If last night’s yawner of a debate wasn’t enough self-inflicted punishment, the Republicans bring you a warmed up plate of leftovers in another debate this morning. It begins when most sensible people are still asleep or enjoying a quiet morning, at 6:00 am PST/9:00 am EST on NBC in Meet the Press’ time slot. It should be streaming live at http://msnbc.com or http://nbc.com .

You are invited to join your fellow Planeteers here for a live blog during the debate. Because of the early hour, there may be less members participating but please don’t let that discourage your posting comments, those who aren’t around will be coming here first thing to read your takes on the debate.

Who knows, maybe after seeing the reviews of their lackluster performances, Santorum and Gingrich will come out swinging against Romney. On the other hand, they may well continue fighting each other for who gets to come in 2nd place while Romney cruises to winning the nom.

Still, there are many reasons to watch and live blog. Huntsman may call Romney “Douche!” in Chinese and Romney might nod and smile. Ron Paul might pull out an Area 51 folder and expose secrets about aliens that have been hidden from the public. Rick Santorum may invent a new religion just so he can hate it. Newt Gingrich may declare that people aren’t born black, it’s a choice poor people make.

We shall see…

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Had to step out – what’d I miss? i should have kept “free enterprise” from last time, added capitalism. I would have been drunk by now. Capitalism AND freedom!


I was way too joyfully asleep to watch round 2 of the New Hampshire debates. After getting up, I looked up Newt’s wikipedia page and there it says he DID get a deferment to keep his chicken hawk ass out of Vietnam.
I couldn’t find much about his father, Newton S. McPherson.


Much sharper this morning.

I wish we had the core of commenters here this AM, but time favors me in the CST time zone and I am not much of a sleeper.

The others must have watched their wet noodle performances last night with great care and rising concern. As the song goes: “It’s now or never.”

I will check in every now and then.


How sad. This is the debate we so wanted LAST NIGHT! Much more “exciting”……

And I’m driving to Houston and can’t drink. Not that I would again anyways.

But check it out folks, much more like we had hoped last night. – AB


😆 I’m making it a point to drop off early tonight, there will be no more peeking. For all of you brave enough to sit, stand, run around in circles or hop your way through another one, I’ll wish you good luck. Stay strong, I’ve left a few bottles of smelling salts by the bar, next to the freshly made popcorn.

Yawn. Oyasumi nasai!