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AdLib On July - 1 - 2011

MN’s Gov. Dayton deserves all of our support right now. The state government has shut down because he refuses to let the Republican-controlled legislature use severe cuts in services to its citizens to balance their $5 billion shortfall, he is holding strong on taxing the rich instead while Repubs there are parroting the national GOP, declaring that raising taxes is off the table and the only ones who should sacrifice are the non-wealthy.

It’s a real showdown there and the people are really feeling it with all state parks and facilities shut down possibly for 4th of July. The Repubs need to be hammered there and Gov. Dayton needs all of our support for standing strong against the wealthy’s class warfare against of the middle class.

You can send Gov. Dayton a message of support at his website via this link: http://mn.gov/governor/contact-us/form/

You can submit a letter to the editor at the main MN papers using the link or email provided:

Star Tribune

Pioneer Press
Email: [email protected]

Meanwhile, you can also call or send a mass email to the Republican Legislature to let them know how you feel about what they’re doing. Keep in mind, most state pols only care about what their constituents so referring to living out of state would give your statement less impact.

Here is contact info on the Repub leadership in their legislature who need to hear the people’s demand that the wealthy pay their fair share:


Majority Leader
Koch, Amy T.
(651) 296-5981
[email protected]

Deputy Majority Leader
Michel, Geoff
(651) 296-6238
[email protected]

Assistant Majority Leader
Hann, David W.
(651) 296-1749
[email protected]

Magnus, Doug
(651) 296-5650
[email protected]

Senjem, David H.
(651) 296-3903
[email protected]

Thompson, Dave
(651) 296-5252
[email protected]

Majority Whip
Gerlach, Chris
(651) 296-4120
[email protected]

President of the Senate
Fischbach, Michelle L.
(651) 296-2084
[email protected]

President Pro Tem
Olson, Gen
(651) 296-1282
[email protected]


Zellers, Kurt (R)
[email protected]

Dean, Matt (R)
[email protected]

Hamilton, Rod (R)
[email protected]

Daudt, Kurt (R)
[email protected]

Gunther, Bob (R)
[email protected]

Hoppe, Joe (R)
[email protected]

Kelly, Tim (R)
[email protected]

Loon, Jenifer (R)
[email protected]

Torkelson, Paul (R)
[email protected]

Davids, Greg (R)
[email protected]

Holberg, Mary Liz (R)
[email protected]

Lanning, Morrie (R)
[email protected]

Westrom, Torrey (R)
[email protected]

If we can break the backs of these corporate puppets in MN, it could bust things wide open nationally. Corporate America is orchestrating this campaign in every state and nationally, we have to as well. What happens to the Corporate agenda in MN will affect what happens in your state so you’re invited to take action now and make a real difference.

Please share links to this post and its info with whoever you think may be interested, add it to your Twitter and Facebook, tweet and retweet, get the word out! It’s time for The People to win their first victory in making the wealthy participate in shared sacrifice and standing firm against destroying the middle class instead.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Done, and added Cher’s Bible verses.

  2. Sabreen60 says:

    Adlib, I filled out my form in support of the Governor.

    Happy 4th (or almost 4th) Everyone!

  3. Chernynkaya says:

    Pictures of the shutdown:





  4. kesmarn says:

    Done and Tweeted, AdLib. Happy 4th!

  5. foodchain says:

    Adlib, thank you for all you do. (And everyone else) I responded to the Gov., WI is ramping up for their recall elections, the debt ceiling is coming. Must be time for Paul Revere to warn the Brits we will get them!

    I’m too busy with work and broken household things to put the thought into these wonderful articles; I try, but while skimming is informative, it’s not a good place to provide comments. So, I am here in spirit, and, again thank you.

    I think a good music weekend would be appreciation of the working man—Woody Guthrie, Seeger, Springsteen, Billy Joel, etc. It seems like the time is near.

    Happy $th—funny the difference a capital makes! Happy 4th to all.

    • AdLib says:

      Heh! Love the Paul Revere joke!

      Whether you’re reading or commenting too, it supports all we do here and is very appreciated!

      Thanks for responding to Gov. Dayton’s principled stand!

      Have a Happy 4th and let’s hope that soon we can declare independence from Repub Governors, a Repub House and corporate control over our democracy!

  6. funksands says:

    You mean the Governor wants to cut spending and raise taxes to fill the budget gap?

    What an EXTREMIST.

  7. funksands says:

    AdLib, done.

    First of all, I left Minnesota Wed. night. If I had anything to do with the shutdown, I am very sorry.

    The fascist sociopath minions in the statehouses know their days are numbered. They know they need to work quickly and that they have nothing left to lose.

    This kind of opponent is dangerous short-term, deadly long term if allowed to stay in power with political victories.

    • AdLib says:

      Way to go, Funk!

      Next time when people tell you to lock up when you leave, that doesn’t mean the state you’re in.

      You’re right, they are trying to shove through all they can before they get tossed out in the next election.

      It is dangerous when you play chicken with someone who’s seeking destruction but they can be defeated with the fortification of public support.

  8. whatsthatsound says:

    I have a tax plan that I think really makes a lot of sense. Everybody who makes more than me should be taxed more. Everybody who makes as much as me or less should be taxed less. This rate would fluctuate, meaning it would change from year to year.
    Depending on how much I make.

  9. Chernynkaya says:

    EXCELLENT! And done.

  10. agrippa says:

    Most of those Republicans are spiteful and vindictive nihilists who would wreck the country out of spite.

    • AdLib says:

      Hey agrippa, I honestly don’t think it has to do with spite, I think it’s all about serving a dogma of greed and the wealthy…who are buying their elections for them. They are corporate employees and serving their employers despite all their vows to serve the public.

      Hopefully, voters are really getting it now and will through the bums out in 2012.

      • agrippa says:

        Well, adlib, I think that you are being kind to them.

        Whatever they may be, I think that the lot of them should be picked up very gingerly with a pair of tongs and dropped out the window.

  11. SueInCa says:

    Done Adlib. I love that verse CL quoted so I told him to quote to the R’s, they should know it anyway

    • AdLib says:

      Great, Sue! He’s got to be strengthened by our emails and support. We really can win this first blow against the corporate steamroller. I’m very excited and optimistic about this (as may be self-apparent).

    • choicelady says:

      Hi Sue -- unfortunately ONLY verses condemning other people’s sexuality count with the Right. Charity, mercy, justice -- they don’t know from these! But I bet the Governor knows the verse in principle if not in fact! He seems a very grounded and humane guy.

  12. choicelady says:

    AdLib -- I did it also.

    We don’t get very preachy doing our work as people of faith. We tend to talk about moral values not religious ones, and to promote democracy not -- NOT -- theocratic views. Because we don’t believe literally in “afterlife” or evil as something outside our own selves, we don’t promise heaven. We don’t threaten hell. (I will acknowledge that in the latter case I have to say I miss that tool at my disposal when speaking with the GOP…)

    But there IS one Bible verse I use: Luke 12:48: From those to whom much is given, much is required.

    It is an issue of honor and fairness: You have been granted gifts by your society? You need to bear your fair share of costs to support that society. If you have a lot -- you give more than the widow who has only a mite. Simple justice. Simple equity.

    The religious right/Tea Party justifies violating this precept on the grounds that because they are the “elect” (though no one has a certificate from God), they are entitled to everything, and the rest of us are mere lackeys to their bidding who get nothing.

    Governor Dayton is upholding basic principles of democracy in asserting that a graduated tax that taps those most able to pay is just and fair.

    How did we become so enamored of the lifestyles of the rich and famous that we think like Leona Helmsley -- only the little people pay taxes? When did that harridan become a ROLE MODEL????

    Go Governor Dayton, GO!!! Back to basic principles of justice and equity. We need a strong person to remind us of our core values. Good for you.

    • lynettema says:

      The thing about the wealthy: They think that they have worked hard for their money and they should not have to give back if they don’t want to -- shouldn’t have to contribute to SS, unemployment insurance, etc.

      • AdLib says:

        The truth though is that the work most have done to be wealthy is be delivered by an obstetrician. Most wealth is inherited so such greed and propaganda of theirs, used to avoid contributing back to the society that’s provided them with their wealth, is as much a fraud as they are.

      • choicelady says:

        I could live with that, lyne, IF they worked for it at all, if they did not shift ALL the corporate risk onto our backs to pay, if they did not mostly have inherited wealth, and if they saw the people employed by their companies as full human beings who ALSO worked to build that wealth.

        But they don’t see things that way, so I don’t see why they should not pay through the nose for the favors we’ve given them.

    • AdLib says:

      Well done CL! Pass it along too!

      I really don’t understand this deifying of the wealthy and celebrities. No human being is above or superior to anyone else, especially those who have wealth only because their parents had it or those who commit all kinds of injustices and harm to others just to fulfill their greed.

      This is exactly the fight Progressives have been clamoring for, we need to rally behind Gov. Dayton, the majority is on our side and that meme needs to be cemented with a win in this conflict.

    • AlphaBitch says:

      Sing it, sister! I wrote him that in Texas we have a Governor with good hair -- all hair and no brains. In MN, they have a Governor with a spine AND brains -- they win!

      • choicelady says:

        Hey Alpha! So what counts most in the world of GOPers? I think they think good hair is more important than principle and certainly more important than brains.

        I totally agree with you -- having a Guv with a spine and brains wins every time, no contest.

        Someday the GOPers will learn that lesson.

  13. AlphaBitch says:

    AdLib: done.

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