Saturday, July 09, 2011

“NEW ORLEANS — BP is arguing that victims of last year’s Gulf oil spill should not be paid any more claims for future losses because the areas affected by the spill have recovered and the economy is improving.

The British oil company makes its case in a 29-page document filed with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, which administers the $20 billion fund for victims.”


BP wants to stop payment??

They claim that the Gulf is “recovering”???


BP will be made to pay, like it or not… and might very well cease to exist, but mere monetary costs to them are microscopic compared to the criminal charges that they all must face.

First, the Attorney General of the State of Delaware needs to revoke their Corporate Charter.

Once that happens…. ALL business stops immediately (including all of their Gas Stations coast to coast).

 BP “America” would literally cease to exist… their assets frozen, at which point the State could distribute their funds anywhere they deemed fit.

First, by allocating money to subsidize their rank & file employees… secretaries, janitors, station attendants… for a certain period, allowing them to find other jobs… (after all why should they pay for the malfeasance of their bosses)?

Then.. to the Federal Government to pay for the entire cleanup and compensation to those who lost their livelihoods.

This would not, in any way effect “BP International’s” culpability in both civil and criminal matters.

Face it.

Every corner that could be cut in constructing these rigs, had been cut and counting the environmental impact, more will die due to it.

Their “man on the scene” directly, their Executives & their Boardroom as well… & if “corporate personhood” is now the law, their stockholders should be held equally responsible as accessories… perhaps some prison time would get them all to rethink “Citizens United”.

Halliburton is culpable as well, who used substandard materials.

The people who perished on that platform were murdered, plain & simple.

Eleven human beings sacrificed… men whose trust was betrayed by an aloof, avaricious, cynical company & by a depraved sociopathic “supervisor”.

The BP representative on the platform was specifically warned that if he went ahead with his insistence to speed up the drilling that it would fracture the geological subsurface.

He was warned that he would be endangering the lives of the crew, & he deliberately chose to ignore the experts who were the most knowledgeable, those charged with the responsibility of seeing to all of their safety, and this steaming pile of shit went ahead anyway, solely in the pursuit of the bottom line.

That is 3rd degree murder, no less.

“Any person who even unintentionally causes the death of another person can be charged with murder under the “depraved-heart” theory, which refers to a killing that results from gross negligence.”

Also, they need to know that bankruptcy does not mitigate criminal charges.. nor their obligations to the law… so they can forget that tact as well.

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Consider an analogy.

A BP executive runs over a woman with his Bentley and breaks her legs. He pays her hospital bills but once her therapy is working to help her walk again, albeit slowly and weakly, he refuses to pay anymore of her bills because she’s “walking again”.

She still is suffering in pain, she has a long way to go to have any chance of getting back to how she was and she may never get back full mobility again.

Yet, to the greedy BP exec, the fact that she’s not paralyzed or on her back is an excuse to stop paying for the damage caused.

It would be satisfying to re-route an oil pipe into the middle of their homes and offices and open the spigot wide then see how they felt then about it.


No amount of money is gonna bring those lives back. It’s blood money. Paid to keep certain people passive and other people out of prison. It’s all pretty fucking sad.