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MurphTheSurf3 On March - 10 - 2012

The Rush Limbaugh Boycott…..success far beyond our hopes.

As of Friday March 9, at least 61 sponsors had pulled their support from Rush Limbaugh’s daily rant and rave.

On Thursday, Limbaugh’s program was practically devoid of paid advertisements. 86 spots aired. 77 were PSA’s, public service announcements donated by the Ad Council. They do not generate revenue. Seven of the remaining 9 ads were from companies that have notified Clear Channel that they are pulling their spots. THERE WAS DEAD AIR FOUR TIMES!

The overwhelming exodus of advertisers from Rush Limbaugh’s show has big-name companies rethinking their relationship with all of talk radio.


Ninety-eight major advertisers have notified their marketing agencies they no longer wish to advertise on programming that is so likely to offend. The agencies have notified Premiere Networks that controls most of right wing talk radio of their clients’ wishes. They will no longer air spots on Premiere Networks’ ‘offensive’ programs.

Premiere Networks is taking this very seriously. In an e-mail., provided by Radio-Info.com., sent by the media giant on Friday, a list of 98 large corporations was provided specifying that each has requested that their ads appear “only on programs free of content that you know are deemed to be offensive or controversial.”

Premiere provided a list of show examples: Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Leykis, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity. The memo went on to say that the list was not exhaustive and that additional programming will be examined. The memo states that companies like AOL, Geico, Ford, GM, McDonald’s, have indicated they want to avoid “environments likely to stir negative sentiments.”

Insiders say the loss will rock right-wing talk radio.


Written by MurphTheSurf3

Proud to be an Independent Progressive. I am a progressive- a one time Eisenhower Republican who is now a Democrat. I live in a very RED STATE and am a community activist with a very BLUE AGENDA. Historian, and "Gentleman Farmer."

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  1. Khirad says:

    So, now you know the Rush Twitter handle, go forth on your digital CBs!

    Rush Limbaugh Launches New Twitter Offensive

  2. escribacat says:

    Fascinating article that explains the economics of rightwing talk radio…and why Huckabee might strike the final blow to Limbaugh! (never thought I’d have warm feelings about Huckabee)


    • AdLib says:

      Very interesting article, Escibacat! Though I find Huckabee troubling in other ways, if he usurped Rush’s status, I don’t think he would be seen as the voice of the GOP or scare Repubs into bowing before him.

      On the other hand, his brand of smiling oppression can be dangerous too so it wouldn’t necessarily be a huge improvement.

  3. escribacat says:

    Lawrence O’Donnell just announced that ALL national advertising has been suspended from the Limbaugh show. HOOORRAAAAYYYY!!!!

  4. SallyT says:

    The War on Women that the Right has engaged in may have taken their first victim from the women defense. Murph pointed out that most of Rush’s listeners are men. Rush must have thought he was still in the club’s locker room talking to the boys when he said this on air. But, as Murph also pointed out, women are the shoppers. So, we (and I include the men that are with us) have used our weapon in defense, our shopping list! One young lady tried to give our point of view on the issues and she was attacked with dirty names and accusations. These Governors are trying to pass laws that are attacks on women and their health. We don’t have enough women in elected office to fight with votes in those state houses. Let alone Congress! Well, right now we can show our power and our disgust with these attacks and the hate with our shopping lists. We may have to wait until November to use our votes but I think there is going to be a big surprise when we do. At least, I hope so!!!!

    • Khirad says:

      Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mauritania, Pakistan, Iraq, Tunisia.

      Muslim majority countries. All have a greater percentage of women representation than the United States.


    • kesmarn says:

      Sally, I was just curious, so I went to Rush’s own website to see what was the spin there. Naturally I wasn’t going to pay for a membership to see his jowls flapping in real time, but I did notice, lo and behold, that there was a link there entitled: “Advertise on the Rush Limbaugh Show.”

      So, being me, I clicked on it. And there was a nice email form labelled:

      [email protected]

      So in the title box I entered: “Women’s rights groups free to buy airtime?”

      And in the message box, I wrote simply: “Well, are they?”

      And hit the send button.

      Feel free to play along! 👿

  5. SallyT says:

    Has Rush Limbaugh Killed All Right-Wing Radio?
    Oh, one can only hope!


    • escribacat says:

      Interesting note in that article-- it refers to Maher as a “lefty boycott victim.” That explains his defense of Limbaugh. I don’t want these creeps banned from the airwaves (as the CNN poll asked yesterday); I want them going out of business because they lost their sponsors and audience.

      • SallyT says:

        Bill Maher has felt the results of advertisers pulling their ads when he had Political InCorrect and his comment on 9/11. I watch Real Time with Bill Maher every Friday that it is on. I still will. There are times that I strongly disagree with Bill and on this I left him a message on his website. He addressed it and others last Friday on his show. I accept his explanation as he states from his point of view. Others may take a different stance and he may lose more along with Rush. That is the power.

        • I think Maher is definitely trying to “cover his own ass,” but he is wrong about the first amendment. The first amendment applies to the government shutdown of speech. This is not the case with fat bastard. We the people are simply asking that companies and corporations stop advertising on his show. That is not quite the same as the government intervening to shut him down.

  6. foodchain says:

    Text from CEO Tyler Gallagher is a great response to Limbaugh; the last paragraph is directed to Rush’s supporters and should be a standard for everyone gong forward:

    “As CEO of Regal Assets, LLC, I want to personally respond to the Rush Limbaugh scandal and the decision our company made last week to pull our advertising from Limbaugh’s show. We want to make it very clear that this was by no means a political decision; this was simply a moral choice.

    The attacks on Sandra Fluke were unwarranted and, we believe, intentionally inflammatory. Realizing the Limbaugh show no longer fell in line with our core values as a company, we had to take action in light of this scandal and respond appropriately, and that led us to our decision to remove our advertising from the show.

    We do not see Rush Limbaugh as a bad or evil person but as someone who misjudged his own destructive power. As we step into 2012, this is no way to treat each other. We are more evolved than that, and I hope at the end of the day we can all learn from this situation.

    I personally do not believe any company should support the type of slanderous, defaming attacks that came from Limbaugh, whether or not they agree with the other side of the issue. There is a far more civilized way to communicate, and we wish Limbaugh had taken the high road with the Sandra Fluke topic.

    We urge people to see the bigger picture of the scandal, as it is not about supporting one side’s argument but supporting each other as a whole and not condoning that type of abuse toward anyone. If we lose business because of our decision to do what is morally right, then so be it. Moral substance and dignity are more precious than the almighty dollar.

    We at Regal Assets want to personally thank everyone who has sent positive feedback for our choice in this matter. It warms our souls to know people like this exist. For the backlash we have received over the past week from some, we urge those individuals to look past the politics and focus on the way Sandra Fluke was condemned and attacked. Put yourself in her shoes, and if you’re a parent with a daughter, imagine it was your daughter who was addressed in that inappropriate manner. I am sure if you honestly evaluate the incident, like we have at Regal Assets, your stance on the scandal will change.”

  7. Don’t get me wrong this is one of those cases I hope I’m wrong and Limbaugh’s show will not survive on the air. The positive take from all this is we definitely see Limbaugh’s influence be diminished greatly no matter what happens now. Worse the GOP politicians will be on the wrong side of history again for not being courageous and calling out Limbaugh when they had the chance to rise above their talking points.

    It seems like it’s up to 141 companies that have dropped Limbaugh and some other right wing talk show hosts.


  8. Khirad says:

    A random comment I read describing Rush’s voice:

    ‘talking through a layer of blubber while ten meters under water’

  9. mairs says:

    I’ve been trying to find something I read a few years ago, about Limbaugh communicating with the Bush White House all the time. If his listener numbers are really that far off, then with what help has he conspired to pretend that he is so mega-popular? Who is backing him and keeping him (WAS keeping him, hopefully) in position? We all know that when he creates a talking point it is disseminated quickly. He pounds home a lie for a few days and suddenly everyone on the Right is repeating it. I don’t think he’s doing this alone.

    • That’s an excellent point mairs! The GOP will never try to silence Rush because, as you say, he keeps the lies and conspiracy theories alive. They may act like they don’t approve of his remarks, but they benefit from such hatred and lies. They’re afraid of Rush and tip toe so gently around him, so as not to become a target themselves. Hence the very weak responses by Mitt and Santorum. I think Clear Channel it’s self is pro RW.

  10. foodchain says:

    Murph, I love this: how enormously cool if Rush Limbaugh brings down right wing talk radio!! There is justice. Here is another link to the same content—it’s just so much fun to read….


    • MurphTheSurf3 says:

      Thanks for the link. Did not see it before. I hope that the boulder rolling down the hill is in a trajectory pointing straight at Limbo and the others of his ilk.

  11. It’s great some of the big advertisers are leaving radio but I don’t think it will be the end of right wing talk as long as the hateful audience is still listening.

    I actually agree with Tweety on this one when he says the Limbaugh types have the ultimate shtick because they make middle aged white guys feel like they are the victims in society.

    • MurphTheSurf3 says:

      KQ, Inside Radio is reporting that Rush’s numbers are wildly inflated and that new market studies show that his audience profile is not a “buying crowd”. Largely male, while and 55 plus. Bottom line is that his listeners might not be good for their bottom line and others….think WOMEN are buyers and are not happy with him.

    • SallyT says:

      KQ, you make good points here. That is a large listening base unfortunately “hate” radio attracts. And, that large listening base is to large of a marketing base for advertisers to ignore. Rush may get kicked back but the hate listeners will keep looking for someone that talks to them. Hopefully that middle aged white guy listeners will keep dropping off by natural causes and that type of radio will not be popular anymore. But, for now, I see it as an on going battle along with the other fights against racism. Good work so far!

      • MurphTheSurf3 says:

        Sally, see my reply in this thread. The audience is apparently not what Rush wants us to believe it is.

        • SallyT says:

          Oh, Murph, I am not going by any numbers that Rush gives. Just as I don’t believe the numbers on FOX. But, regardless they do have large numbers of listeners. Now, however, I believe you when you say that most of those listeners for Rush are male and not the best to buy from the ads. That should help advertisers see no need to ever return to his show.

          • MurphTheSurf3 says:

            Arbitron has changed over from paper diaries to wireless recorders that literally pick what is playing and for how long. The numbers are 1/3 to 1/2 of what he says. The demo studies have revealed that his is not a very attractive audience. Being suspicious by nature I wonder if a number of the advertisers are taking this “principled” stand because they wanted out and also get to score points with a significant purchasing group at the same time.

    • AdLib says:

      But without advertisers, it doesn’t matter how big your audience is, you can’t afford to keep paying big salaries to big blowhards.

      Corporate prudence may benefit the public in this one instance, by opting out of advertising on hate radio, they avoid having to invest resources in damage control, addressing boycotts, etc. and meanwhile, the money goes out of hate radio.

      A win-win for all but the Rush types out there.

      • MurphTheSurf3 says:

        Ad Lib, left KQ a reply. Inside Radio is reporting that his audience is not what he purports. See above.

      • AdLib that is certainly the dynamic going on now. But I never underestimate the short attention span of the American people including these advertisers.

        I mean if Limbaugh loses 80% of his advertisers he only makes over $10 million a year instead of over $50 mil. The horror. If his ratings go down that will have a lasting effect because that’s the only way right wing Clear Channel will ever consider dropping him.

        • SallyT says:

          KQ, the following is the ending as Wikipedia gives on the movie ‘A Face in the Crowd’ and Lonesome Rhodes.

          “But Miller observes and bemoans the fact that Rhodes is not really destroyed at all. Miller tells him that both the public’s, and the network’s need for Rhodes will, “after a decent interval” of remorse and public contrition, return him to the public eye; first locally (maybe only radio at first) and then, at some reduced level, nationally. The film ends with Rhodes yelling from the window of his penthouse for Marcia Jeffries as she leaves in a taxi with Miller; the final image is of a flashing neon Coca Cola sign and the busy streets below it, full of taxis.”

          • Yeah, great ending. I’ve seen the film twice. In the end, Rhodes will still have an audience, but he will never again rise to the heights has once did and his “king maker,” status will never be regained. I hope the same thing happens to fat bastard.

  12. lalalu says:

    The right will doom themselves. Let them keep talking. I watched Game Change yesterday and it was soooo funny. Republicans inflicted Palin on themselves. They have no one to blame but themselves. Even McCain tried to avoid her. A little sad that an insight into a republican campaign is such a comedy show.

    • MurphTheSurf3 says:

      McCain on Fox Sunday could only say he regretted Schmidt having said what he did about Palin who McCain said was a wonderful, competent and ethical personal…they will not admit error which means they will not learn….sadly too few of the voting public pay attention. A vote for the GOP is a vote against one’s own interests for most of our citizenry- why is the race even close?

  13. Nirek says:

    I actually like talk radio but NOT the extremists. Here in Vermont we have a guy (Mark Johnson ) on WDEV who gets people of all persuasions on and asks good questions and gets a lot of good people involved in the conversation. He never says he is D or R just fair to all.

    • MurphTheSurf3 says:

      I used to love WLS talk radio in Chicago. They had a variety of hosts spread across the day….none were too far to the left or right but were skilled in carrying on many conversations at once. They are all long gone.

      • choicelady says:

        Yes, Murph -- those were the folks I listened to years ago. And there was hard hitting discussions then, none of which sank to the level of gut-puking vilification of other people.

        On the other hand -- remember Fr. Caughlin, the conservatives who hosted McCarthy? That was probably the same, we’re just too young to remember it first hand. And there was balance. For every sniveling Fr. Caughlin, there was an Edward R. Murrow -- or three or four. THAT is what kept HIM from going totally over the top. Hardly anyone balances out Rush et al. today.

    • choicelady says:

      Wow -- how radical! That used to be what we heard. I grew up on diverse talk, Irv Kupcinet, Dave Garroway, etc. who had people of all views on their programs. Bill Moyers more recently does some of the same, so does Charlie Rose. Ask questions, challenge answers -- calmly and with respect -- and you elicit deeper and more clear views. THAT helps people understand what the implications of any view might be.

      Trust Vermont to do it well. Thanks!

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