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whatsthatsound On February - 15 - 2011

Well, I missed Valentine’s Day by a bit, but here is some poetry and artwork of mine on the theme of eternal love. More specifically, both song and image were inspired by an archeological discovery a few years back in Italy, wonderfully ironically not far from the village where Romeo and Juliet was set. 7000 years ago a man and woman were buried together in the passionate embrace depicted above. You may all recall seeing or hearing about this before. More information can be found here:


Endless Embrace
I remember the time when you and me

walked for miles to reach the sea

we stood and stared at water so wide

we couldn’t see to the other side

I said our love was just like that

You pulled me forward and said through a laugh

let’s be careful then, that we don’t drown in it

we swam out as far as we could

and made love out in the deep blue

I was one with the sun and the salt and the sky,

and with you

and we knew that our love was endless

we knew that our love was everything

we gathered it up into our own sacred space

out where dolphins swam

I remember the day, and oh how you cried

as they led you away from your father’s side

and you came to live with me and my tribe

I swore to you then as I swear to you now

to give everything that I am, to somehow

mean more to you than all that you left behind

And I swore that our love would be endless

and I swore that our love was, to me, everything

you looked up at me with a trusting face

and then we began our endless embrace

through the years our love’s grown strong

we’ve shed our tears, we’ve sang our songs

you’ve been my legs when the road was long

some far off day, when the Milky Way

has fallen down from the sky to the ground

they’ll find our remains, linked together

and though our bodies will have turned to stone

they’ll know our love hasn’t died, but has grown

let me hold you like that now, like it’s forever

and they’ll know that our love was endless

they’ll know that our love was everything

we gathered it up into our own sacred space

and lived, as we died, in an endless embrace

Written by whatsthatsound

Writer, Illustrator, Curmudgeon. Ferret Owner. Tokyoite, formerly Ohioan. Much nicer in person.

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  1. Thefoxislaur says:

    Whats….as someone who has been hurt, used, and lied to, I’m so cautious and scared to love again. This beautiful poem inspires though. I know true deep love can exist, I saw in in my parents and some of my siblings have found it as well. I see it in some of my friends too.

    Aaaah, you never know:)

    • whatsthatsound says:

      Believe me, my personal experience has been less ideal than the poem. But the photograph, when I saw it a few years ago, just went straight to my core and I wanted to imagine that such a love COULD exist.

  2. Gransview says:

    Loved it! “Somethun’s definitely happening here!

  3. UpstateSC says:

    Glad the kinks, or whatever has been worked out Whats! The poem is lovely, and you artwork is stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  4. smit9187 says:

    Whatsthatsound, I have always liked your moniker, it reminds me of fun times. I really appreciate the info you posted, that was truly interesting. Your work is astounding.

    • boomer1949 says:

      Welcome to The Planet smit9187. Each and everyone of us at The Planet are happy you are here.

      Quite by accident, Whats and I discovered we grew up in the same cit-tee; although he is much younger than I, we seem to be on the same page (most of the time).

      Whats is beyond talented; he speaks volumes.

      You will grow from his art and his posts.

    • Thefoxislaur says:

      Smit is it you? Good to see you my friend. Old fox was officially banned for life from HP:)))

      • smit9187 says:

        Foxy, and you know I’ve missed you terribly. I’m glad I will once again enjoy “your way with words,” you’re the coolest.

    • whatsthatsound says:

      Thanks, smit! I tried to make my moniker “ForWhatItsWorth” but someone had already taken it….

  5. boomer1949 says:


    This Ohio girl says you’re definitely outdoing yourself this week. May I have permission to send to a friend?

    And a belated Happy Valentines Day!

  6. Chernynkaya says:

    What’s--simply a stunning work. The art quite literally made me weep and the poem opened my heart. They, together, are the embrace. Thank you so much.

    • whatsthatsound says:

      Wow, that’s a beautiful way to put it, Cher. Thank you!
      You (and Adlib) may recognize the hills of LA down at the bottom, and the lights of the city. This is my idea that “The Milky Way has fallen down from the sky to the ground”. That’s my feeling about how an ancient person would view the spectacle.
      In other words, he somehow intuited the age in which he and his lover would be discovered.
      I know, I know, too much explanation ruins the poem! :)

  7. AuntieChrist says:


    you must have done something incredibly righteous in a past life to be so gifted in this one.


    • whatsthatsound says:

      Why thank you! One of the kindest things anyone has ever said to me!

      • AuntieChrist says:

        if you accuse me of kindness, how can i ever fit in with those few friends of mine who claim to be compassionate conservatives?

        they’ll know something is afoot should they detect any decent human behavior… you may have put me in danger. 😉

        …thanx for nothing.

        • whatsthatsound says:

          Okay, okay, so you’re not kind. Can I say you are sweet?

        • boomer1949 says:


          Your are grounded and you make me (and most here) laugh. What more could one ask for?

          Recognition? Not!

          I have a wand and crown I’d be more than happy to send to you. However, I doubt the fluff replaces the reality.

  8. msbadger says:

    Nice stuff there, stranger. Very long time no see. That was lovely. :)

    • whatsthatsound says:

      No, no, you HAVE to see it with the image, MsB! This is frustrating the crap outta me. Please promise to look at it again when one of the admin people puts the image back in.

      But thanks anyway, and really nice to see you.

      • boomer1949 says:


        I believe msbadger was referring to “not seeing you”. She saw your entire post.

        • whatsthatsound says:

          Yeah, I know that. She and I are old friends. But when I ran it last night and she commented, the image wouldn’t show. Maestro Adlib fixed it for me!

          • boomer1949 says:

            Undeniable, the Big Guy is a gem, masterful.

            I have no clue how he does it, yet I am virtually impressed.

            He deserves many, many more accolades than we dole out to him.

            Shame on us; shame on us.

  9. whatsthatsound says:

    Adlib, SOMEBODY! I’m having the same problem as before. I loaded the image but both when I go to Preview, and also when I Publish it, the image disappears.
    Please add it in as the two really need to go together, words and images.
    at least the image shows up as a preview!
    (and please delete this comment afterwards…)

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