Tax Revenue Decline

Since the election I have heard the phrase “the will of the people” form many a House Republican.  “We will do the will of the people!”  “We were elected to do the will of the …….” I wish I had one of those Goldline coins for every time I  heard that line.  The microphones banks are set up, the interviews from Fox are ready to go.

And yet, I also hear, “We must make the Bush tax cuts permanent!  The Will of the People! We can’t raise taxes now!

Question, Sir: Will you compromise on extending the cuts for those under 250,000 dollars and let them expire for the top 20%?

Answer: We have a mandate to follow the Will of the People!  We can’t allow taxes being raised on anyone!!!

What exactly do the people think?  What is their “will?”  Are you talking to “other” people?

snapshot 2

Thanks to Center for American Progress

Public Opinion Snapshot: Tax Cuts for the Middle Class Are Good; Tax Cuts for the Rich Are Bad

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Bito, It’s pony time for John Boehner !
But I think he will will be an ass instead.


We are in an era when anger, fear and resentment trump respect or desire for truth.

On one hand, we now have a mainstream corporate/government propaganda channel that regularly injects disinformation into the pool of public discourse so that truth can be reduced to appearing as oppositional propaganda.

On the other hand, thanks to this internet thing, the truth is not so hard to discover and yet too many people are so lazy, they would rather buy their opinions from their favorite corporate retailer.

Man, do we need a new Age of Enlightenment!


The RW makes shit up everyday and besides a few folks like KO, RM, JS, no one cares and more people of the same persuasion seem to readily believe and embrace whatever they say. I’ve never seen anything like.


I love all those mom & pop businesses making more than 250k, too.

What I do admire about the right wing machine is that ability to take an issue polling poorly and pounding away at it until it is polling favorably, no matter how dishonest they have to be…

And, did anyone hear Christine O’Donnell on Leno bemoaning the “death tax”? Honey, you’re gonna need some magic to have to worry about that. This is the measure of the corporatists’ success.

Death tax has become presented as the problem of the everyman as has tax breaks for the top 2%. Seriously, their messaging is brutally efficient, and effective. – and that pisses me off to no end.

It’s not ethical, but the way the RW keeps making shit up and never having to retract it because a week or two later the media’s forgotten about it, I say the left start doing diversionary tactics too. What it is is making the opposition spend time debunking non-issues, thus bleeding them of time and energy and throwing static into any policy debate. I’m tired of only being on the receiving end of this.

And yet, I still just couldn’t be comfortable with a party that resorted to that level – though in general I have no qualms playing dirty. I think with Dems it would lose them credibility with their base, whereas with Repubs, it only riles them up more… *sigh*

{{I appear to have gone off on a random thought there.}} 😆