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AdLib On October - 18 - 2011

Coming to you live from the city where money rules and the majority of people lose big, it’s the GOP Debate in Las Vegas!

We’ll be live blogging during the debate tonight so pull up a slot machine stool and place your bets on the horse that you think will extend their lead or trip and fall!

The debate begins tonight at 5:00 pm PDT/8:00 pm EDT on CNN.

Though there have been a number of debates, this should be an interesting one. Coming on the heels of Occupy Wall Street growing big and becoming more legitimized, Herman Cain’s one-gimmick hollowness rocketing him to the top of the polls, Romney being frozen in the polls with 75% of Republicans wanting someone else and Rick Perry and the verge of tumbling out of the race or climbing back in.

Add to that Romney’s latest quote about wanting millions of Americans to be thrown out of their homes more quickly so speculators can buy them and rent people’s homes back to them at a profit, it should be a busy night for Romney, Cain and Perry as they try to double down on their hands and win big.

Sorry about all the Vegas puns…though the term that really comes to mind when it comes to this Republican field, is “craps”.


Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. MurphTheSurf3 says:

    Gingrich starts off as he will continue and as he will end.

    and Meaningles­s.

  2. MurphTheSurf3 says:

    Introducin­g PeeWee Herman
    Federal Income Tax with a National Sales Tax: One of Cain’s 9’s.
    Gang on and gang up on Cain- The Koch Brothers Candidate

    Bachman making sense: Prepare for the coming of the Apocalyse. She is showing here IRS background­.

    Cain: Just denies and refers….­.clearly he does not know the ins and outs of his own plan. He claims no one but him understand­s. Not smart.

    Santorum making sense: The 2nd horseman of the apocalypse rides in. Speaks up for family allowances­.

    Perry: Uses his governorsh­ip experience to say it is not going to fly. Sales taxes at the state level will have a national tax added to them. No one is going to buy them.

    Paul: Like he always does….na­mes a reality. A regressive tax that will raise more money but from the wrong people.

    Romney: As a governor..­..the people do not want an added tax no matter if its Apples or Oranges…­.tax reduction overall is what is need, but his analysis is that middle income folks see higher taxes with 9-9-9. So Nein, Nein, Nein.

    Gingrich: The plan is a very hard sell….On­e more person who wants to give him credit for bringing up an interestin­g idea, but the plan is NOT simple. It is very complex. Narrow focuses cuts are the key.

    FINAL SCORE: 7-1

    Hello Peewee Herman.

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