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Marion On September - 13 - 2011

OK, it’s official.

Elizabeth Warren is running for the Senate in Massachusetts.

She’s challenging big, bad Scott Brown, who’s voted with the Democrats as much as he has his own side, and who used the Tea Party financing to get elected and then kicked them to the curb. True, he won against a candidate who ran a lazy campaign and who treated the election as if that seat were hers by virtue of the fact that a Democrat had held it for so long. Martha Coakley was too good to stand outside Fenway Park in the bitter cold and press the flesh. She couldn’t even recognise a Bosox player, which, apparently, is blasphemy in Beantown.

Already the EmoProgs are dancing with delight. Ne’mind, they will never ever believe anything other than the President caved on hiring her. (He didn’t). Or that she didn’t really want the job heading the agency she was creating. (She really didn’t). Or that she hand-picked her successor, whom Katrina vanden Heuvel and Glenn Greenwald spent an entire evening on Twitter wondering what bad thing they could make up to convince Progressives that the surrogate was really a Wall Street tool. (Hey, but they’re journalists).

The insipid Obamahater, Matthew Stoller, winsomely tweets that at least there’s one liberal who’s heart hasn’t been broken.

(Listen, turdhopper, I’ve been liberal longer than your sorry ass has been on this earth, and the only thing that breaks my heart is seeing disaffected white men who claim to be Leftists fall prey to racism engendered by their puerile condition known as Magic Negro Syndrome.)

Jesus, the woman has to win the election first. She’s an academic, who’s never run for public office. People her age in the Senate have been in politics since the year dot. She’s got to negotiate campaign strategy, public relations, interviews (some hostile and filled with gotcha questions)and debates. She’s got to go to baseball games and eat hot dogs. She’s got to know the name and playing position of every player on the Patriots’ roster. She’s got to kiss babies and smelly, old men on the campaign trail.

She is the outsider, campaigning against someone who crossed the aisle on his very first Senate vote in order to vote in the interests of his constituents. She’s got to challenge someone who crossed the aisle to vote for the repeal of DADT. She’s running against a man who gave a very public and very compelling story of his own child abuse in a state, which – in recent times – has figured heavily in such stories concerned with the Catholic church.

More importantly, she’s the elite Harvard professor running against the kid who was brought up on welfare by a single mother, a guy who had to pose nude to pay his tuition. Ne’mind that she comes from a genuine working-class family, she’s got “Harvard” tacked onto her resume’ and that’s too much for some people.

I wish Warren well, and I hope she wins; but I’m realistic enough to know that she’s one person. And in our government and our society, sadly, one person doesn’t make a difference. If she wins, she’ll be one of one hundred; and the way things look, she may even be in a minority situation. If that’s the case, then there’s precious little she would be able to do.

A Senator’s term is two years longer than a President’s; and in this day and age, it’s easy enough at a certain age to enter that august body full of idealism and desire to serve, only to leave, disheartened and disillusioned, at the end of one term.

Just look at James Webb.

Just sayin’.

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  1. KQuark says:

    Of course I hope she wins but she’s not a shoe in by a long shot. It’s not going liberals who decide the election even in MA. It’s going to be moderates and if she does not connect with them she’s doomed.

  2. choicelady says:

    I’d love her to win because she is Obama’s best ally on economic issues. I want her to win to get greater control of the Senate. Hell -- I want ANY Dem to win (ADONAI ARE YOU LISTENING????) to keep the House and Senate Dem.

    There is good chance she WILL win because Scott pissed off HIS base and she is much beloved for her straight talk.

    But yeah these things are important: she has to kiss the babies, hug the old men, pat the cheeks of the worn out old women, know who the hell Bobby Orr is, and know all the Sox and Bruins and everyone. She better remember December 1999 in Worcester and why it matters. She has to LIKE blue collar people who shop at “Stah Mahket” and struggle to make pennies go further. She better know what a triple decker is and how it’s NOT a condo. She better know whether it’s better to have clams with or without bellies. And who has the best chowdah and why. She ought to know the “miracle of Mission Hill” and why The Ledge matters and how it represents a new way of doing business. She needs to eat at the Bayside (if it’s still there after Irene) and hang at Bishop’s or Ellie’s in Lawrence. She needs to know which textile mills are still running and why Mass hates Royal Little. (You older folks can sing it like the pudding song -- ROY=al Lit-tle…) She needs to know industry thrives in MA, just on a smaller scale and why the 128 corridor failed.

    All of that and more. She needs to LOVE that mixed up, screwball, wacked out, corrupt but hopeful state, with people who are the salt of the earth and stupid as bowling pins, and she needs to love them with all her heart and all her might because Scott Brown does NOT. And that is her ticket home. Love Massachusetts, New England Mob and all, and you can be Senator. And we will love you right back, Ms. Warren. We will love you right back.

    • ADONAI says:

      Hey! I want her to win. I hoorayed the announcement.

      Well, at least Cher got the joke.

      • choicelady says:

        I meant about voting in YOUR state, your district, for your most despised Dem. I don’t care if he/she chews with the mouth open, is a closet idiot or even open and revealed as one. I DO care if he/she is a crook -- that’s never good -- but if they are reasonably presentable they have to be voted in even if you personally cannot stand them. The strategy is taking back the House, not purity. That’s what I mean.

        • kesmarn says:

          c’lady, I hope you know that I was referring to the original article and not your (wonderful) comment on it, when I mentioned that it was hardly a “cheerleading” article for Ms Warren. It’s easy for me to get a bit lost on a thread (especially very late at night), so I wanted to clarify.

      • kesmarn says:

        I want her to win too, but with “cheerleading” articles like this one, it might be an uphill battle, no? 😆 Too funny.

        • bito says:

          Perhaps the post was sardonic. Looking at the lackadaisical efforts of the Dems to GOTV in the the last 3 special elections in predominant Dem districts this may well be a warning.
          We may know the work of Ms. Warren but this absolutely no time to be smug. The monied interests behind her work and for Scott Brown are huge. The money against the Dodd-Frank bill are immense ans any complacency of her, Ms. Warren, election is not a shoo in.
          The post can be seen as defeatist or as a warning.

          • KQuark says:

            Exactly Grayson and Feingold thought they could mail in their elections because they where progressive saints on the blogs. The “base” seems to not understand that it’s moderates that win elections for Dems.

          • kesmarn says:

            If it were meant as a warning against smugness, b’ito, I’m onboard with that sentiment, of course.

            But I’m baffled by this:

            “…in our government and our society, sadly, one person doesn’t make a difference. If she wins, she’ll be one of one hundred; and the way things look, she may even be in a minority situation. If that’s the case, then there’s precious little she would be able to do.”

            I mean — given this attitude — we could succumb, not to smugness, but to despair. Then the question becomes: why bother to run any good people anywhere? Each one is “only one person.”

            It was that attitude that made me laugh at the deliberately highly dramatic “come-back” line.

            Now is no time for people on the left to become either smugly overconfident on the one hand, or Ee-yores on the other no?

            • SueInCa says:

              You are speaking my language. I totally agree with that and I also have a problem with the progressives who continue to insist Obama is not doing enough. Apparently they slept through 2006-2008 and are just as ignorant as the right in how the results of those years took a while into 09 to manifest themselves. It seems like I am always complaining about those people. But I write my share of letters too. Their smugness just infuriates me.

            • kesmarn says:

              b’ito, the election results are appalling and infuriating. And when I saw this morning’s local paper which featured headlines about the Repub gerrymandering in Ohio, my heart sank.

              I’m sure this redistricting plan will pass, and I will lose the amazing and wonderful Marcy Kaptur as my rep. Then she will be pitted against Dennis Kucinich and one of them will be gone. (Please let it be Kucinich.)

              I don’t know what is wrong with American voters at this point in time. I’ve never seen people so totally oblivious to what’s at stake, and it’s extremely hard to educate them.

              I think the thing we agree on is that Democrats — ALL of them — and indies need to get out and VOTE for Warren in Massachusetts. That part of this story is the not-funny part.

            • bito says:

              k’es, many Dems have succumbed to to despair complacency and smugness. While we sit and make fun of the TP-R debates the R’s have won 3 special elections in a row in predominately Dem districts. While I disagree agree with the post, I see it as a call to action not as anything to accept. I’m not happy with the complacency of the post but neither am I happy with the election results.

              Democrats Lose Nevada and New York Special Congressional Elections

              Ms Warren will lose with both the Dems attitude now the same way Scott Brown won.

        • ADONAI says:

          HA! Very much so kes. I totally get where Marion is coming from but anything worth doing is never easy. I say that a lot but only because it is so true.

          No one in this world is just gonna hand you something, you have to go get it. I think she understands that.

          How well her policy knowledge and calm demeanor transfer to the soundbite oriented, conflict creating machine that is politics is very much up for debate.

          I think people should re-watch her appearances before Congress. She’s not about to let people walk all over her. But she’s not political, in that she doesn’t play the game. She’s above it. That could hurt her more than anything. cause it’s all about the game.


          But I don’t think she’s just “this year’s model”. She’s an entirely different machine. She’s not a politician and that is why I like her.

          • kesmarn says:

            Yes, it would be nice if Massachusetts decided it could handle a brilliant, compassionate non-politician. She’d do ’em a world of good.

            But massive amounts of handwringing and omigawding about what she’s up against seem just — well — pointless to me. And that’s what you’re saying, too.

  3. ADONAI says:

    Yeah! Fuck you Elizabeth Warren and to a lesser extent Jim Webb!!!

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