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What are the questions for the GOP Debate going to be, what are yours and will they be asked?

Are down to Mitt and Newt and the rest are just there to sell more books?


Foreign affairs,  Religion and who is the “better Christian and supports Israel the most ?”

How many times will Ron Paul bring up “The Fed” or the gold standard?

Will someone actually bring up a proposal for helping the economy beyond “cut regulations and taxes?”

Who will shine and break out of the pack?

Who will mount the biggest attack and will it be on “those Guys” (aka Mitt Romney/ Newt Gingrich?)

999?  Electric Fences

So many questions that won’t be answered.

But the most important one:

What is the phrase for the drinking game? If you chose not to drink pick “Jobs”

Just one more, “Where is ‘The Donald?’ ”






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Oh No
Did I miss another GOP Debate?
Did I miss any fine displays of intellect or wisdom?


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen as much pass/fail as I have with the GOP debates. Every week? No issues? Just don’t trip? Some criteria!


I think Perry will say that he has a Christmas Tree but he doesn’t hang too many balls on it because he doesn’t like gays. (Truth be known, his tree is weighted down with big balls in cowtown.)


Oops! Bito, so sorry! I messed up and didn’t see you had already set up this post for tonight’s debate!

Mia culpa!


I think that Occupy Wall Street will be mentioned and Mittens will say that he empathizes with the 99% and then he’ll say something about his 1,574 page Job Plan.

Perry will say something about nothing.

Bachmann and Ron Paul will accuse PBO of divisiveness and causing the peasants to revolt.

Newt will mention his running credit account at Tiffany’s.

Huntsman will say something that sounds sane.

Cain will mention electrocuting Mexicans and the crowd will erupt into applause and cheers.

Electric Fence for the drinking game!