Thanks to AlphaBitch, a wonderful gift was sent to me through an email this week, it brought tears of joy to my eyes, it healed a gaping hole in my heart and soul, it has become a treasure to me, the kind words expressed will always remain with me, I am deeply touched. I would like to share this email from a young man in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, I will call him  “A”.


Thank you to the wonderful youth of Bamiyan. Thank you “A” for the overwhelming message in your email, and thank you AlphaBitch for forwarding it on to me, and getting permission to share it here on The Planet.



“We are poor, but are rich in our willingness to offer assistance to the

people of Japan during your time of need. Says the banners that Bamiyan
Youth are holding.

Around 150 to to 200 young girls and boys from Bamiyan, Afghanistan gathered
to share their heartfelt sorrow with the people of Japan after the Tsunami.
They express; we deeply feel the pain that our Japanese friends suffer,
therefore, we ask the Afghan government to do whatever possible. These
youths offered their assistance to the people of Japan, as they say in of
the sign” we are ready to do anything for our friendly country of Japan”.

After the fall of the Taliban, Japan alongside other International
communities have donated millions of dollars for the reconstruction of
Afghanistan. The Japanese government have built schools, health clinics,
roads as well as have trained hundreds of Afghan women in professional job
sections. Today, in return, we stand with them, offer our assistance, and
volunteer to do anything.

Finally, we pray for those who lost their loved ones, we pray for the safety
of those who are still in the middle of crisis. And yes, we pray for the
safety of those who live close to the nuclear power plant. God bless Japan.”

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KQµårk 死神

Kalima this is absolutely awe inspiring. To see people who have gone through so much just take time out to have sympathy for the good people of Japan is all they probably need to give.

It gives me so much more hope not only for the people of Japan but the Afghan people as well.


Amazing. When you remove the politics- it’s just people caring about helping people.


If nothing else at all came from the foundation of PlanetPOV, wouldn’t this alone have made it all worth while?

And yet, so much more has come from that decision that a handful of people made a couple of years ago. All I can say is: Thank you!

To the kids in Afghanistan.
To all the Planet founders/editors/AdLib.
To AB and the Blov for their more-than-generous hearts.
And to Kalima for sharing — in so many, many ways.


Ah, Kes! You are the one who lovingly checks on patients in the night, who adjusts pillows and makes sure the IV runs well.

I think each and every one of us who has compassion or a desire for understanding does the world a whole lot of quiet good.

When I got this, the first thing I thought of was “Kalima!” Knowing that it helped her in any way at all brought such happiness to both me and the Pup. She is loved by so many of us, as are many of our Planetarians. We are a lucky bunch, indeed. Thanks to the founders, and thanks to the ones who make it worth spending too much time on, whether learning, sharing or laughing. Yea us!


This is why I refuse to give up on humanity. I fear for our future but I will not give up hope. It would be a great disservice to these good people.


Thanks, Adonai. Your hope for people is very, very important in this thing we call life now, isn’t it???


Amen, brother.


What you said. Just when I think the human race has finally hit the point of no return, I see something like this. Thank the gods of the internet for immediate news.


Oh, WOW. That is so incredibly touching! The most hopeful thing I have seen for the human race in ages. When people ask, “Where is God?” I have only to show them these photos. Thank you for posting this.


I Tweeted it too. I hope the world sees this.


Ok, now you’ve done it. Where’s those darn Kleenex again? Be sure they are unscented…..

Love you, Cher. You’ve been such a force for good yourself, lady.


Tashakor, dear Kalima. “A” has been inspired by the people here on the Planet and the news from the front.

He let the youth of Bamiyan know about your kind letter/email because he wanted them to realize that what you say or do can reverberate around the world. He wanted them to know that they can and did make a difference, if only to provide words of encouragement and support. He strongly believes that the Afghan government owes Japan much money and assistance in efforts to rebuild, as Japan has done so very much for Afghanistan.

Hope you are doing better, and that each day continues to improve. Hug your kitties for me. Mine says “purrrrrrrr” to you. He’s a big boy, quite capable himself of creating “aftershocks” with his purr therapy. Perhaps one day you will meet. -AB


Thank you for sharing this, Kalima and Alpha Bitch. There are so many wonderful people, and it’ s always wonderful to hear from them.