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pinkpantheroz On July - 13 - 2014


This is a look at how yours truly sees life both in Australia and our view of the World. It will not be a definitive article, merely observations and news which I feel will improve people’s understanding of what’s happening in Australia politically and how life is lived.

Firstly, a little bio about me. Born and raised in Ireland in an amazing family, I moved to Australia in the middle of the oil crisis in 1974 at age 28. I had a career in IT Change Management which ended when outsourced. However, I’ve had an enjoyable, for the most part, life here with interests in Sailing, Flying and, of course, my darling wife.

Now, about Australia. the first thing to know is that It IS HUGE! You can fit half of the United States into just one State, Western Australia! Yet there are only 23 million people in the entire country, 90% of whom live along the coasts. There are many myths about Australia and the people who populate it. Yes, we have the nastiest snakes, spiders, sharks, jellyfish and even birds who will kill you stone dead in seconds, but you normally don’t find them in the suburbs of our main cities, where most of us live. Yes, there are the Crocodile Dundees out there – somewhere – but you won’t find them in your local bar. The greatest Aussie myth is the concept of ‘mateship’ where your neighbour will drop everything and come to your assistance in a crisis. This may be true in the Outback, but I’ve lived on this street for 9 years and have yet to meet more than a couple of my neighbors.

Enough of that for now. I’m going to try and follow the excellent example of Kalima and pop in some articles which I hope will educate, entertain and amuse. Feel free to comment and I’ll try and get answers to any questions.

Some Facts to compare with life in the USA:

Gas Prices: $AU 1.50 /Ltr = $US 5.83/US GAL!
Milk: $AU 2.00 /Ltr = $US 7.28/US Gal.
House Prices: Astronomical! Sydney and Melbourne are in the Top 10 most expensive places in the world to buy real estate. My 3 bedroom townhouse, 1800 sq feet in a good suburb close (5 miles) to the city Centre is valued at almost a million Dollars! I didn’t pay that 9 years ago!
Food. Very expensive compared to the USA. A porterhouse steak is about $28AUD/Kilo = $US 26.30/kilo = $US 8.00/lb.
Vegetables: don’t even ask!
Eating out for two: Dinner with a bottle of domestic wine for two will set you back at least $AUD160.

Well, here are a few news items which may be of interest:

Bias Alert! this News.com.au is a Fox site!

A little more on the thorn in the side of the GOP-equivalent Government:

It’s not only the US which has to keep the financial wolves to bay:

The Coalition, by the way ,, is the Liberal/National Party Coalition. amusingly, the Liberal Party is actually the Conservatives, like the GOP. Labor Party is like the Democrats.

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  1. pinkpantheroz says:

    WOW! I never thought I’d get such a response to my first ever blog! Please forgive me if I take a little time to respond to your questions. I’m by no means an expert as such on Australia, but I’ll reply using my own thoughts and some research. So please bear with me.

  2. Miles Long says:

    Still sounds very much like somewhere I’d like to visit…

    Miles “Home Away From Home” Long

    • pinkpantheroz says:

      Miles ‘Come on right Down!’ Long,

      Tourism is a huge chunk of our economy, and the value for Americans is excellent, dollar wise. Of course, the long flights do put a crimp on peoples’ thoughts about coming, but just think, you can be on a beach hugging koalas, drinking Bundaberg Rum and eating some of the finest SAFE food in the world in lesss than a day.

      • Miles Long says:

        If I can get this Sheriff’s ankle bracelet off and be permitted more that 50 feet from the house, I’ll definitely put Australia on my list!

        As a former, avid diver, seeing the Barrier Reef is also something that’s always been on the to-do list…

        Miles “Rand-McNally” Long

  3. monicaangela says:

    Tell me about the indigenous people of Australia, you didn’t even mention them. Are the Aboriginal people of no concern to you? I hear they, some of them are very wise and excel as guides into the outback. I also hear they are having just as difficult a time as the Aboriginal people of this nation, the United States of America. Is that true? Do any aboriginal people live in your neighborhood?

    • pinkpantheroz says:

      On the contrary, Moonicaangela. The treatment of the Aboriginal peoples here has mirrored the plight of the American Native population. Dispossessed, ethnic cleansed, moved to where there were no natural resources to plunder. They live still in camps and reserves which no refugee from Afghanistan would tolerate.
      that said, landmark legislation has restored land rights to tribes who could show they had been there for generations. They are now being compensated for the natural resources on their lands. Their culture and history is now being recognised and valued. There is, of course a long way to go in the realms of education, health and lifestyles, but at least it’s a beginning. The Athlete Ian Thorpe and many more have foundations who are trying to help children with learning essentials like books and the like. One major problem is that the Aboriginals, like the US native Americans, have little or no tolerance for alcohol, so abuse is widespread. But they are starting to police themselves, find success in business and sport and are spreading more Aboriginal culture around the world. Yes, it’s still shameful, but it is getting better. Hope this helps.

      EDIT: spelling!

      • pinkpantheroz says:

        Oh, by the way, Monicaangela, do you know where Australia is building a Nuclear Waste dump? You got it, on Aboriginal Land! They are paying the local tribes millions, but there is protest anyway. they say it is nowhere near any water tables or such. We, of course, believe them, don’t we?

        • monicaangela says:

          Thank you for responding ppo, thank you for being honest. As you probably already know from some of my postings I am generally interested in how nations treat the aboriginal people. Every nation that has been stolen/dominated by Europeans tend to have the same history where the aboriginals are concerned. It appears there must be a playbook somewhere. :)

          I personally have visited Australia in the past. I enjoyed the beauty of Sydney, I did not stray from there because of what I had heard about those treacherous creatures you spoke of. I had a wonderful time until I met an aboriginal woman. I will never forget her. She has passed, but we did remain friends and in communication for quite a few years after my trip to Australia. This woman was one of the kindest people I have met. She showed me around Sydney, not the Opera House and other famous attractions, but outside the city where the aboriginal people live. I noticed all the similarities you see when you visit the aboriginal reservations in the U.S. It was heartbreaking. I haven’t vacationed in Australia since.

          I am happy to hear that government policies appear to be changing for the better when it comes to the original people of Australia. It sounds as though those changes are superficial at best, when I read that a Nuclear Waste dump is being built on Aboriginal Land. The same thing has happened and is happening here in the U.S. As I said, sounds like the Europeans have a playbook they are following when it comes to anyone who isn’t European.

          Here is an article you might like to read regarding the Nuclear Waste Sites on Aboriginal land in this nation and Canada.


  4. Kalima says:

    Good Morning, ppo. I’ll be back to comment as soon as I can, things are a bit hectic in Old Edo for the past week.

    Thanks for doing the post, and for the kind props.

    See you soonish I hope. :)

  5. GreenChica says:

    Pink — You forgot to mention the excellent TV program (one of my favorites) the Miss Fisher Mystery series, about a liberated lady detective in 1920s Melbourne. I absolutely love this show and was thrilled to read that it was recently renewed for a third season. I own the first two seasons.

    • pinkpantheroz says:

      Thanks, green. Haven’t seen it myself. I must check it out. Australia does costume drama quite well, as well as the soaps. I don’t watch much TV in that category, but I hear most of the world is watching ‘Home and Away’ and such. One you may not have seen yet is another early-20th Century drama, ‘A Place to Call Home’.

  6. kevinbr38 says:

    Australia is definitely on my bucket list…
    Would love to dine with Matt Preston.
    Here’s my favorite Australian….:)

    • AdLib says:

      Hey kevinbr38, from reading the link you left (you can edit your comment to add the graphic to it as Kalima describes below), I think this was who you were wanting to pose a picture of?


    • Kalima says:

      Hello kevinbr38 and welcome to The Planet.

      To get an image to show, you will first have to download it from your Desktop to our Media Library found in your Dashboard, to get a PlanetPOV URL. Copy the URL and paste it into the drop down box you will find when you click on ADD IMAGE under your comment box. Your image will then show up in your comment when you Submit.

      Hope this helps.

  7. SueInCa says:


    Sounds somewhat similar to Canada, your political parties. Sounds similar to the world, one more group of people trying to “scam” the poor or middle class and cater to the polluters. Stephen Harper has presided over a huge increase in carbon polluters since he has been PM of Canada. Not sure about Cameron but the other political issues are definitely going right wing extreme. Hard not to acknowledge it is a world wide effort, isn’t it?

    • pinkpantheroz says:

      You’re so spot on, SueinCa, The RW nutjob 1%ers are taking over the world, and not for anyone’s benefit but their own. Our Mad Monk PM, Abbott, Cameron and the GOP nongs in the US are all using the same crummy playbook.

  8. Nirek says:

    PPO, how can people afford to live there with prices like that? I kinda knew you were Irish as we like the same Irish music. I’m of Irish descent.
    I have a nephew who is a constable there in Australia.

    It is interesting that you also have a right wing political party there. Labor party is always the people who do the work. Those who work hard and pay their taxes. Then you always have the other party, you know the haves.

    • Mopshell says:

      The obvious conclusion anyone would come to is that only the wealthy can afford to live a decent life in Australia.

    • pinkpantheroz says:

      Dia Dhuit, Nirek! Yes, the Australian Labor Party is the main Opposition, and when they have been in power, they have made sure the Minimum Wage (currently $AU19.80 on average, depending on your trade or industry) maintains parity with the indexed Cost of Living. Of course, the’Liberal’ Party of GOPers want to kill the unions and introduce individual contracts for all employees ( at a lesser rate, of course!) Bastards! Yes, the COL is high, and Povery levels are starting to nudge the $50,000 pa Mark!

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