Today, instead of my usual top picks of the past week,  I looked at the front pages of newspapers from the Newseum. They have the front pages of every newspaper in the US and all their websites. I chose the ones with the largest populations to see what people were reading around the country. I thought I needed a reality check; get out of my bubble, as it were. To see the full-size front pages, just click on the links.

You can access all the past editions of The Daily Planet on the green Category bar on the top of each page under the heading PlanetPOV.


USA Population Map


Most Read:

  1. Sen. John Ensign’s resignation sets off…
  2. Kate Hudson hates her new big breasts
  3. Report: Apple, Google collecting location…
  4. A boy’s view of ‘Heaven’: Is it real?
  5. Concierges confess hotel guests’ most…


Amid air travel woes, fliers score new rights

‘Birther’ Trump revives dumbest political fight

A year later, Gulf spill less disastrous; drilling critical



Most read:


Pearce ‘analysis’ of SB 1070 success is pure humbug

Mug-shot contest reflects failure of human decency




Most Read:


Editorials Op-Ed

U.S. should resettle Uighurs held at Guantanamo

The Dodger way




Most Read:



Most Read:


Legislature should hold the line on property insurance

OUR OPINION: Legislature should hold the line on property insurance

Few lessons learned from spill

OUR OPINION: A year later, the Gulf is recovering but still terribly vulnerable to more pollution



Most Read:

Search begins for Phylicia Barnes’ killer

Storm dissipates: Minor rain may come, followed by sun all weekend




Most Read:

Comcast’s faster Internet service to cost $200 a month

Hawks making Canucks scream ‘Mommy, make it stop!’

Before Arlington Heights slaying, judge gave suspect one last chance

Orlando station makes Chicago gas seem cheap

Gang tattoo leads to a murder conviction


Those Quinncidences

Editorial: Why does Gov. Pat Quinn keep making former state Rep. Careen Gordon look like she’s his co-conspirator in a political…

Zorn: Both sides now

Editorial: Concealing cruelty

Kass: More tips on Chi-nuptials

Editorial: In defense of naps

Chapman: Posturing against pornography

Editorial: Still flunking the basics

Kass: Chicago perfect site for royal wedding



Most Read:

Ex-CEO Marsh details global trips

Flooding closes southern Indiana casino hotel

Newly ‘retired welders’ win $222M Powerball jackpot

Storms move across state

Judge gets probation for a year

Dorson resigns as Chamber president

Perry Twp. school responds to anonymous threat

Lawrence police arrest 3 teens in bus stop holdup

Charter student faces expulsion after ‘hit list’ found

Planned Parenthood move could cost state $4M in fed funds

Mother puts a face on proposed state budget cuts

Tully: GOP intent on killing anti-smoking program

Pit Pass: IndyCar drivers still adjusting to double-file restarts



Most Read:

  1. Making sense of scary news about calcium supplements
  2. Charlestown couple deliver baby — with a little help on the phone
  3. Promising results on MS pill’s trial send Biogen Idec shares soaring
  4. Stop & Shop to launch app for checkout
  5. New York man gets life in prison for murder at Harvard dorm
  6. 2 big doctor groups may merge
  7. Where does good come from?


Dougan probe is warranted —
now Conley must stand down

Commodore 64: When boxy was beautiful

Secret monarchists

Despite suburbs’ swan song,
transit money withers

From labor, a health care Trojan horse

The angle



Most Read:

Lions have their eye on DE Da’Quan Bowers

Police: Terry Jones accidentally fired gun in Southfield TV station parking lot

ATM fee lawsuits hit back at banks

Veterans leader to Pastor Terry Jones: Dearborn protest could endanger U.S. troops overseas

Dearborn jury deliberates on Terry Jones’ right to rally at mosque

Ryan Raburn’s move to infield could pay off for Tigers

Live blog: Terry Jones fights having to pay to hold anti-Muslim protest in Dearborn

Angry bar patron attacks Girls Gone Wild party bus

Michael Rosenberg: Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard looks poised for long playoff run

John Lowe: Five things to watch in Tigers-White Sox series


Editorial: Resist overreaction to prejudiced pastor

·  Humane good sense evicted, as system adds to homelessness and blight

·  Don’t shut so many doors on ex-cons



Most Read:


Nicholas Kristof: Tea and sympathy



Most Read:

FDA goes after producers of hand sanitizers for making false claims

Bernie: Cards can’t wait on trying new closer

Fatal beating in St. Louis was result of “knockout game”

Mattress Firm refuses to sell to Muslim woman

Storm brings rain, hail to St. Louis area; Cardinals game postponed

Franklin rips Cards fans, apologizes later

Pet-only airline will soon fly out of St. Louis

Police: St. Louis man killed in game targeting innocent people


Editorial: In Missouri, it’s not just dogs that need help

Nix the six: Nixon should veto a bill that would increase workplace discrimination.



Most Read:

Patients Are Not Consumers

Nation’s Mood at Lowest Level in Two Years, Poll Shows


Fair Vote, Fragile Future

Krugman: Patients Aren’t Consumers

Brooks: Creed or Chaos

Cohen: Royals Say ‘I Do’

Editorial: Rethinking Their Pledge

Egan: Danger of Trump

Scott Walker: Medicaid



Most Read:

  1. Forecasters scale back rainfall, flooding
  2. Phillips likes being St. Louis’ arch enemy
  3. Police: Woman robbed Hustler store
  4. Lack of video complicates cop-shooting probe
  5. Bengals considering their own indoor practice facility



Most Read:

Wasted words with the first-place Phillies

Flyers vow to come out hitting

Phillies shut out Padres, 3-0

Tattle: Trump’s latest rant victim: Seinfeld

Eagles cheerleading tryouts

Madson’s absence causes a bullpen shuffle

Use of petting zoo at Penn frat party draws criticism

Eagles more likely to move down from No. 23 in draft than to move up

Oswalt sets tone as Phillies shut down Padres

Pronger is out; Lavy responds to Ruff


Foundations/Mosaica school flap: Just offal?

Cyber tragedy

Still a quacky idea

Ban the box’ law is a con on Philadelphia

How Christmas conquered Easter



Most read:

Search continues for answers in slaying of Plano fitness instructor

Plano police search for black SUV spotted in area where slain Frisco woman’s vehicle was abandoned

Longhorns Jordan Hamilton, Tristan Thompson, Cory Joseph to try NBA Draft

Texas Wildfires: April 21

Plano man found slain in pickup parked on South Dallas street


Editorial: Hits and Misses



Most Read:

  1. Engaged couple’s deaths in SSL ruled a murder-suicide
  2. SLC church distributes free copies of Quran
  3. BYU’s Davies plans to return next season
  4. Leavitt shares ‘pants-down’ story with WSU grads
  5. Rolly: Selective prohibitions of LDS Church lobbying


Earth Day: Climate needs a national approach


Most Read:


Downtown Seattle apartment project a welcome beginning

Eternal sunshine of the youthful minds


Obviously, not a comprehensive list of all the big-city papers, and they were from yesterday. I wanted to see what the nation thinks I guess, and I’m not sure. These are most of the places people (voters) live, but from what I read, they don’t seem at all radical. Should I have looked a the Southern papers; more from the Mid-west, even though they have smaller populations? Who votes, anyhow?

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I remember seeing these when I walked past the Newseum. What a great idea to transfer them here.

My faves:

Spitzer takes down Trump – it was indeed fun.,0,4353121.story

The Presbyterian church that distributed free copies of the Qur’an to counter the fringe and burning of the book.

Muslim woman refused mattress for “security reasons” – what’s a terrorist gonna do with a mattress?

This is why disgruntled Tucsonans call it the Daily ‘Red’ Star!

Pearce ‘analysis’ of SB 1070 success is pure humbug

This was picked up today from the LA Time – pesky facts.

Drop in illegal crossings leaves border agents bored

Secret monarchists

Gotta add this, too, seeing all the sports-related stories.

Trail Blazers-Mavericks: Game 5 will reveal psychological impact of dramatic Portland comeback


What a cool website the Newseum is! And thank you, as always, Cher, for making so much information accessible and all in one place!


Hey, Killgore…thanks. I’ve missed you, too. What a great welcome…you, and Neil. Both longtime favorites of mine. My heart’s happier now.


Thank you nannews for your kind words! 🙂


Finding you here,Cher and Abby, I feel like Avram, in ‘The Frisco Kid;’ “Landsmen, landsmen!!” Have felt increasingly lonely on the HP site, not only because of the increasingly right-wing, self-serving turn, but missing the voices of trusted friends, whose words I appreciated and took comfort from, as cohorts in pushing back against the destruction of our democracy. I’m happy I found you.

As a lifelong Wisconsinite, saddened beyond words at what is happening in our state, want to share with you another source for information on what is happening; the Wisconsin State Journal is the ‘official’ paper of the state, printing all the legal notices, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal is considered the other major news source, both leaning most decidedly towards the right.

The Isthmus was started up 35 years ago to provide information about the arts and music in Madison, and has evolved into more of a genuine reflection of the current political landscape than the other papers provide. We were subjected, last weekend, to a visit from Sarah Palin, Tea Party fans and all, funded by the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity. She was here, she said, to “stand by Governor Walker,” who, as it turned out, didn’t choose to stand by her. Rumor has it he was off in some corner of the state, dedicating a bridge opening…reluctant, it seems, to publically link himself with her, or perhaps just too timid to appear before Wisconsin residents he still claims support all he’s doing.

The following link is to an article from the Isthmus…found as ‘The Daily Page,’ online, describing conversations with some of the Tea Party attendees. How can you read those quotes without feeling a sense of despair?? How we can overcome/transform the misinformation Fox supplies on a daily basis, I don’t know. Any suggestions you have are welcome:


nannews, you found a good place here. A warm welcome from me and Neil Young;


Cher, this was a very interesting compilation. I think you maybe on to something. Perhaps instead of just looking at papers from large markets though, I suggest you take more of a regional approach…maybe one that takes into account that in certain REGIONS of the country, rather than by State, certain social and cultural themes dominate.

I suggest this approach rather than by State, or population because certain regions tend to be more alike than the state they are in would indicate. For example…NYC and Philly, and parts of New Jersey tend to all have a similar cultural identity. Whereas, Upstate NY and Western NY are quite different. A similar concept occurs with the New England States of Connecticut, Mass, and Rhode Island, vs Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Similarly Southwestern regions may differ culturally than certain western or southern regions.

You get the idea…so by looking at a sampling of a small, medium and a large market paper from each particular region, I think you might get a better view of the concepts, ideas and interests of a wider range of the people in the nation.

Just a thought! 🙂