people these days are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to what used to be called doing their Civic Duty and their need to utilize what used to be free hours for extra work in order to maintain themselves and their families. What can individuals who are concerned and would like to see change begin doing during our daily routine that would have an impact upon our communities, our nation, and the world?

Education is a strange thing. It is not just putting together a few facts, learning the principles of mathematics equations or just simple math, stringing together a bit of his story and our story, something that often can’t be verified or understood but just taken for granted, dabbling in the sciences etc. The job of education takes the whole of an individual that is the purveyor of that education. It takes passion, compassion, empathy, sympathy, strong will, courage, and a complete selfless desire to become a catalyst for change. It takes removing oneself from the equation while at the same time being very much present at all times. It is as much about delivery as it is about actual content. It is being willing to be challenged, to remain vulnerable to criticism without taking offense, it is admitting when you are wrong and learning to be able to utilize the aforementioned emotions to prove your case when you believe you are right.

So how do we begin this effort? How do we educate our children using the lesson plan we have been given, a lesson plan that is biased in many ways, outright dishonest in many others, without measuring the content of that lesson plan? How do we avoid the obvious differences in the life experiences of  children? How do we educate adults using a formula that has worked for one group but obviously will not work for every group? Where do we educate these adults? When do we find an opportunity to educate these adults since most claim to and do have busy schedules? How do we remain honest during the dissemination of materials? How do we remove our prejudices from the equation?

Being a purveyor of education is not for the faint of heart. Every person that wishes to become an educator has to give more than they will ever receive from the person(s) they are trying to educate. Every parent is an educator, even parents who do not share the same domicile as that of their children. Every parent is the first educator of every child that has ever been born to that parent unless that child is taken from the parent or the parent is taken from the child during birth. We generally don’t think of this, or at least many people I know don’t think of themselves as educators. Parents lay the foundation for what is soon to become the support the child needs to build his/her formal education upon. So with that said, wouldn’t it be wise to educate the parents before during and after the formal public or private school education of their children? One of my goals in life has been to try to do this on a small scale volunteering with parents and children through the various school systems in my community, now that I am retired from actually doing this full time as a profession. My feeling is that a child is forever the child of his/her parents, no matter how old he/she gets, and that the job of a parent as educator is never done. We as parents go from educating our children to the job of helping to educate our grandchildren or at least that is in my opinion the way it should be. We should all be lifelong learners, so education is a give and take process. As we grow older and hopefully wiser, we become the educator and the student. We not only teach our children and grandchildren, we also learn from them.

Having said all of the aforementioned, I believe we begin to get some idea as to what an arduous task we have before us. How can we begin to educate each other beginning here on this site? How can we begin taking up the challenge of letting our defenses down? How can we begin letting go of some of the bad education we have received first from our parents and later through public or private school education and interaction with other individuals and groups. How can we sift through the information we have stored somewhere in the back of our brains, that information that only comes forward from time to time when we need to draw from past experience…  What if that information is incorrect? What if the information we have been utilizing, keeping safe for one occasion or another is in reality incorrect information? How do we correct information we have relied upon our entire lives? How do we learn to let go of this bad information and begin to replace it with better information? This is what we are going to have to do in order to be able to make a difference in this world. We, I believe, have to begin with ourselves.

How do we do this? We have to get to know each other; we have to begin discussing the experiences that lead us to believe the way we do. Sooner rather than later we will begin to notice when someone is operating from a knee jerk reaction utilizing some of the less than accurate education that remains somewhere in the back of their mind, maybe even in their subconscious. We will be able to confront that person with fact regarding the issue. Changing/replacing bad information with accurate scientifically proven information is the key to education. In this world, on this planet, at this time, we have a huge job before us, a challenge we must undertake if we ever intend to begin to bring change.

This is an arduous task we have before us if we plan to try to come up with solutions to the problem of so much misinformation that has been disseminated by those who would control the populace in order to increase his/her wealth, those that would divide and conquer etc. The problem of greed and division caused by some in order to maintain their position in life is one of the major problems societies throughout the world will have to recognize and deal with before we can make this world a better place. It has to start somewhere, let it be here, let it be now, let it be us, the members of PlanetPOV, let’s take up the challenge.

Written by monicaangela

Love, Peace, and Happiness, these are matters of importance to me. My desire is that the Earth and all within her will eventually have the opportunity to enjoy these emotions incessantly.

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  1. ausmth says:

    Very well written! You eloquently expressed my feelings from 34 years in the classroom. I agree that NCLB changed the way education was done. My last year of teaching I turned in my retirement resignation in September. After that I didn’t do any of the NCLB garbage. I taught! My kids and I had class! It was pure teaching as I had imagined it when I started teaching. I would like to share your essay with some of my other teacher friends and some of my former students who are now teachers if you don’t mind.

    • monicaangela says:

      Hello ausmth!

      Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your comment. I have been away from PP for a few days taking care of some personal business. I’m happy you enjoyed my post. I too have retired from public school education as you probably read, I had a couple of great years of teaching before becoming an administrator. I’m happy you were able to enjoy true classroom teaching without the many obstacles that sometimes through politics and other issues restrain true tried and true teaching methods. I’m happy you feel my essay is good enough to share with others and I have no problem with your sharing it, it is my true feelings and my opinion, nothing more. If any word I wrote can help anybody or is of interest to anybody, I’m pleased. Thank you for your kind response. :)

  2. RSGmusic says:

    HI MA , very nice article a 10 again.

    Yes education never stops but there are goals to set and achieve.
    Employers look for degrees and artist look for people to respond to their work.
    One thing education needs to stress is to think slightly out of box. Apply what is taught as quote basics to new ideas and products that will help every day life.

    How this happens in music is to understand the structure of musical keys,scales, intervals, single notes and chord construction. The rhythm tracks are the basics of the creation. You have sections called the theme, the chorus, the Return chorus, and the change and the jam out or solo’s. Each of these things can lead back to the theme or any one of the things listed in the last sentence. TO break into the popular hit sections, compositions are usually short and have vocal sections. TO be semi artistic you may keep it simple so much more of the audience relates to the song. To be artistic and vanguard you use the complexity by joining vocals and hooks a small run that enhances the vocals. lead sections or solo’s some know as the jam to produce a stereo representation of different idea’s and fuse them to the rhythm. These compositions are longer and are layered for a wall of sound coming at the listener. Orchestra are like this and opera. Extended rock, jazz, blues and perhaps country fused at times create the groups like YES, ELP, genesis, Styx, King crimson, Tangerine dream etc , etc, etc,

    In playing the sections you can look at the fret board, keyboard and see the structure that you intend to play. Also you can close your eyes and rely on muscle memory to produce your melodies. Again you can hear the music bubble in ranges below and above you and find your path in between these ranges.

    In other things in education you can see end but most endure the beginning and the middle.

    long life!!

    • monicaangela says:


      You are what I would want if I needed more education in music. As a matter of fact, I believe you could still teach me a lot about music even though I do have a formal music education. I play a couple of musical instruments and am a vocalist. I understand perfectly what you have just written, and am amazed at how much you appear to LOVE music.

      Education is an amazing thing, I love how you have taken into consideration the fact that there is more to education than just reading, writing, and arithmetic, we also have to include the arts. The arts are essential. They teach students innumerable lessons—practice makes perfect, small differences can have large effects, collaboration leads to creativity. The arts also teach children that there are several paths to take when approaching problems and that all problems can have more than one solution.

      Research has also shown impressive benefits of arts education on entire school culture—especially student motivation, attitudes, and attendance. Numerous reports discuss the ways that increased access and involvement in arts education encourage students to stay in school, succeed in school, succeed in life, and succeed in work. I am overjoyed with your response to this article, thank you for reminding me of the importance of the arts when it comes to educating not only our children but also adults and members of this blog.

      I enjoy KT’s Weekend Music thread. I often try to insert videos that are out of the norm, videos that promote diversity, differences in music, music with a message as well as the classics, country, jazz, etc., and also world music. I am a lover of music, and generally find anyone like yourself, someone who has an ear for music and knows the different dimensions of music as well as you is a very diverse person in his/her thinking, with knowledge of which maybe even that person is or appears to be unaware. You appear to be a complex person, I have truly enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thank you for responding, and thank you for your compliment regarding this article.

      • RSGmusic says:

        HI MA , like your post and agree with it fully.

        I do know you play instruments and a big fan of music.
        I do have a minor in music but I also have a masters of chemistry and a bachelors of engineering.

        That is why i have synthesizers and engineer many instruments that do not exists yet.

        I would have used chemistry but electron clouds are hard to describe. Movement of molecules and elements are a study of many different vibrations. Some are called Stretches in both vertical and horizontal, Bends and Rocks. THE trick is to have theses vibrations exist more often in certain positions in reactions chambers.
        Then there are polar and non polar reactions to magnetism’s.

        Yes different students need different classes to achieve a good education. That is why one model does not work for all types of children.

        Yes i read the music threads and do put up things songs by other artists to consider. I listen much more then i put up songs. I enjoy some of the songs related to the topic and why people feel that way about them.

        MA you are quite unique in many ways.

        Live long and prosper!

        • monicaangela says:


          I was unaware of your engineering degree, or your degree in chemistry. I might have guessed after I listened to your music stream. You also my friend are quite unique, and in more ways than I imagined. Why haven’t you contacted me. Haven’t you received my address from AdLib yet?

          • RSGmusic says:

            HI MA again i went back.

            OK i will look for it soon.

            Long life!!

            • monicaangela says:

              OK RSGmusic, I’ll be waiting. My request is on the help desk, if you click on that square you will see it. I’m sure you will receive it soon. :)

          • RSGmusic says:

            HI MA, i had to go back to answer your last post.

            OK you do not use a MAC that is good.

            I will wait.

            • monicaangela says:

              RSGmusic, I just received a message from Kalima, she will send it to you.

          • RSGmusic says:

            HI MA, I did not receive an e-mail from Adlib or message of some kind yet on this issue.

            I am not sure how it will arrive. I assume it will be an e mail message like when one gets that notifies one that you have a reply to a post. I do look thru every e mail i get.

            I have patients. Perhaps you could remind AdLib to do this.

            I did have to convert the files from the masters so they can be sent to you.

            THe master files are way to big to send by normal means.

            DO you use a MAC computer? If so i will have to convert them to that format.

            • monicaangela says:

              RSGmusic, I do not use a Mac. I will place my request on the help desk. I sent an email to administration the last time. Maybe they didn’t get it. I’ll try again. :)

  3. MurphTheSurf3 says:

    What an interesting exploration of “education” in its global sense. I read it twice….you describe an ecology of learning that is quantitative and qualitative….impressive and impressing.

    Parent, child, teachers, neighbors, friends, family all involved in the process of learning

    Educate, as I suspect you know, comes from the Latin “educere” -- to lead out- Out of what…the common symbol for education was the lamp of learning…thus to lead out of darkness.

    Surely this is our hope for each other…

    I have a number of teachers who were my students who still communicate with me and their tales of woe in regard to their schools, their student and their families is heart rending.

    The growing emphasis on teacher meeting goal objectives as measured by rote testing, of form filling and endless meetings, of accepting abysmally low standards for students from lower middle and lower socio economic strata as the best that can be done coupled with an absence of curiosity about the wider world and far too little engagement with the world of ideas has been a disaster for education as the leading out of darkness into light.

    Indeed, one of my former students, now in her mid 40’s and a very well liked and respected teacher whose high demands are in keeping with her challenge to students that they measure up their own hopes and dreams for themselves told me last week that she feels like school boards are turning off the lights for so many and that the goal is to create a large class of the “unknowing” because they are so easily controlled -- so easily manipulated.

    I sent her a copy of your vision statement. Thanks for it.

    • monicaangela says:

      Thank you Murph,

      I understand the teachers you have discussed in your comment. I have never been one of those teachers. I left two teaching positions before I finally found a school district that was willing to provide better education and was willing to allow the teachers in that district an opportunity to have input into the curriculum taught. I understand that many teachers do not have the opportunity to be able to leave positions that they have secured in order to find that one perfect position that may not exist. I personally had a couple of professions to fall back on, and could always find employment in different fields while continuing to seek the employment I enjoyed, employment in the field of education.

      I know that when I retired things had changed a great deal, when No Child Left Behind was implemented it changed the way even the school I was working for operated. We were no longer able to have the curriculum we wanted, we did have to start teaching more on the rote system rather than taking the time to allow students the opportunity to explore, make mistakes and come to their own conclusions as to ways to reach the goals that were set for them. As an administrator, I found that many of the methods that I would recommend to teachers when they were trying to work with children who were not in a gifted program or AP classes were no longer acceptable. As you say, there were these test, and to keep the school rating, those test had to be mastered by the students. So, the obvious took place. Leadership in the schools began looking more toward school ratings than education for children, boards of education were becoming more involved in teacher discipline, Superintendents were striving for what they thought was the necessary goals in order to gain the approval necessary to be counted as a good leader of the district etc., education in other words became something that was even more corporate than community driven. Teachers, children, and administrators became instruments of the system rather than those who educated and nurtured the children that were soon to become our future doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, judges, etc. Education never was what it should have been IMHO. It was mostly a way to educate the populace so that men and women and in the beginning children could work in corporate factories. It taught them discipline so that they could work a shift without violence toward each other etc. Today, in many schools education is even less pure, less honest, and less valuable than it was in the past. Sad scenario in my personal opinion.

      We IMO need to educate the populace in whatever manner we can. If we do not, we are as guilty of allowing generations of students to be handicapped by less than adequate as our school systems.

  4. SearingTruth says:

    Well spoken gentle friend monicaangela.

    I believe the answer to all of your observations is equality.

    “The answer to Americas problems are simply solved. Provide free and equal education for all.

    From preschool to the highest levels of knowledge.”

    A Future of the Brave

    • monicaangela says:

      Thank you ST for your compliment. I believe you are correct, regarding equality, I also believe that free and not only free, but equal and honest education in the area of history, science, and economics is the key to bringing about that equality where education is concerned.

      Being equal isn’t always the desired outcome for those who have received an education. Being accepted without condition, being allowed the opportunity to excel with competition is what I consider fair. We through education and knowledge settle into our position in life. Some are capable of receiving a higher education, and reaching higher goals than others, so wealth will not be spread evenly.

      We have to eliminate the hoarding of wealth and the rigged playing field through faulty education that allows those with wealth to continue to hoard it and pass it on to their family and others within their circles. Social equality is something we can deliver NOW. There is no need to think of a person as lesser because of his or her gender or sexual orientation, because of the color of his/her skin, or because of his/her ability to learn. We can tackle this problem easily IMHO.

      Equal rights for all enforced through the Federal Government, and without the intervention of States that continue to legislate their prejudices. We are all one people and should IMHO be looked upon as such. Not Irish American, Italian American, German American, African American, Asian American, Latin American, LGBT, etc., one people within the borders of one country doing what we can to make the world inside and outside those borders a better place.

      Again, I have to emphasize, Free and Equal Education sounds great, however we have to make sure the education that is being given freely and equally is education that should be taught in our schools.

      • MurphTheSurf3 says:

        Hi Monica Angela…I am late getting to your fine post on education. There is a new, longish comment for you at the site. I do this because the system does not notify you of comments to posts, only of replies to comments. It was very well done. I have passed it along. MTS3

      • SearingTruth says:

        Well spoken gentle friend monicaangela. I agree completely. The first ideal that must be emphasized and upheld in education is our common humanity.

        “One of the greatest tragedies of our existence is that we are a people united by so many common goals, but divided by so many uncommon beliefs.

        I believe that our goals are more important. We all want to be free. We all want our children to be healthy and happy. Most all of us want peace so long as our own rights are protected.

        These are the ideals that we can all strive for together. These are the threads of humanity that cannot be torn apart.”

        A Future of the Brave

        • monicaangela says:

          I agree 100% with everything you have said here ST. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge.

          • SearingTruth says:

            Gentle friend monicaangela, it’s not me.

            You are the humanity so many seek.

            Never forget.

            “We always count upon humanity, which you represent so well.”

            A Future of the Brave

            • monicaangela says:

              Thank you ST, that is a wonderful comment. I believe it could apply to you very easily, but thank you for feeling that way about me. It means a lot, I truly appreciate your kind thoughts.

    • Nirek says:

      ST, why not do just that and take the money out of the military budget to do it?

  5. Beatlex says:

    Good post Monica.However,to even to begin to do that in a meaningful way,America first has to tackle the problem of inequality.The playing field has to be even. I don’t like to be pessimistic,but I don’t see that happening soon with the country politically split.
    Then their are the demented corporations who really are running things.
    How does America change that?

    • monicaangela says:

      Good Morning Beatlex,

      Thank you for responding to my post, thank you also for the compliment. I would like to try to tackle some of the questions you have presented. First I’ll start with how we begin to tackle the problem of inequality.

      a < b….this is a mathematical equation which means a is less than b or a is strictly less than b. So I say we begin by deciding who or what a is and who or what b is. We then begin to try to understand why and how a became a, what did a do to become greater than b. Once a is uncovered, once we know what the tactics behind the rise of a were/are, we begin to close that gap that makes a and b so uneven. Time/investigation are all we need to begin to insert the equalizer, however; time/investigation/action are what it will take. Let me also add optimism as a part of the tactic needed, if b decides the effort it will take to close the gap between itself and a is too great, if b becomes pessimistic, the game is over, a has won.

      Politics, and our political system including Executive and Judicial as well as legislative branches are the reason why we have this a < b scenario in this country and around the world. Wall Street, or Canary Wharf, or Beijing's Financial Street, or any of the other low life gambling centers called financial districts around the world where the wealthy rig the game are where a big part of the problem exist.

      So what do we do about that, Education is the Key. We educate the populace. There are more of us than there are of them. We insist that our public schools begin to teach financial education from elementary through graduate school. We eliminate this corporate greed onslaught called Charter Schools, and begin to require an excellent education for all of our citizens. We remove the property tax support for schools, and make sure that all schools are funded equally through federal taxes. That's a start. We have to educate our citizens and in doing so we educate the world since we along with our allies have our hands in/on just about every part of the world. That's how America begins to change.

  6. Whoa! I can tell you put a lot of thought into this article Monica. It’s a great subject and you ask some important questions. You’ve covered a pretty broad range considering education, from educating our children, to educating other adults, in general, and educating one another here on the Planet.

    I’ll take the easy aspect first, and that is your question about educating each other, right here on the Planet.

    For me, my experiences here have contributed greatly to furthering my own knowledge. Several members here (including you) are pretty good researchers and have, and still do, provide wonderful links that we can use to learn more about the world we live in and what goes on daily in this world.

    I have learned a good deal about more than just current events and global relations between countries. Learning about the lives of other members adds a great perspective on the trials and tribulations that other people in this world go through. I think the Planet is a great place for a layperson’s understanding of the humanities in general. To me, the Planet has always been a place of learning.

    As for educating our children, I believe there are a few distinct requirements, for them to learn, putting aside for a moment, the matter of our ability to teach them.

    I believe that interest and an honest desire to learn are essential. If the interest isn’t there, it’s likely that the desire will be absent also. There has to be some sort of relationship to their lives and what they are being taught. The basics, of course, the three cornerstones are reading, writing and basic math. Obviously this should be undertaken at a very early age, and it has been for decades and decades. Without such a basic foundation, anything beyond these has little chance of being understood. OK, so much for stating the obvious.

    Parents, assuming they are around and not consumed by serious personal problems of their own, must do everything they can to encourage a child’s desire to learn. I don’t believe parents need to have university degrees to accomplish this. Encouragement is a huge thing in getting a child to take an interest in learning. Parents should also take an active role, by participating with their children, in basic education. Playing number games, reading to them and with them. Spark their interest in different things.

    This sounds all so simple though, doesn’t it? Many children do come from loving, nurturing home environments, but sadly, many do not. Far too many children are born to people who really aren’t capable of providing such a place. Money troubles, marital problems, absentee spouses, alcoholism, hard core drug use….etc. All or any of these things lead to an uphill battle in trying to properly educate our children.

    Then there are the schools themselves, some good, too many not so good. Teaching children test questions and answers, in order to show those that fund the schools that kids are learning is a terrible thing. When taught the questions and answers, they are not being taught much at all. There is no training in problem solving, critical thinking, artistic appreciation….etc. No fun.

    Now, as a far as we adults go, there are many things we have learned that we should unlearn. Selfishness, inflated egos, always thinking we have to be #1 (a very American thought) constant desire for crap we don’t need, jealousy, and on and on.

    Far too many people simply emote, without thinking. I believe there is a pretty solid wall between our emotions and our intellects. People who give in to strong emotions such as anger, fear, hatred, jealousy and the like, stop using their intellects, even though they may be very intelligent people. We have all been guilty of this, probably more times than any of us would care to admit.

    I don’t think it’s ever “too late,” to learn, nor do I believe the old saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” But the willingness to learn is essential. Without the willingness and desire, not much learning will ever take place.

    Whoa! I guess I’ve rambled on quite a while now. I hope I didn’t get too pedantic throughout all this. Thanks for the article Monica. It should provide plenty of food for thought.

    • monicaangela says:

      Thank you so much KT,

      Thanks for responding with such a thoughtful post, there is a lot of material to work with here, so let’s begin. First things first so I’ll take your paragraphs one by one.

      When I said we here at the planet can begin by educating each other or learning from each other, I knew at the time that our activity here, some of us on a daily basis, is a form of education. When I spoke specifically about we as members here educating each other, I meant we should actually go into more detail when dealing with subjects that from time to time cause animosity between us, or disagreements because of our cultural backgrounds, or misunderstandings because we really don’t have a handle on each others experiences. The best way to teach and learn in this area is to be open, to actually instead of saying something like: “you have no idea what I know about x, and I can’t believe you said that to me, someone who.” and the scenario goes on and on from there. Educating that person could look like this. I understand that you have no idea what my background is, and you do not know from what I have written here if I am knowledgeable on this subject or not, so let me give you a tiny bit more information about me that I feel qualifies me to make the comment I did. That’s education.

      I know that from time to time I respond to comments, or make statements here as if everyone is a next door neighbor, family, close, close friend, etc., later when I read those comments I have to smile because I realize we all do this. I believe it is because we feel that just by reading our comments a person should have an understanding as to who we are and what we stand for. I learned a long time ago that two people can read the same comment and come away with an altogether different understanding as to what was said. 😉 So, having said that I would say that if we learned to, with each other here on the Planet, take a few extra moments to make our thoughts more clear, that might have an effect on how we interact in every part of our life, with whoever we come into contact. Much of the problem between men and women, groups with differing opinions, different cultures, etc., is that people in general do not try to gain understanding of the other. We usually have our opinion formed, and the least thing familiar presented by the opposing party causes us to feel our already formed opinion is fact and we rather than waste time move on. I believe we should take that extra few minutes and try to understand as well as be understood.

      Where children are concerned, most learn by example, desire or not, we as human beings are always learning things that are pervasive in our environment whether good or bad. We as adults can lead a life, set an example, that will influence the manner in which children, all children, not just family members benefit. I sometimes speak of my opportunity to volunteer in my community, and sometimes in other states as well. I have learned that no matter what the environment of a child, no matter what the family life presents to that child, an adult that can counteract that existence by just being there to show that the events taking place in that child’s life are not normal and that just because this is the child’s experience for the moment does not mean that is the way that child will have to live his/her life in the future. Set the example, you’d be surprised at how well it works without uttering a word about the subject of abusive parents, family/financial problems etc., kids just need to know there is an alternative, and that a better life awaits them no matter what their present circumstance.

      Schools/Education? Just think of this: From Pittsburgh to Baton Rouge, from Hartford to Cincinnati to Albuquerque, FBI agents have been busting into schools, carting off documents, and making arrests leading to high-profile indictments.

      “The troubled Hartford charter school operator FUSE was dealt another blow Friday when FBI agents served it with subpoenas to a grand jury that is examining the group’s operations. When two Courant reporters arrived at FUSE offices on Asylum Hill on Friday morning, minutes after the FBI’s visit, they saw a woman feeding sheaves of documents into a shredder.” --The Hartford Courant, July 18, 2014

      -- See more at: http://www.progressive.org/news/2014/08/187821/fbi-tracks-charter-schools#sthash.ZNJHDgIN.dpuf

      So we see that corporations interested in profit and not education are taking over federal tax dollars at the expense of our children and what used to be called their education. We can do something about this as a group, and also as individuals, if we are really interested in solving the problem of education in our schools. We also need to restructure the manner in which education is paid for or should I say the uneven manner in which education is paid for. No longer should wealth decide who gets the better education in our public schools. We need to organize as a people and end the property tax method of supporting education in our schools. Equal distribution of tax dollars from the federal tax base should go to public schools throughout the nation.

      I can’t add anymore to your case study on adults. We have to realize that some of that bad education I talked about that is a part of our conscious and subconscious thought needs to be examined. Sometimes by our own will and sometimes because we have been poorly taught regarding how to deal with ego, jealousy, consumerism, and the like we conduct ourselves in a manner less than our humanity should allow us to. We again have to set the example, break from the mold, become the people we would like to see ourselves and others be. It all starts with us, we have to gain a better sense of awareness and begin to unload some of the baggage that we carry around in our daily lives. Easier said than done I know, but I believe it can be done.

      To sum up, you did not ramble, personally I feel your post was far from pedantic, all sections/paragraphs were thoughtful, well thought out, and very helpful if we are really going to tackle this problem of better education for ourselves, our children, and the world in general. Thank you for your well thought out response KT, I really enjoyed reading your comment.

      • Hey Monica! I’m glad you enjoyed my reply. I didn’t want to just fire off a few sentences regarding such a comprehensive topic such as education.

        As far as how I reply to comments that are addressed to me, I very rarely respond in a strong emotional manner, as I did with slm’s recent comment to me about the drug trade in America. I actually felt a little bad about that. I sort of unloaded with both barrels and didn’t think that slm might not know enough about me, before she wrote her comment to me. Again, I very rarely succumb to such an emotional response. It does happen though, as you say, with everybody, from time to time. We are human, after all.

        Speaking of the wall between emotion and intellect, I believe that it takes practice, real practical application of the notion that we need to think before reacting, whether it is with speech or physical actions. In the many, many classes I have had, in the many rehab programs I’ve been through, this has always been stressed. Everybody, not just addicts, but everybody could benefit by practicing such a notion of training one’s self to think for a little while before reacting to someone else’s words or actions.
        Addicts probably need a little more practice than more well adjusted folks, though. 😎

        When I was writing about the education of children, I was thinking of actual schooling. Oh, children do learn from all sorts of different things in their worlds that they come in contact with. They are quite observant and pick up on just about everything they see and hear. Children learn at an incredible rate, much faster than adults do. If we, as adults, could continue learning at the rate we did as young children, we’d all have IQs of 300 or more.

        We certainly must be careful of our actions around children, precisely for the reason you pointed out. In the Tao, it is said that the Master teaches without words, which is a suggestion that we too should do so. We must be good examples of how to behave in a civilized society. Of course, in getting a formal education, words are quite necessary.

        I think we learn terrible lessons from certain things in our society. Consumerism is a biggie. It promotes desire and greed and elitism. It promotes the awful notion that the better “things,” you have, the better people will judge you, or evaluate you. All sorts of nasty little concepts come out of this. Jealousy, hatred, coveting….etc.

        I think racial divisions are the most difficult to overcome. They should not be, but I believe they are. Human beings have a natural instinct to pay particular attention to people and things they know very little about. People are somewhat distrustful of differences. I believe in order to rid ourselves of such primal instincts also requires not only education, learning more about those we don’t understand or trust more fully, requires practice. I think we humans, in general, are a very flawed lot. This probably comes from thousands of years of tribalism. Those alike tend to stay together and shun those who are not alike. The nasty thing about racism is a basic failure to see that we are much MORE alike than we are different. Ignorance is a cancer within our society and the world at large. This, of course, is a big part of the premise for your article.

        Thanks for you wonderful reply, Monica.

        • monicaangela says:

          This is growth, this entire comment shows growth. I enjoyed reading this so much. You, without my naming names knew exactly the incident I was talking about and using as an example. That is how easy it is, if we would just take the time to think back regarding our actions and reactions and be man or woman enough to admit that at that particular time we were not our best person, not the human being we would like to be, but know that we are human, not infallible, not perfect in any way. If we realize this we become more perfect and a better being IMO.

          You’re right about children. I personally feel so bad when I do something I feel is inappropriate when in the presence of a child it brings tears to my eyes. I spend probably more time than I should trying to make the child understand how my attitude or actions were wrong, and ask for forgiveness from that child. That is how important I believe our actions as adults toward or in the presence of children is.

          “I think racial divisions are the most difficult to overcome. They should not be, but I believe they are. Human beings have a natural instinct to pay particular attention to people and things they know very little about.”

          I agree racial divisions should not be the most difficult to overcome. I believe those that have problems with others because they are not similar to themselves are lazy at best. They love living inside the box, can’t understand that they are no different than others even though the system has worked overtime to try to make them believe they are.

          I have known many Caucasians in my lifetime, they are the most difficult because they were born with privilege. As you say, all human beings appear to have remnants of past lives still acting out in their psyche. There is not only a problem with race where Black and White human beings are concerned, there is a problem with difference between most races, and within the races themselves. This is why I know the problem could be easily solved. What is needed. Removal of the systemic illness that is incorporated in governments around the world. More than tribalism we are dealing with structural racism that has been taught to the populations by those in power. Take this for example:

          or this:

          or this:

          As I write this comment to reply to your comment, I don’t feel any different than I believe you are, I don’t feel as though I am writing to someone who would appear alien to me if I were to engage you in conversation in person, and yes, I believe as you do. We have more in common than we do in differences. We are human first. If we learn to deal with our humanity, all the rest of that insane baggage will disappear, we would begin to see each other as equals, this is my belief.

  7. Kalima says:

    A few months after launching The Planet we were taking about the importance of education, and I remember saying that if every child had access to a good education, and a computer to grow their knowledge of the world and it’s people around them, there would be a greater understanding of our differences and similarities that could lead to less conflict and eventually even peace among nations. There is no such thing as a bad country, there are only bad leaders. We need to understand the difference, and that the majority of people around the world, are good people. It’s ignorance and the fear that ignorance brings that leads to unnecessary aggression and wars. The more we know about the world and the people who populate it, the less likely we are to want to harm them or kill them.

    Children are our future, we need to give them every opportunity to learn, and in turn do what is right and just.

    The greedy will always be there to steal from us, but there are more of us than there are of them.

    Together we stand. Divided we fall.

    Happy Labour Day weekend, monicaangela, and thank you for your post.

    • monicaangela says:

      Wonderful comment Kalima, you are spot on. Our world through what some are calling a New World Order is nothing more than something old being dressed up in new clothes and called new. The world is falling more and more into what we once knew as The Middle Ages.

      The period of history from the 5th to the 15th century was known as the Middle Ages. During this time, the law of the land in Europe was known as the “feudal system.” This was the manner in which the upper 10% (the nobility) controlled the lower 90% (the serfs or peasants).

      There were a few kings who were very wealthy and powerful, who owned all of the land. To maintain control of this land, it was broken into fiefdoms and pieces were given to friends of the kings (barons). The barons then allotted land to their friends and allies in order to govern efficiently. It was in this manner that the “nobility” was created, and the land passed down through these select few families by manner of inheritances.

      The reward of being delegated this control came at a price. To maintain the control of the fiefdoms, manors and estates, the nobility had to pledge fealty to the kings and pay them taxes and homage.

      -- See more at: http://www.theorganicprepper.ca/serfdom-and-the-feudal-system-whats-old-is-new-again-01012013#sthash.8WCszZ75.dpuf

      Children are our future, and we need to provide them with a foundation that will help them provide an even better future for their children. Education is the Key to a better future for all concerned.

      The Greedy may always be there to steal from us, but if we stick together, they will be caught, prosecuted and punished, this will lead to less and less stealing and maybe even cut down on some of the greed. We will never be able to do this as long as the greedy are sanctioned by governments around the world. The wealthy control jobs, so governments bend over backwards to allow them free will in their actions. Just look at the latest financial collapse..all greed, felt around the world, and how were they punished….with a bailout. As I said before, we are returning to the Middle Ages, a time that has gone before. Those of us who know our history know how to counteract this. We need to educate the populace, call it what it is and let the majority decide if this is what they want for themselves and their children. My money is on a resounding NO from all concerned.

      Hope you are having a relaxing and joyful Labor Day!!

      • Kalima says:

        Hello monicaangela.

        Yes I know about the Middle Ages and the Feudal System, but in today’s world there is one great difference, the people are much more educated and can actually protest to change things. They can also vote out the puppet politicians, and that is what they need to do in droves in any elections, especially the local ones.

        We don’t celebrate Labour Day here, so it was just another Mumbly Monday for me. Hope you did manage to do something relaxing though.

        See you soon. Take care.

        • monicaangela says:

          Thank you for your comment Kalima,

          I have to say that voting politicians out of office has been made nearly impossible by the very politicians we are trying to remove. Gerrymandering has in many cases left candidates running unopposed in their districts almost guaranteeing a win. This is one method being used by both parties to circumvent the will of the people. This helps to keep those who are in power in their elected seats. This is happening locally as well as nation wide.

          There are many ways the wealthy are circumventing the will of the people…just look at people like the Koch brothers who have formed a group called ALEC that is not only usurping the will of the people, but actually writing the laws that are being passed by the legislators that are supposed to be working for the people, but are it seems working for the highest bidder/donor and K street.

          Protest…yes, we can do that, but look at the response peaceful protest receives…remember Occupy Wall street? Just look at what happened in Ferguson, MO when people tried to peacefully protest. Those methods are being actively subdued by those in power. The new trend is to put people in pens sometimes far from the actual incident they are protesting.

          I have to disagree, we are becoming through manipulations like Citizens United and others more a system that resembles Feudalism than a Federal Democratic Republic.

          • Kalima says:

            I don’t know monicaangela, but that sounds a little bit defeatist, and with that attitude, people just might as well not bother to even vote.

            In some states the Gerrymandering is being reversed, and if not there is the next precinct and the one after that where people need to vote or be registered to vote.

            I suppose it’s the way people look at present situations to see the glass as half empty or half full. I’ve always been a half full kind of person who won’t let pessimism control me, so I always have hope, even when something seems almost impossible.

            All this media frenzy about the Republicans taking the Senate has always been just that to me. Media frenzy.

            This article from Eugene Robinson was interesting.

            “The wave has failed to materialize”


            Yes, people like the Kochs and their poodle ALEC try to buy elections, but people forget that for all the money they threw into the 2012 GE, President Obama was elected for the second time, so fighting these greedy buggers is not impossible if enough people share a dream and vote.

            We can never stop the fight against those who profit from our suffering and mean to harm us. Democracy is not bought, it is earned by the people, for the people. They work for us, we pay their wages. Many need to be reminded of that and the Democrats need to make an effort to get their message out there, and hopefully, in unison.

            • Kalima says:

              That’s my point, monicaangela, if so many people rallied to vote for the President, whether it was because they believed in him or the alternatives would have been devastating, they can come out in force again because the GOPTP hasn’t changed one iota, their agenda to serve the rich and cripple the poor and the Middle Class is the same. Their inaction on a Jobs bill, immigration reform and obstruction against a minimum wage increase, stays the same. Their obsession in taking away a woman’s right to choose, and their hate of healthcare for millions remains the same. They still want to take benefits from the very needy, so unless voters have been walking around covering their ears and eyes, they should know that by now.

              The Dems need to get a strong and united message out there, and they need to do it soon. No point to just whisper in corners, they need to shout it out where everyone can hear them about what it would mean, what they stand to lose, if they vote for Republican candidates, and make sure that even those in the very back of the room can hear them.

              Maybe constant letters and phone calls to Dem Reps and Senators is in order to wake up the ones who seem to be sleepwalking their way to what could cost the country much more than money in the next decade.

            • monicaangela says:

              Wonderful article by Eugene Robinson, it does impart a bit of hope for the upcoming 2014 elections. Don’t get me wrong, I have not given in, and am not pessimistic about what is happening in this nation, just honest about what I see.

              I know the fight will be difficult, and is not impossible to win if we, the citizens of this nation unite. Therein lies the problem, I personally haven’t seen the populace in this nation make a concentrated effort to change the things that need to be changed.

              Yes, we voted for President Obama believing he would be able to help us move the country forward. He has to an extent, but everyone can see that he is challenged at every turn, stopped dead in his tracks when he attempts to do something to help the people of this nation, caused to water down his policies as in the case of the Affordable Care Act through “compromise” and it appears he is given the green light when it comes to things that will help the wealthy and corporations.

              We voted President Obama back into office because we knew what the alternative would have been. Let’s face it, in the first election it was either Obama and Biden or McCain and Palin…not even a choice there. In the next election, it was President Obama and Vice President Biden or Mitt Romney a vulture/venture capitalist and Paul Ryan an Ayn Rand worshiper who definitely does not need to be even in the Senate much less in the Executive office. So, those choices help us to decide our last election. I’m hoping we will begin working on the problems the wealthy and the Supreme Court are causing in this country and around the world. I want us to start to chastise them for what they are doing, yes even jail them when they are found guilty rather than fine them.

              I believe we should find candidates that we have a hard time choosing between because both would if elected be good for the nation rather than holding our nose and choosing for the candidates that will do the least damage. I’d even like to see more than two viable parties. I’m not pessimistic, I’m optimistic, but I do know what I see, and I also know that if the similarities between what is happening here and around the world between democracy and feudalism isn’t pointed out and dealt with, we just might wind up with the latter.

  8. Nirek says:

    Monica, sorry I was rushed when I responded before. Had to cut my answer short.
    We need to make greed a bad thing again. Remember that GREED is one of the deadly sins. Corporations, many of them anyway, seem to think that greed is a good thing. They’re wrong of course. The point is we need to educate Americans about the evils of greed. Corporate greed especially.

    So I agree that education is key in making the changes to the country. Change the attitude of people, change the economy so that nobody is left in the poor house. Math and science are very valuable for people to know and understand.

    Monica, thanks for the article. You are correct.

    • monicaangela says:

      I agree 100% Nirek. Greed is a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed. Corporations many of them are rife with leaders that are greedy, their greed is insatiable. I truly believe that many of these leaders have no idea that their obsession with more, more, more, and never enough isn’t normal. I also believe that many of those who hire these corporate leaders facilitate this state for them so that nobody actually takes a look behind the curtain, so to speak. We as citizens need to begin to demand a living wage for anyone who works. I’m not talking about just the ability to be able to pay your bills, feed and clothe yourself. I am talking about having extra funds at the end of the day to allow a person to have peace of mind throughout his/her life. The inadequate manner in which CEO’s are paid as opposed to the workers in a corporation should be challenge at the level of consumption. If we do not agree with this, we should boycott. Corporation with unequal pay scales, exorbitant salaries for CEO’s and executives while paying workers meager wages should be those corporations we refuse to do business. We, the populace can change all of this, we just need to unite, organize, and put the pressure where necessary.

  9. Nirek says:

    Absolutely Monica, let us here at the Planet start the re-education of people. Science is the key. Facts are the basis for science. I’m all for science.

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