Nuttin' But Da Truth!

The newly elected and Republican controlled House will take up their first major bill of the new session, therefore it is gifted with HR2, “The Repeal of the Jobs-Killing Obamacare” (According to THOMAS, HR 2 is the only occurrence of the word “killing” in the official title of a bill in the past 22 years) or some other misleading title.  This is all part of their campaign slogans of “Taking Our Country Back” and “The People Have Spoken”, even though the repeal of the HCR bill polled way down the list in many exit polls. (Job creation was number one, shouldn’t that be their first bill?)

(Aside:  When I was a youngster, to use the word or to call someone a liar would warrant a punishment worse than what the perpetrator received. [something Joe Wilson never learned]  So with that in mind and with respect to my parents, I will use the term “Invalid Statements” in this post.  You may see it as a lie, or in some cases just simply “crazy talk” [No Shelly, I’m not talking about you]?  Call it whatever you like.)

During debate and passage of the bill we all heard many “Invalid Statements” from the “death panels”, “getting arrested and doing prison time” if one didn’t purchase health insurance to “rationed care” and “cutting Medicare.” The list was long and wrong.

One of the many problems of original passing the bill was that the “Invalid Statements” were allowed to linger and be repeated for days before they were refuted.  They had Dr. Luntz, we had Mr. Putz getting out the sound bites and arguments.  (Political sound bites on television news now average 7-9 seconds- Monkey Cage, leaving  little time for explanation.)  We were always on the defense not the offense.  This needs to change.  We need the bumper sticker slogans.

We now have what amounts to another debate on HCR and we need to be better prepared for it this time.   When ever you hear an unfounded lies, oops, “nugatory phrases ” please post and if possible find a link refuting it.  Let’s make this argument be based on facts and reality.
If you can’t find a link discrediting the falsehood, post the statement and we can all work on finding a link.  Here is your chance to have a hand in becoming a wordsmith and sloganeer.  If you have one, great, post it.
This will be our clearing house.  This is your chance to discredit their false assertions.  Do not allow them to linger and become talking points.

We all need to become firefighters.  Let’s put out the brush fires before we have to fight forest-fires–this time.

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Good Morning Bito,
Can you open this chart?


OK, I have to just vent about how much this sickens me. I read the interview (on NBC news) with Dick Cheney and HIS fucking platinum health care.

Well, there’s a system called the LVAD, Left Ventricular Assist Device. And it in effect takes blood from the ventricle chamber of your heart and moves it into your aorta. And it significantly increases the amount of blood flow you’ve got going, which is vital when you get to end stage heart failure.

It significantly improves the function in the kidneys and your liver because they get an adequate supply of blood. And I’d reached the point after 30 years and five heart attacks where I really needed to do something. And so that’s what we did. It’s a pump that runs at about 9,000 RPMs. It’s battery powered from the outside. But it’s a wondrous device. It’s really a miracle of modern technology. And now I’m here today because we have that kind of technology. And because the doctors were able to adapt it to my situation.


More and more people are using these instead of heart transplants, but usually they use them for a year or two. Are you thinking about a heart transplant?


I haven’t made a decision yet. The technology was originally developed to provide a transition. To take somebody who’s reached the point where they needed a transplant but a transplant wouldn’t immediately be available, so they put this in as a temporary measure.

What’s happened over time is the technology’s gotten better and better and we’ve gotten more and more experience with people living with this technology. So I’ll have to make a decision at some point whether or not I want to go for a transplant. But we haven’t addressed that yet.

In the meantime, actual human beings are dying, awaiting transplants where there is NO money. Just die already, DICK. There, I said it.


I think I need to amend my agreement to be an organ donor, Cher. For whatever it’s worth, my heart can go to anyone except Cheney.


Cher – when he got this implant, I noticed in a story about his procedure that one side effect is that he has no pulse. None. Anywhere. At all. For some reason that totally creeps me out. It would merely be an interesting phenomenon in someone else, but with him? It totally creeps me out. Totally.


Oh, C’Lady– you really made me laugh with that!!

Yep, hahaha, TOTALLY! Evil sonofabitch bastard.


Ezra Klein: Omnibus post on the ‘gimmicks’ in the CBO’s score of the health-care law

Whenever the health-care law and its CBO score comes back into the news, I get deluged with requests to respond to various Republican critiques of the bill’s score. Earlier today, for instance, John asked:

Can you please respond to John Boehner and Paul Ryan’s assertions that CBO was given incorrect assumptions when scoring the health care bill. Specifically cited as phony scoring is:

1) $115 billion implementation costs left out
2) Double counting of social security payroll taxes
3) Class Act premiums
4) Medicare Cuts
5) Doc Fix



If I could make the rules, I would demand that every Repub who is against the bill, stand up and read the parts of the bill that they claim will ruin the country. Want to bet that most of them have no idea what is even in it?


Oh, and then there’s this bit of theater.

26 states join Obama health care lawsuit in Fla.