FOLLOWUP: THANKS TO A LOT OF GOOD ADVICE…..A couple of phone calls made the day after this conversation….connecting to two organizations.

I stopped over to the young man’s house with the info I had gathered. He and his Dad made the calls they needed to.

A vet came over to see him that evening. The two vet, both from the Iraq theater,  sat on the back porch drinking ice tea and eating his mom’s cookies.  His dad called me later that night and said it was the first time in many months that his son did not seem to be alone. He had found a kindred soul.

The vet is a trained adviser and hooked the young man up with a pro bono PTSD counselor and a support group. He went to his first meeting last night.  The organization is also helping him make a better connection with the VA.

Good news I think.

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