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AdLib On January - 1 - 2014

Happy New Year Obama 2014

2013 was a year of big ups and downs for President Obama…and Congress and Americans for that matter. As we begin a new year, it’s time to focus on the road ahead and what might hopefully be a year for making progress on important things that will make our lives and futures…and those of the next generations…better.

So, if you could offer one resolution to President Obama that he could commit to  in the upcoming year, what would it be? Any issue, social or political, what would you want to see President Obama dedicated to in 2014?

And just for fun, what predictions would you make for 2014? What do you think Republicans will be up to? What’s in store for the nation and/or the world? How will the ACA/Obamacare proceed and be used in campaigns? How will the 2014 elections shape up and what will be the fallout from them?

Feel free to speculate to your heart’s desire, you can’t be more off the mark than celebrity pundits, their terrible track records are hard to beat even if you tried.

Meanwhile, from all of us at PlanetPOV to all of our members, readers and their families, a very Happy and prosperous New Year’s to all!

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. CAdawn says:

    I’d like to see the President make a push for updating our infrastructure. We are falling way behind other countries and the next generation will not thank us. We will deserve their anger. Updating our power grid, our bridges and roads will add thousands of jobs and put our people to work at decent paying jobs. If we don’t save the middle class this country is doomed to failure.
    Plus, extend the unemployment benefits. That money goes directly into the economy, not into an offshore bank.
    My 2 cents.

  2. jjgravitas says:

    I’d like for President Obama to make a resolution to take on the issue of Income Inequality in the USA. That’s one he hasn’t had a chance to tackle yet. People are writing about this issue, seemingly wishing that someone in power would take this on -- a perfect time for the President to take it on, now that the ACA is underway, we will be leaving Afghanistan soon. Start by using the bully pulpit: make it a talking point in his speeches, to get people thinking about it and discussing what can be done, how to turn it around, or even if it should be turned around. The republicans are guaranteed to counter that it isn’t a problem since they are already in the pocket of the super-wealthy (that’s actually true for the left as well, though not nearly as much … if your super-rich and you are throwing gobs of money at the democrats, you are not doing it to protect your bank account).
    Income inequality is an extremely complex issue, mainly because it is caused by policies that have been in place for a decade or more. But it is doable. in the ’90’s, Clinton did it by raising taxes on the super-rich to eliminate the deficit and the national debt. But to make this happen, we will first have to get a democratic majority in both houses of congress. Which brings me to me second resolution for the president. He needs to pay close attention to the congressional elections that will be taking place this year. Get people thinking about who we are putting in power. Does the Midwest really want to re-elect the greedy ideologues that have been doing everything in their power to destroy our government at every level? What will it take for the Midwest to seriously question the leaders they elect to office?

  3. Beatlex says:

    I don’t have a prediction,just a hope.That the party of stupid are found out by the majority of Americans for what they are.Water carriers of the Corporations who`s only function is to make money on the backs of the rest of Americans

  4. I won’t presume to make predictions, but I would like to note the things I would like to see happen in the coming year.

    I would like to see a just and fair immigration reform. I would like to see such hard workers be brought out of the shadows they now live under. They can contribute greatly to our economy, our society and our diverse culture.

    I would like to see the supreme court reverse it’s decision on Citizen’s United. Corporations are NOT people. This concept undermines our entire democracy.

    I would like to see equal rights for all American citizens, regardless of race, religion or gender.

    I would also like to see an end to the war on Americans, via the anti-marijuana laws. Such a beneficial, medically viable substance has no rightful place on the Class 1 determination of drugs like cocaine and heroin. I would also like to see the legalization of industrial hemp. An extremely fruitful plant that has hundreds of beneficial, industrial uses, from bio-fuels, to textile use, food sources…etc.
    Such a legalization of all things hemp (marijuana) related would relieve the tremendous burdens on our judicial, penal and tax depleted systems. In tax dollars alone, we would save billions by not arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating people who are harming no one. It would also free law enforcement to go after the real harmful drugs that result in such death and destruction every day, week and year.

    We also need to put an end to the privately owned and operated prisons. Their whole reason for existence is to incarcerate as many people as possible, to turn a profit. This entails the arrest, conviction and incarceration of people who are non-violent, pot users.
    America houses more people in our jails than any country in the world. Many, many of these inmates are good, law abiding people, except for their possession and/or sales of a harmless substance. This is a true black eye on the American judicial system. It needs to end.

  5. pinkpantheroz says:

    Looking at the plethora of tasks that President Obama will have to address makes me more in awe of his abilities as President, especially with the useless Congress hampering every and any move.
    If he has a few more seconds in the rest of his term, I’d love to see his administration address head on a challenge to the ‘Corporations are people’ decision, reform of campaign contributions via superpacs, and to reinstall the restrictions of lobbyists. Oh, and, of course, World Peace!

    Things I’d like to see in 2014?

    Twerking singers coming down with disk problems.
    Real women on fashion catwalks.
    Politicians forced to drive electric cars ( excluding Teslas, Audis or Beemers!)
    The end of overseas Political Junkets -- er -- Research Travel.
    Gov. Christie on ‘Dancing with the Stars’
    Huffington Post going belly up!

    • LOL! PPO, I love your comment. i couldn’t agree more. I love the wish that twerkers develop back problems. They deserve it. Private twerking in the privacy of one’s home is a different matter! 😉

      The Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United is THE biggest assault on American democracy than any other I can possibly think of. The longer we allow corporations the same rights as we the people, the further decline in democracy we will see. That SC decision is extemely dangerous to our democracy. more dangerous than any terror attack, or Jihad against the US. This is insidious and destructive to all that our founders wanted and provided for.

  6. kesmarn says:

    Happy New Year’s Day, AdLib and Planeteers! If I were the President’s Resolution Czar I would say that a high priority would be put on getting the minimum wage increased, on getting some help for young people trying to get through college without crippling debt, and on protecting Obamacare, Medicare and Social Security.

    Predictions? I think people will wise up to the Tea Party and their masters, the Kochs. In fact, I think they’ve already started to. Interestingly, I have a feeling that it was the cut in food stamps and unemployment assistance that may have been the last straw. Poor people who were voting GOPTP prior to that? — well, even they had a hard time blaming that one on Obama. Even they are starting to wise up.

    Gallup just released poll results from “Most Admired Man in the World” and “Most Admired Woman in the World.” They asked Americans what their choices would be for each. The results: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    I’m so relieved that it didn’t turn out to be Sarah Palin and Phil Robertson.

    That gives me hope for 2014. 😀

  7. Dbos says:

    My wish for the New Year is for all Liberals, progressives, moderate democrats blue dog democrats and real independents to ban together and elect a congress that will work in the best interest of ALL Americans ; my advise and hope for the president is to not screw that alliance up; backing programs and legislation desired by his supporters .

  8. AdLib says:

    My top resolution for Pres. Obama is to focus like a laser in his SOTU and in the remainder of his last term on two issues, economic injustice and Climate Change.

    I wrote a post recently here about how raising the minimum wage to $15/hr could go a long way in lifting millions out of poverty while spurring on our economy. I would like Obama to get behind this in a major way along with holding firm against the Republican push for slashing our social safety nets for the poor and elderly. As ConcernedDemocrat mentioned below, I too would like to see Obama humanize the plight of the poor and put back in the spotlight the concept of Americans looking out for each other, especially the most vulnerable, as a truly American trait…and a responsibility.

    As Escribacat mentioned, there can be no issue of greater importance than the endangerment of the entire planet and civilization. But since Climate Change has been a more gradual process and less simplistic than a single concrete event, the corporate energy propaganda machine has succeeded in raising unreasonable doubt and delay (“This needs more study before any action should be considered.”)

    Meanwhile, it is now widely accepted by Americans that our weather patterns and intensity of weather events have changed. What’s badly needed now is a re-awakening of the public to the Inconvenient Truth days of not so long ago, when addressing Climate Change was a top priority for the American people.

    I hope that this too will be a key part of Obama’s 2014 SOTU speech, setting it up for a full bore campaign.

    As for predictions, I think that this year we’ll see an intensifying of the GOP civil war as the GOP Establishment rises up more to confront the Tea Party. The Dems may have a narrow chance to take back the House but even if they don’t, I think the 2014 elections will favor Dems and shrink the Repub majority in The House to well within reach of Dems in 2016.

    If the Dems and Obama do focus on economic injustice and nationalize the 2014 campaign by presenting a concrete agenda of what they will do on that (and Climate Change) if given control of Congress, they could succeed.

    In 2014, I expect web megasites and social networking sites to continue their disintegration of people’s privacy, further tabloidization of the MSM, growth of protests by minimum wage workers, re-emergence of immigration reform as a pressing issue and Miley Cyrus will do something so offensive to the media that they won’t be able to stop showing it and talking about it for weeks…while bumping much more important issues that actually affect people’s lives.

    I do think the ACA will quickly come into its own as an indisputable success and demolish the Republican opposition to it and the lies they’ve sewn. With millions of Americans finding first hand how it has helped them, the Republican attacks will simply make the GOP more toxic, more obvious as the cynical liars they are who seek suffering for Americans in exchange for profiting the wealthy and corporations.

    In any case, I do predict a rising of conscience and compassion among many Americans, as the deceptions the powerful and wealthy have used to divide us become more obvious.

    I am quite hopeful about 2014 being a very good and defining year but it will require our energy and participation.

  9. escribacat says:

    Happy New Year, planeteers. I’m so glad the holidays are over!! 😆 I think the president has done a good job shifting the paradigm on health care and LGBT rights. Both of those issues have undergone radical transformations since he took office. It’s too bad folks don’t give him much credit for those amazing achievements.

    I would love to see him do the same thing now for climate change. I think the radical deniers on the right are still controlling the conversation and they are keeping the world from taking the type of action that needs to be taken. This discussion needs to be moved front and center before it’s too late (if it’s not already too late.) I think all the other issues are moot if we don’t get a handle on climate change.

    • AdLib says:

      Hey Escribacat, Happy New Year!

      Early in his first term, I used to keep a running list of all of Pres. Obama’s accomplishments, it was very lengthy at that time, even before the ACA was passed.

      Though I don’t think any President should be insulated from criticism on unaddressed issues in return for having addressed other issues, how about starting off the new year with a short list reminder of Pres. Obama’s top achievements to date?

      1. Passing the ACA: Providing affordable health insurance for tens of millions of uninsured Americans, ending refusal of coverage for pre-existing conditions, require children to be entitled to health insurance up to age 26, etc.

      2. Catching Osama Bin Laden: Finding and killing the most wanted enemy of the U.S. who designed the 9/11 attacks and other deadly international attacks against our country and citizens.

      3. Withdrew U.S. troops from Iraq: After a decade of occupation after an unnecessary war that claimed the lives of so many innocent civilians and dedicated troops, Pres. Obama has withdrawn all combat troops from Iraq. He also ended the Bush practice of U.S. sponsored torture.

      4. Ended Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) and The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA): Under the Obama Administration, gay rights and equality has progressed at an unprecedented speed. No longer is it against the law to be gay in the military or to be able to marry the person you love, no matter what sex they are.

      5. Rescued the United States from Falling into a Great Depression: It may be hard for people to remember just how terrifying the collapse of the U.S. banking system and economy was and how the nation teetered on the edge of a Great Depression. Had John McCain won the WH and followed through on a policy of austerity instead of stimulus, America could have plunged deeply into a long and horrible Depression. Pres. Obama is rarely given the credit he deserves for all of his efforts in saving the nation from a far more horrible fate.

      None of this changes the importance and immediacy of other issues that need Obama’s focus, with Climate Change among the most urgent. But we can acknowledge his huge successes while pressing for more.

  10. confuseddemocrat says:

    The New Years Resolution that I would like the Prez to make is that he will jettison the notion that GOPers want to negotiate and that GOPers do not view politics as a zero sum gains process.

    The Budget deal did very little to help democratic constituents and was really a bill to help defense contractors at the expense of federal workers, retirees and the poor.

    Another resolution that I would like the Prez to make is that he will mention and address the plight of the poor and working poor at least once before the ensuing elections. The poor are being treated in a similar manner as the HIV+ victims were treated in the mid-1980s. By Democrats ignoring the real problems of poverty in the US, we are implicitly lending credence to the GOP notion that poverty is a character flaw of immoral people and thus unworthy of public assistance.

    • AdLib says:

      Hey ConfusedDemocrat, Happy New Year!

      I think that Pres. Obama made clear after the CR and government shutdown battle with Repubs that he won’t negotiate anymore with Republicans on things that shouldn’t be negotiable.

      As to the budget deal, one can absolutely take issue with what was omitted from it, especially the extension of UI payments. It does appear to be a strategic decision, to take the tactic of extortion out of the Republicans’ hands for two years (no one really believes that the Repubs will allow a debt default anymore despite the threats) and relieve the sequester for domestic programs as well as the military, as you noted.

      It seems apparent that “all or nothing” propositions in DC always turn out to be “nothing” since Repubs would rather prevent anything from happening than commit the “traitorous” act of compromise. So one can make the case for taking the budget deal…as long as it is part of a campaign to leverage against Repubs to pass financing for UI and other social programs.

      As for your point about the poor being neglected both literally and when it comes to recognition of their struggles, you are right on target. Much as I support Pres. Obama on many issues and give him the benefit of the doubt often, this is one issue where he has been terribly MIA. He has been around the edges occasionally, supporting increasing the minimum wage, SNAP, Head Start, etc. but he has not humanized poverty to the nation and pushed back hard on the Repub demonization and dehumanization of the poor. Along with you, I do hope he recognizes this and becomes a stronger advocate for the poor.

    • Assumed Name says:

      Hear, Hear!!

  11. Assumed Name says:

    Hi, Ad Lib.

    I’ve nothing deep by way of predictions, but I do have one (well, two) general resolutions for our handsome, witty, and accomplished president: (1) Scoot over to the left. (You’re well beyond “center.”) (2) Stop compromising the teeth out of social welfare. (The Affordable Care Act can only take so many kicks to the shins.)


  12. Nirek says:

    AD, the President should stand strong against stupidity. Use his common sense which he has plenty of to guide the country to “prosperity” (to take one of the opposition buzz words).

    The Congress will come to their collective senses and start doing the peoples work. (Tongue firmly planted in cheek)

    All wars will end and every nation will get along with their neighbors. Peace will prevail throughout the world. (One can hope)

    Every Planeteer will give some love to others and receive much love in return.

    We all will have a Happy and Wonderful New Year!

    • AdLib says:

      Great New Year’s wishes, Nirek!

      Common sense and wisdom is exactly what I expect from Pres. Obama this year as well. He’s learned his lessons about dealing with the Tea Party and Republicans, I think he’ll navigate his way through issues with greater success than before.

      Got a smile out of your prediction about Congress. I’ll predict that those in Congress that eat in high chairs and throw their food will get more time outs…especially after elections in 2014.

      I second your wish for Planeteers to give and receive much love this year.

  13. Sabreen60 says:

    Happy New Year Planeteers!

    I have no predictions. I just hope we GOTV in November. I don’t have a resolution for President Obama. I know he will keep working for us as he has done for his entire presidency.

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