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The Republican-led House of Representatives has moved a bill through committee that would mandate all Americans to own at least one gun or rifle. Titled “The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act”, the law would provide for civil penalties of up to $1,000 per person in a household where no gun is owned.

Under the law, all citizens must own a firearm with no exception. This has prompted protests from a variety of groups representing the disabled, the poor and those who do not wish to own guns.

“We must protect the freedom our Founders have given us and only by not allowing people to just do what they want when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, can we keep that freedom,” explained Rep. Eric Cantor.

Most controversial is the lack of an age limit in the law. Taken as written, mandatory gun ownership would technically apply to children, including toddlers and even infants. Backers of the bill have said it is not an oversight, it was intentional and meant to enforce respect for the 2nd Amendment and gun education from cradle to grave.

Gun manufacturers see this as an enormous business opportunity, opening up huge new markets for their products in the U.S.. “We’ve already been looking into manufacturing and cross-branding child-sized handguns with some of their favorite characters,” says Colt’s Manufacturing Company’s President of Marketing, Ralph Lewin. “Some early concepts we see as fun include the Scooby Shooter and the Sponge Bob Snub Nose.”

Parents groups are outraged at the concept of all children in a school carrying guns. “Putting a gun in a bully’s hand is just plain crazy,” said a statement from the National PTA. Rep. Steve King of Iowa responded, “There’s nothing crazy about it, a bully may have a gun but so will the kid he wants to bully. What better way to keep the peace than for everyone to have a gun at any time or place?”

Anti-abortion groups have seized on this as a way to prevent abortions. “An unborn American is still an American and entitled to all of our rights including owning a gun to protect its own life. How many doctors would go ahead with performing an abortion if they were looking down the barrel of a .45?” asked Focus on the Family’s founder, Dr. James Dobson.

The National Rifle Association is using its powerful influence and money to convince Democrats, especially those in red states, to sign onto the legislation and help override Obama’s anticipated veto.

“It’s a very easy argument to make,” NRA’s executive vice president Wayne LaPierre expressed. “If there are more people carrying torches in a forest, there will be fewer fires. If there are more people carrying guns in a city, there will be fewer shootings. Even a mentally challenged five year old could understand that reasoning and why should he be looked at as any different or less responsible with a firearm than those of us who support this bill?”

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I’m lately having a hard time distinguishing between republican ideas and parodies of republican ideas. Everyone must carry a gun. Criminalize love between a man and a woman, and of course they must both be of the same race, preferrably white, preferrably christian, and preferrably wealthy. I’m all for the Republicans saying what’s on their minds, because what comes out is such rediculous clap-trap. It would be entertaining if it werent so potentially damaging to our society if it were taken seriously. It seems as if all republicans now have the mindset of an arch-conservative from texas.


Is anyone wondering about these killings in TX, likely by the TX aryans? How has this not been linked this problem to our lack of gun control? Background checks? Gun shows? What? This is running concurrent with arming our schools. Guns didn’t save the DA and they can’t stop anyone in a school. Piss them off and the crazies will heave a bomb through a window—-oh, lets put bars on the windows!

Haven’t we perverted our legal system to put black men in jail by larger than reasonable numbers for smaller than reasonable crimes? So now we have a white prison backlash? Ha! And their answer is it’s ok to shoot the government. Is our southwest becoming the reality they wanted? Vigilanty, prairie justice, lynchings, take the law into your own hands, guns in the saloons.

In Chicago, we have gangs; we have guns; we have problems. But we don’t have this. We don’t shoot our law enforcement. Gang members are lost in their turf wars and hopelessness; they don’t much care who is caught in their line of fire as they protect their turf. The rest of us are not at all like them. Our gangs don’t scare me as much as this trend of guns everywhere; “normal” people carrying concealed weapons-everywhere. Our guns are in our ghettos; they aren’t everywhere.

It would be my hope that the msm would make the point about gun control, about guns as a solution to anger and about the idea that government is the enemy.


food, here (link below) is an absolutely chilling article on the Aryan Brotherhood. I had read it before these Texas killings. It sets up the background story to explain how these guys are virtually manufactured as skilled assassins within the prison system.

Your comments are so true — about gun control, anger and violence, and viewing the government as the enemy. To that I would add serious prison reform and the elimination of for-profit prisons.


Kes, Wow! A hell of a story. And this news hopefully will get bigger. For-profit-prisons; bet I know how the money makers on these vote. The cons/neocons will make this worse.


You’ve got that right, food!

And yes, wasn’t that an article on the Aryan Brotherhood? Scary stuff there.


Who didn’t see this coming? What’s next? Forcing all Americans to learn Spanish? Reversing the pay structure for all corporations so the receptionist has an off shore bank account and the CEO qualifies for food stamps? Losing our right to choose making abortion impossible to obtain legally? Oh, wait, that is happening. Sorry, I strayed too far…


Oh crap, I’ve got to come up with a thousand dollars! Better yet I will come up with a thousand pounds of my dogs’ crap and deliver that to the Republican House of Representatives. Won’t take long to get enough either!

April Fools! To some of us that is just one day out of the year but too many celebrate it all year round. Guess who?


Good one Adlib. But you know what? It is not far from the truth.


I think I smell an April Fool’s joke here! 😉


Is there no end to the ignorance of some of these GOPers?