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AdLib On February - 25 - 2012

The Academy Awards are this Sunday so it only seems appropriate that this weekend’s theme is music from the movies.

Share your favorite songs and soundtracks from movies past and present or even clips of your favorite movie scenes.

Here are some that may hopefully be less familiar to some folk:

Brotherhood of Man – How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Mean Green Mother From Outer Space – Little Shop of Horrors

The Bug – Hairspray

O Fortuna – Excalibur

Main Title Music – Vertigo

Waiting For the Worms – The Wall

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Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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    Proof no one can swear like a Scot. Then again I knew a couple Welsh dudes that called me names I never heard of before.

    In The Loop (The Best of Malcolm and Jamie)

  2. Tombstone--I’m Your Huckleberry;

  3. Blazing Saddles--Lily Von Shtupp;

  4. Spaceballs--Hello My Baby;

  5. Goodfellas--Now go get your shinebox!

  6. Mean Streets--Be My Baby (The Ronettes);

  7. Theme Song for Taxi Driver;

  8. Theme Song From The Sting;

  9. Forrest Gump--Sweet Home Alabama;

  10. Deconstructing Harry;

    One of the funniest scenes ever. “…if I’m lying, may god strike me dead.” “Harry, you’re an atheist!”

  11. Khirad says:

    The Gael -- Last of the Mohicans Theme (Dougie Maclean)

    Lisa Gerrard & Hans Zimmer -- Gladiator theme

  12. zenith1959 says:

    I’ve heard this is an ad libbed line.

  13. zenith1959 says:

    Naughty language warning

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