I remember the surprise. For years I had been protesting the crimes of the Bush Administration, and suddenly they had admitted to almost everything.

But almost no one cared.

It was 2005, rumors of every denomination ran rampant, fear had quickly overcome democracy, and many patriots had been declared traitors.

Our country was still entrenched in a war with invisible enemies, with that frightening and unprecedented twist, a plan for the evisceration of our Constitution, and humanity.

And then it happened. On December 19, 2005, when illegal wiretapping by the government was revealed, George W. Bush proclaimed that his administration was not subject to oversight by the Judicial or Legislative branches of our once Constitutional government, and the forenamed branches acquiesced without objection.

Over the coming days and months truth crept forward and it soon became apparent that we had become a nation guilty of torture, murder, preemptive war of conquest, and the wholesale surveillance of our population, suppressing all hope of privacy and free dissent.

It was tragic, we had disgraced our nation through the abandonment of even our most basic precepts of morality.

And that is when I finally rose to speak. I created a website with a Freedom Clock, counting backwards since December 19, 2005 so we would always know, too the minute, how long we had been lost. And I wrote “A Future of the Brave” a plan to guide humanity in another direction, a direction of hope.

But suddenly something happened to freeze me in my tracks.

A hero came forward.

He promised to restore our Constitution, and end our inhumanity. After his election I felt so relieved that I archived my website and braced for the best.

But the best was not to come. Instead our last great hope began doing the same as our last great tyrant.

And sadly “A Future of the Brave” became just as relevant today as it was when originally written.

So I present it here in its entirety, as originally posted in 2005, for the contemplation of generations to come. Saved or lost. Sadly, the parties may or may not have changed, or consolidated.

Note: For those who don’t wish to read “A Future of the Brave” in-line you can view it at, with contents and navigation tools.


A Future of the Brave


A Glimpse of Dawn

Good evening my fellow Americans.

I stand before you today in the midst of our most dark night.

A night which shrouds all we have known and sacrificed in a darkness so pervasive that some say our battle for liberty, never yet joined, has already been lost.

To those good Americans whose lives have been scarred by injustice, whose conscience has been stunned by betrayal, and whose souls bear the wounds of unspeakable inhumanity, I say take hope.

Great hope.

For I stand before you today not to lament the loss of our freedom, not to decry the disgrace of our nation, and not to surrender to the forces that would lay all we have loved desolate and barren.

No. I stand today instead to revel in, and plan for, our great nation’s revival. A revival that will not only restore our traditional freedoms and liberties, but also allow us to embark on the long journey towards regaining the trust, respect, and admiration of our global neighbors.

A revival that will once again display to the world that Americans are one of the most just, humane, and visionary people ever to grace this good Earth.

And a revival that will ultimately offer to our world the greatest hope it has ever known.


The Enemy Within

My friends, the first step on our road to revival is to recognize and defeat the enemy which immediately confronts us.

It is indeed true that America has never before faced such an insidious enemy. An enemy that, as many classic tales of good and evil forewarn, came not from without but from within. An enemy that, like many tyrannies before, simultaneously wields the weapons of both force and intellectual perversion.

For I ask you, who would say that freedom is not free, with the price being freedom itself? Who would submit accusation in permanence of guilt? Who would mute the cry of innocence by cruel withdrawal of voice? And who would declare the rule of law omnipotent executive will?

I will tell you my friends. They are the same who perceive the foundations of tyranny within the Constitution, and declare the basic precepts of free society our greatest weakness.

They are the same who openly proclaim the virtues of torture, secret prisons, extra judicial abduction, universal surveillance, and dictatorial government.

Yes my friends, they are the same who have declared in both word and action that we must destroy America in order to save it.

My fellow citizens, twice we have fallen. Towers by enemies without, and freedom by enemies within.

It is a disheartening truth that terrorists didn’t steal our dignity, liberty, and freedom, Republicans did.

Few knew that when the Republican Party declared a war on culture many decades ago, they meant a war on the culture of American liberty itself.

For it is not by accident that we find ourselves left today with only one heinously corrupt branch of government; an executive branch which openly and proudly violates every principal, and fulfills every fear, of our revered founding fathers. And it is not by chance that the Republican Party facetiously exclaims that it has simply always been this way, and we just never noticed.

And of course, our new dictatorship has nothing to do with “terrorism”.

For 225 years America had fought many external enemies, far more powerful than those we fight today, without abandoning our Constitutional form of government.

In fact, wielding the moral right and might embodied within our Constitution had always naturally defeated any enemy espousing philosophies of tyranny and oppression.

No. Our current dictatorship is the culmination of many decades of insidious planning which has left the highest levels of our government infested with judicial, legislative, and executive officials who believe not in freedom and justice, but instead, tyranny and oppression. Some even boldly blazing paper trails espousing their unconstitutional beliefs and future hopes for circumventing our beloved Constitution.

My friends, this administrations illegal and covert activities began the moment power was assumed, and one thing is very clear. Instead of working to make America safer after an attack on our nation, as all other American Presidents throughout history have done, George Bush and his accomplices simply used the event as a convenient excuse to accelerate their own attack on American liberty and freedom.

In fact, the terrorists must be ecstatic. To them it looks like they simply attacked once and the American Constitution self destructed.

And they probably haven’t attacked again because they see no need to; the Republicans appear to have finished their work.

Of course, by now some may be wondering about the Democratic Party. Why haven’t I mentioned them?

Well, it’s simply because they made themselves irrelevant by never, ever, even once in the last six years, standing as a party to protect our Constitutional form of government.

On the contrary, they went along with every treasonous step, every single step of the way.

They have committed that most pathetic of crimes, apathetic accomplice.

There is simply nothing else to say about them.



My friends, sometimes the most difficult thing about fighting evil is realizing that it actually exists, and then unambiguously and forcefully calling it what it is.

History shows time and time again that one of evils greatest strengths is its ability to disguise itself as good, or at least a temporary necessity, until that last fatal moment when its revelation becomes clear, indisputable, and inescapable.

So today let us take a clear and unadulterated look into the mirror at ourselves.

Just six years ago we were one of the most respected and admired defenders of democracy and human rights in history. Respected not only by our friends, but even begrudgingly by most of our enemies. In fact, even the fantastic power of our military paled in comparison to the overwhelming might of our moral authority.

Today we are a nation that operates secret prisons occupied by anonymous inmates, illegally abducted and held indefinitely without charge or representation. We are guilty of torture. We are guilty of murder. We are guilty of preemptive war of conquest. We are guilty of the wholesale surveillance of our population, suppressing all hope of privacy and free dissent. And we are guilty of disgracing our nation through the abandonment of even our most basic precepts of morality.

If this is not evil, then nothing we have ever fought against is evil, and nothing we have ever fought for is good.


Truth’s Victory

But today I can reveal to you a simple and powerful truth.

A tyrant’s only ally is fear.

Just as in a fairy tale where the villain cannot exist unless you believe in it, tyranny cannot exist unless you fear it.

Whether fear of personal oppression or phantom enemies presented by the state, terror must be maintained or the cohesion of authoritarian control always disintegrates.

And so today I say to you that the way to victory is easy.

Just stand up and fight.

Unlike our founding fathers, we are not asked to forge towards the defeat of some implacable enemy through fields and valleys awash with filth and blood. We are not asked to leave our homes, our land, and our families on an almost certainly fatal journey with little hope of return. And we are not asked to die the brutal and agonizing death of so many anonymous patriots, whose last anguished cry was freedom, alone on some cold and desolate battlefield.

No my friends, all we are asked to do is stand up and fight with our voices and our unaltered votes.

My fellow citizens, the truth is that the Constitution fails to defend itself, enduring only in the brave hearts of those who would uphold it.

So today I ask every American within the sound of my voice, or reach of my words, to once again stand as one people, with one voice, with one conscience, and one purpose, and demand the immediate and unconditional restoration of our government of the people, by the people, for the people, and visible to the people.

Today I ask every American registered with the Republican or Democratic parties to immediately abandon those failed institutions and register as a non-partisan voter. Today I ask that from this day forward, we, as a united people, vote only for those candidates who pledge to immediately restore our Constitutional Republic.

These are the keys to the kingdom my friends, which we have always held. It just seems that, for awhile, we had forgotten how to turn them.

Yes, it’s time to empty our secret prisons. Let us free the innocent, and justly convict the guilty.

And let history record that in that darkest hour, when loss predeemed history, providence again praised freedom. Providence, and the righteous will and might of the American people.


Common Goals, Uncommon Beliefs

You know, I have great faith in the valiant and brave American people, and have no doubt that we will prevail in our fight against the current Republican dictatorship.

And yet, is one more victory over an immediate evil enough?

Shall we forever grasp only for the sustenance needed today, eternally trusting in a future harvest that we know must one day fail?

Can we not at least begin to attempt to break the cycles of rampant evil and suffering that have thus far been humanity’s inheritance?

I’m not speaking of utopia, just something at least a little better than today.

It is indeed true that history is replete with examples of its own iteration, and many claim that it can never be different. But is this really true?

Couldn’t it be that we, as a species, have missed something? Something very simple, something very fundamental? Something that perhaps may even have been discovered from time to time, only to be lost again in the churning turmoil of our species thus far aimless path?

I believe so. I believe we have simply forgotten how very much we have in common. And in turn, how dependent we are upon each other for our species ultimate survival.

In fact, one of the greatest tragedies of our existence is that we are a people united by so many common goals, but divided by so many uncommon beliefs.

I believe that our goals are more important. We all want to be free. We all want our children to be healthy and happy. Most all of us want peace so long as our own rights are protected.

These are the ideals that we can all strive for together. These are the threads of humanity that cannot be torn apart.


Tick, Tick

Fellow citizens, the truth is that our present can only be as stable as our future.

For too long we have hobbled from decade to decade, generation to generation, and millennium to millennium, myopically adhering to superfluous battles that can never be won. Never once as a species forwarding or embracing an all encompassing path towards a certainly better future.

Our excuses have been many, our reasoning mostly incoherent, and our lack of vision as a species, certainly fatal.

For in the meantime, as each tick of the ages has passed, the critical threats posed and ignored by our species discordance have increased exponentially.

Pandemic famine and disease, massively destructive weapons, fatal atmospheric and climate change, super volcanic eruptions, catastrophic space body impacts, Orwellian societies of unparalleled oppression, and many other global catastrophes too numerous to list here, waiting to befall us at any moment.

In fact, one of the most immediate and ominous threats facing America and much of the world today is the utilization of advanced technologies for the implementation of authoritarian control over societies.

My friends, the truth is that if we do not fight for and secure freedom today, the time will very soon come when it will be almost impossible to do so.

In retrospect, when one soberly considers the critical challenges that we must face together to survive as a species, our differences, at times, can become almost imperceptible.


Critical Focus

Fortunately, there is a curious and wonderful fact about humanity.

Whenever we come together to focus on and solve some seemingly insurmountable problem, we are successful.

From initially learning to navigate vast oceans, to understanding and curing disease, to placing humans on the moon and exploring the solar system beyond, our species record of technical achievement is truly stunning.

In fact, history clearly records that our progress as a species is not impeded by our inability to solve critical problems; it is instead impeded by our inability to recognize and focus on them.

We have survived thus far not by elegant planning, but simply because of our once isolated population groups, the relatively low level of past technologies, and sheer dumb luck.

However, time has turned, and we cannot go back. Populations have become almost completely integrated, our technology has progressed to fantastic and globally lethal levels, and sooner or later our sheer dumb luck will run out.

Without direction, without a plan, without common goals and purpose, our species, and our world, will fail.

All our history, all our dreams, all our knowledge, our anguish, our joy, our victories, our defeats, all of our passion, everything that was human, gone forever. As if it had never existed in time at all.

Could anyone, no matter what their nationality or beliefs, want their children or grandchildren to live their last anguished moments of life in this failed world? A world now beset by an inescapable catastrophe that could easily have been avoided if their ancestors had exercised just a little foresight and vision?

I think not.


A Grand Challenge

My friends, the simple truth is that we are wasting our precious time, resources, intellect, and passion. As a species we are just as aimless today as when our primitive ancestors first ventured out upon this earth.

Today I am proposing that for the first time in human history, we change that.


More than any time in history, humanity needs a grand challenge. Not only to avert its extinction, but also to indelibly etch the common bond of mutual reliance and cooperation on current and future generations.

Fortunately, all of the forces that now seem to conspire against us can quickly be turned to our advantage.

For the first time in human history we actually possess technologies so advanced that any physical problem can potentially be solved.

And yet, I wonder, do we possess the will and wisdom to utilize them for our salvation instead of our destruction?

I propose that we find out.

So today I offer you a radical and stark choice between two future realities.

An aimless future of continued war and conflict, with all its accompanying suffering and death; or a limitless future dedicated to defeating suffering and death itself, with all its accompanying technological advancement and social evolution.

Yes indeed, I have a new plan, for all of you. A plan of hope. A plan of adventure. A plan of such extraordinary magnitude as to take the breath, and challenge the senses, of all who would consider it. A plan to bind our common people in hope, and finally free our conscience for noble purpose.

I propose that in the next three decades we at last end the scourge of human disease upon this earth, and begin the inevitable adventure of humanity’s migration beyond it.

We shall at last unlock the fundamental secrets of our biology so we may conquer any illness or defect at will, and we shall free ourselves from the bonds of our native home so we may evade global calamities, and begin the expansion of our species beyond this world.

No longer shall our survival be dependent upon the random and dispassionate forces of nature. No longer shall we quiver in anguish as we helplessly watch those we love suffer and die in agony from an endless list of human disease and dysfunction. No longer shall our globe be divided in constant turmoil and conflict while the hammer of fate hangs precariously balanced over all we know and love.

We shall at last take control of our future, our fate, and ourselves.

No other endeavor ever attempted by humankind will require more genius, dedication, compassion, and sacrifice.

And no other endeavor ever attempted by humankind will be more vital to the continued existence of our species.

I understand that for many this may initially seem like pure science fiction. This is to be expected since the scales of the threats we face reside within the scope of what we have always considered to be science fiction. However, in reality, all of these goals are well within our technological reach. They are the quickest, and I believe only, way for our species to battle both the physical and societal threats that will continue to confront us.



And yes, I know, there are so many, many more questions to answer.

“Will we abandon those in immediate need while pursuing such monumental projects? Will we forsake strong national defense in puerile pursuit of harmony? What about those who reject technology and its advances, will they be forced to participate in procedures or activities against their will? Who will organize and lead such a fantastic program? Who will participate? Who will pay?” And on and on and on.

Obviously, I cannot answer all of your questions this evening. There is simply not enough time. However, I can assure you that no one will be abandoned, strong defense will be maintained, and of course no one will be forced to do anything.

A revived America will initially organize and lead the program, and any country that supports basic human rights may participate.

Participating countries will contribute according to ability; this could be cash, natural resources, technology, labor, or any combination of these. A tremendous amount of money and resources will also be realized from the consolidation of redundant research, manufacturing, and social aid programs and facilities. Eventually participating countries will earn equal organizational authority and a multinational group will become the programs permanent leadership.

As for the plethora of other questions remaining, it is enough for this evening that you have discovered them, and yearn for their answers. For in doing so, you have already begun actively participating in our bold new future.

Remember my friends, in the end we simply have two choices – assured extinction, or one hell of a fantastic plan to avoid it.

And no matter what our decision, if we do not gain control and direct the focus of today’s technology, then we shall certainly never tame the ultra advanced technology of our very near future. We shall instead become its forewarned and willing victims.

My friends, I vote for a fantastic plan.



Tonight we have taken an incredible journey.

A journey from the depths of our darkest night to the heights of our greatest triumph.

A journey towards A Future of the Brave.

While this evening’s adventure was merely spoken, now we must ready. For tomorrow, the real adventure begins. There is nothing I have said that need wait, so we will not.

And while I will not lead you, I will guide you. And you in turn will guide me.

In this way, none will become misled, and none will become lost.

My friends, tomorrow, we rise.



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Its uplifting to read the thoughts of an optimist.

I call myself a realist, other sometimes refer to me as a pessimist
I agree with Plato: ” Only the dead have seen the end of war”

And i foresee a future of increasing war. The mass migrations that will occur with climate change and dying countries and regions will assure this. And the sad fact is that even if we had the will to try do something about it, its probably too late.

and the fact that half of our country will not even admit to reality makes any meaningful action unlikely to do anything but delay our demise a few years or decades.

The earth will survive, but this temporarily infestation by humans will end.

Now…… off to enjoy the world cup!


Not only has the Federal government usurped power and rights that the Constitution gave the people the government works in collusion oligarchs and transnational corporations to leverage the seizure of liberties for profit.

It take no power of divining to see the truth.

We’ve been led like sheep to slaughter.


ST, surely the horrors of war will not stop. How will you stop war and the horrors that will arise from war?

It’s much easier to contemplate the end to war, than it is to stop it it.

War is generated by human nature. How do you propose to change human nature?

I would really, really like to know the answer to that question.


KT, it would take a major evolution of the human race to transcend the base instincts that lead to violence, including war.

I think I’ve mentioned before the great fantasy world of Star Trek where the human race has transcended greed, poverty, materialism, prejudice and illness for the most part. What a wonderful future that would be but it’s fictional still.

Why do people choose violence? All the issues I listed above apply to nations and their leaders as well.

Maybe if a replicator and transporter cheaply powered by dilithium crystals could remove the need for money and end envy and poverty, we could live in such a nirvana but as long as all of these powerful motivations for violence and war exist, violence and war will exist.

So the flip side is, the more that global wealth can ease the suffering, poverty, lack of education and dim futures of the majority of people out there, the less violence and war we could have…but the wealthy generally aren’t too keen about sharing and they make a lot of money off of war and the threat of it.


When I think of war, this is the first thing that comes to mind. A perfect explanation IMHO:~~~~~~~

“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers.

In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914.

I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street.

I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916.

I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested.

Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

― Smedley D. Butler, War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier


monicaangela, Butler became a man of conscience after having seen the true motivation between many (if not most) of The wars and battles he was involved in (and later stood up to expose the corporate cabal that was exploring a coup of the US government).

Isn’t greed a main reason Bush started the Iraq War? All that oil being sought, presented as a national interest for the US….meaning oil companies’ interest.

Wasn’t the Civil War about wealth and how slavery was required by The South to keep the wealthy growing wealthier down there?

Didn’t Germany’s failing economy and shrinking wealth create a central reason for WWII happening and being supported by the nation?

Greed certainly has a home in the motivations of so many wars that it is inconceivable to me that a society could put an end to war before they put an end to greed…and that ain’t happening anytime soon.

And then there are the religious motivations as we’re seeing in many parts of the world now, most recently in Iraq. How can those kinds of wars be stopped as long as religious fanaticism exists?


In their Encyclopedia of Wars, authors Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod attempt a comprehensive listing of wars in history. They document 1763 wars overall, of which 123 (7%) have been classified to involve a religious conflict. William T. Cavanaugh in his “Myth of Religious Violence,” argues that what is termed “religious wars” is a largely “Western dichotomy”, arguing that all wars that are classed as “religious” have secular (economic or political) ramifications. I am inclined to believe Mr. Cavanaugh is correct. Similar opinions were expressed as early as the 1760s, during the Seven Years’ War, widely recognized to be “religious” in motivation, noting that the warring factions were not necessarily split along confessional lines as much as along secular interests.

War, religious or not is always a racket, promoted for political and economic interest. Wealth and greed are the cause; politics and ignorance are what continues to allow it to happen. Even the men and women who fight wars, mainly because of political reasons or economic reasons do so for their personal ideologies. Patriotism, is that a good reason? Some would say yes, but Patriotism is an ephemeral motive that scarcely ever outlasts the particular threat to society that aroused it. As a veteran I can attest to this quote from G. K. Chesterton, The Defendant.

We my friend are back to square one, war is a racket and holds no benefit for the common man, only for the internationalist, the globalist, those wealthy enough to be able to plunder the earth for their own personal benefit. My prayer is that those who fight and give their lives for these “causes” will one day soon begin to realize how they are being utilized for the benefit of the wealthy.

Just look at the situation with our veterans in this nation, look at the number of homeless veterans, those who live on the street and beg for sustenance, look at the problems with the veterans’ health care system and so many other things that are suppose to be incentives for going to war and appreciation of the veteran by those who benefit from his/her service if he/she is lucky enough to return from the battlefield, these things point to the fact that those who fight the wars are only pawns in a larger game. War and all it stands for disgust me, religious or otherwise.


Ad and Monica, Smedley Butler took a long time to grow a conscience while Bowe Bergdahl grew his quicker. They both got there in the end. So did I after I saw the corruption in Vietnam. It actually took me less time that Butler and more than Bergdahl.


Thanks for the comment Ad. Great and unanswerable questions. I certainly don’t have a solution, but I do have a theory.

Evolution! Human nature is not an easy thing to change, in the big picture. I think we are still “afflicted,” by our baser instincts, like aggressiveness, greed, egoism and FEAR!

I think such a massive change for the betterment of our species would move along about the same pace as glaciers (if there are any left in our future).

All we can do is strive to eliminate or lessen poverty, bigotry, nationalism, moralistic controllers, sexism, homophobia…etc.

We cannot nor should we ever, simply throw up our hands and say to ourselves and the public at large, “well this is how it’s been for centuries.” While that realization of surrender may have some iota of truth, we cannot accept that as truth! Like the movement of glaciers, the change we need will come, inch by painstaking inch.

Change will come like a pebble tossed in a great sea where the ripples start small and increase in size outward and outward. Of course, in a real ripple upon the waters, it runs out of energy and ceases it’s outward movement.

I believe that we as enlightened human beings can prevent that loss of energy by the source itself. Enlightenment!


ST, thanks so much for writing this. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts laid out at length, rather than the sound bite I have become accustomed to over the years.

The Military Intelligence Complex is the same creature as the Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about so many years ago. It is so pervasive, so embedded that it has taken on a life of its own that does not depend on, nor fear the Presidents and Congresses that come and go.

That said, it is also tangible foe, and one that can be constrained, electorally and politically. Americans may not feel the impact of building a $5 billion plane, or paying the Taliban not to attack our supply lines, or building a $2 billion dollar submarine or handing out no-bid contracts to cronies, but they ARE aware of their loss of liberties from the Intelligence Complex because it is in their face.

It will take citizens shaking off their cynicism and apathy and elected officials brave enough to oversee and clamp down on the worst abuses to solve this problem, but it can be solved.


ST, that was awesome well done. It seems that in times of crisis we in this country are too complacent when it comes to protecting the things we claim to hold dear. For ex. the suspension of habeus corpus during the Civil War, the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII and now the further erosion of civil liberties since 9/11. However, at least in the case of the first two after the crisis was over things went back to the way they were before. Now because of the paranoia surrounding terrorism they would like to keep these clamps on our rights for good. I too am disappointed that the Obama administration is going along with the Bush policies regarding Homeland Security. I knew it would be a can of worms when the Dept. of Homeland Security was authorized.


And now, a P.S. What is the image that you use to set off your post here?


ST…I thank you for sharing this with us. It is grand, bold, noble, visionary…..and I hope you do not take my call, my need to anchor it in the real world where I find my meaning to in anyway discourage or criticize you.

I hope this is the beginning of a dialogue with myself and others here at the Planet.


What is the nature of the evil undermining our nation?

I suggest it is the emergence of a plutocratic frame of reference in the creation of government- i.e. the buying of elections.

I suggest it is the emergence of neoconservative geo-politics leading to the Iraq War for example.

I suggest it is anti-intellectualism expressed by religious fundamentalism which has led to dominionist control of the right wing values agenda.

Again, my need is to nail it down. To name names.

You suggest that the way we deal with all of this is to disassociate ourselves from political organization and structure. I do not see how that can work. In fact, I suggest that the right wing would be please to have those of noble bearing like yourself do just that….it makes you harmless, no threat at all.

A word about your noble goals of reclaiming our environment, of ending disease, of planning to emigrate to the stars….I am all for them, but how. By whom and when?

These goals depend upon political, economic, social resolve, planning and implementation.

Near the close of your manifeto you write the following:

“Will we abandon those in immediate need while pursuing such monumental projects? Will we forsake strong national defense in puerile pursuit of harmony? What about those who reject technology and its advances, will they be forced to participate in procedures or activities against their will? Who will organize and lead such a fantastic program? Who will participate? Who will pay?” And on and on and on.

Obviously, I cannot answer all of your questions this evening. There is simply not enough time. However, I can assure you that no one will be abandoned, strong defense will be maintained, and of course no one will be forced to do anything.”

I suggest that it is in these questions and the efforts to respond to them that the reality of your call to arms lives.

For a person as pragmatic as I am- the nitty gritty is of the essence.


HI murph,
excellent post. ST is a good friend and his vision is to say not complete..
What he sees is a socialistic type of gov. Not Socialism.
There is a difference in the two words.

Right now one must end what is left of the TPGOP
75 % of the problem solved.

As for git-mo this is seen as a lose of rights in the USA. Well it is and is not. IF you look at your rights now they have not changed very much.
The look of justice seems to be the cry on the non=partisan voters. Justice is never completely fair although we would like it to be.

You see ST vision is one where money must to used for a very long term goal/s and most agree on.
But in history who’s vision is distributes the money around to the others.

Religion is a very big road block for the next 100 yrs.


Hey RSGmusic! Welome to the Planet! I will offer a quote that I have come to agree with, and I’m an atheist!

“Religion does not corrupt men, men corrupt religion!” I think that quote belongs to a man named Farquar.


I KillgoreTrout are we friends from Hp?
I have been here since 2011 but comment rarely.

I disagree Religion is not natural and is not reality. Corruption of men began long a go about the time the human race adopted money.

From the child of Nature.

compassion leads to right or wrong is really on the creation of the winds. All do not see this and will NEVER be fair. Character depends on intention with WISDOM and intelligence to balance the lands ever changing boundaries. FOR NO ONE OWNS nature and the way to the future is on the restructuring on the value of Money that has no value but the intended goal of the Human race.

THe needs of the Many out way the needs of the few or one. Spock and star Trek.


Hey RSGmusic, it’s quite possible our paths have crossed over at HP, but it would have been about two years ago, or earlier.

I think religion is natural, but not so much what is referred to as orthodox religion.

Mankind has always been fascinated and frightened by death and natural disasters, starvation and sickness…etc.

All religions grew out of mythology. Hunter gatherers would pay worship to a symbol of their main prey/food source, planters/farmers would worship gods of weather and so on and so on. So, I think religion and mythology are very natural elements of human behavior, going back hundreds of thousands of years.

There is a lot of good in religion, but the main problem I have with it is that it is such a powerful tool to be used by unprincipled men, to control others in order to obtain their personal goals, usually material in nature.

I say I’m an atheist because I simply do not believe in supreme beings, but I do consider myself to be a spiritual person. Especially the older I become. 😉 Not out of a fear of death, but because as I grow older, I see, more and more, a need for a very basic, simple understanding of spirituality.


OK , AN atheist. I would say you are not if you are spiritual.

I see you do not know who the Child of nature is??

All There is evolution and learning it’s way.

The spirit is something you strive for being human for better of worse.


RSGmusic, oh, it’s quite possible to be both spiritual AND atheist.

People don’t need supreme beings to be spiritual, in the basic sense of the word.

Aren’t we all children of Nature?


I have no difficulty conversing in the midst of unfinished arguments. I hope that my questions and comments push the conversation forward.

The TPGOP and their backers/mastersare certainly a principal source of the discord the ST and you refer to and that takes me back my list of the key problems:

I suggest it is the emergence of a plutocratic frame of reference in the creation of government- i.e. the buying of elections.

I suggest it is the emergence of neoconservative geo-politics leading to the Iraq War for example.

I suggest it is anti-intellectualism expressed by religious fundamentalism which has led to dominionist control of the right wing values agenda.


HI Murph, Glad i found you here.

Yes a plutocratic framework the TPGOP wants.

The key to the future is to get money and religion out of politics.

AS for socialistic which is what ST seems to want is a Native American Indian out look.

Some 70 % of the populous set out to drive the future events.

Live long and prosper!!


I am not so much in favor of getting them out of politics but rather having them in balance with the other voices in the political dialogue.

Big Money right now can buy the most powerful “megaphones” and place them everywhere; religion remains literally “a sacred cow” that has an unwarranted preeminence of position.

And we see the result.


OK, I agree.

Out of politics is to me no power.
the next conclusion is if they re-brand or change the party name they will have balance.

Agree with big money and religion!

live long and prosper!


A word about being a non=partisan voter.

What does that mean in practical terms? Being part of one the small, splinter third parties that often make principled stands and occasionally win a local election, but do not emerge from the fog of larger elections except, in rare cases because they are well funded and/or capture the popular imagination function as spoilers- think Nader, think Perot and the impact they had on the election of Bush and not Gore, of Clinton and not Bush.

Again, the ideal that your call represents is clear and it is noble but I want to know how it functions in the world of power politics.


Part II….

You have a nice flourish when it comes down to rhetoric calls to arms….and I think you make a strong case but I fear that you may be too far down the road in your assertion that in 225 years we have breached liberty, breached the protections of the constitution in the name of “enemies” to be dealt with.

A quick walk through U.S. history points to many such violations. Here are a few.

The Alien and Sedition Acts in the early days of the Republic.
The suspension of most of the bill of rights in the Civil War.
The recreation of Jim Crowism in the South post reconstruction.
The seizure of Indian Lands, despite treaty guarantees.
The wars of expansion in the Southwest and in the Pacific.
The suspension of legislative practice in the New Deal.
The previously mentioned Japanese internment camps, the arrest and detention of suspected German agents, martial law throughout the U.S. during WWII.
Cold War Red Scare and the Communist Purges; the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities.
The lies that led to and maintained Vietnam.
and I could go on.

Your righteous outrage at the Bush administration (and also it should be at the Congress that supported it) and by extension to the Bush administration has real foundations but the actions of those administrations and the Congresses that empowered them are not unique or isolated.


Your 2005 epiphany and the creation of the Freedom Clock is fascinating. I remember that period of time as well and I have to admit that your presentation of the period makes it clear to me that I did not pick up anywhere near the cues you did. Your case is compelling. The Bush administration admitted that it had become lawless. It reminds me of the period immediately following WWII when the first waves of regret broke over the internment of the Japanese.

More in my second comment.


W once said that he sometimes wished he were a dictator because it would make his job a “whole lot easier.” I don’t think he was kidding! A Freudian negligee?


ST, I can’t justify any actions from “w” or his administration.
President Obama has done some good and tried to do more but for the obstructionists called the GOtP.

It is an unbelievable job to undo all the damage done by said dubya. It will take many years to finish undoing all the $hit his admin did.


I’ve always followed and absolutely admired tremendously your posts everywhere, yet, you seen – pardon my European ignorance – to set your country back on erroneous times only after 2005/7/.Might I ask you what America has done to several Central, South America and the rest of the world – far east, middle east etal…that granted you Americans this so called “exceptional ism” you so proudly brag about? I have the utmost respect for you.You used to post on Huffpuffie and other blogs.Yet,Americans are prone to forget or dismiss HISTORY throughout their lives, thank you so much to the CONservative red states.
Excellent post….BUT I dare ask you:
Shall we begin with this??????
“Greenwald confessed to general political apathy this in his book ‘How Would a Patriot Act?’ and admitted that despite his doubts about the war:

I had not abandoned my trust in the Bush administration. Between the president’s performance in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the swift removal of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the fact that I wanted the president to succeed, because my loyalty is to my country and he was the leader of my country, I still gave the administration the benefit of the doubt. I believed then that the president was entitled to have his national security judgment deferred to, and to the extent that I was able to develop a definitive view, I accepted his judgment that American security really would be enhanced by the invasion of this sovereign country.
Glenn Greenwald’s Hilarious Denial About His Support for Iraq War

Is there any other nation or culture on earth, and let’s limit this to reasonably developed ones, whereby issues associated with sex and conception occupy so much national attention and creates such unbelievably irrational chaos, distraction, and enmity?
The narcissism, hypocrisy, and delusional nature of your culture is rarely so self-edifying as when these issues come up.
America, a delusional culture?
A multipolarized society whose expressions of beliefs and ideas are most often done so with extraordinary persistence, force, and often acts of violence.
Ideas held exert an almost indefatigable influence on people’s lives and those they both directly interact with and millions of people around the world to an inexplicable extent and actually have a significant direct negative influence on the natural world itself.
In spite of your culture’s profound convictions and counter-convictions, there is an absolute dishonest and secretive refusal to openly, honestly, and rationally discuss convictions and ANY challenge or questioning regarding cultural convictions is met with suspicion and often hostility.
Americans tend to be relatively humorless and extremely sensitive when challenged or questioned about apparent cultural convictions.Or lack thereof…



HI EXFANOFARIANA yes you play piano correct? HI Tatiana

This is RSGmusic aka the ghost aka many other nicknames that i will not mention.

ST is a good friend and his vision is to say not complete..
What he sees is a socialistic type of gov. Not Socialism.
There is a difference in the two words.

Right now one must end what is left of the TPGOP
75 % of the problem solved.

As for git-mo this is seen as a lose of rights in the USA. Well it is and is not. IF you look at your rights now they have not changed very much.
The look of justice seems to be the cry on the non=partisan voters. Justice is never completely fair although we would like it to be.

You see ST vision is one where money must to used for a very long term goal/s and most agree on.
But in history who’s vision is distributes the money around to the others.

Religion is a very big road block for the next 100 yrs.

OK you could like ( Ghost Stories )


My dearest musician…Yes it’s me your ballerina and classical pianist friend. How is Del? Hope everything is just great with you guys.
I’ve often wondered whether ST is a Native American for his soul is so fresh and pure! He is just an extraordinary – and DISCREET – guy who I have admired a long time ago.He is MAGICAL. His posts move me beyond tears.And most of the times, they bang my heart for, perhaps, the 45% skeptical part of me. I’ve used to live based on his philosophies only to realize later how naive I would sound. Life gave me big blows yet I moved on pretending the world would one day find peace and atonement.This will never happen if we don’t rid the earth from the devilish religions or pseudo faiths.
I’ve had personally, experienced within my own family, the calamities the born again are capable of. None are interested in the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Nehru,Gandhi etal….But I have to face reality: if only the world would apply the Kibbutz law, all the money would perish and go to hell.
It’s so nice to meet you here, my friend. PEACE.Hugs Tati


HI fine friend.

Yes ST does have some American Indian philosophies.

Yes I study nature as my father before me and his before him the Native America Indian ways.
Not truly a religion as said today.

I have some bad news. DeL’s mother died and so we have been busy with all that stuff. Way to busy.

OH i have been here a while. About the same time as i joined HP.

I just do not comment much.

The CD project ( Ghost stories ) I will be sending it soon so you can judge the project.

by Mail if you want a CD or e mail if you want them one at a time.

Send an email to me on this.