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nellie On February - 26 - 2010

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Unknown News | Casualties in Afghanistan & Iraq
Obama’s Afghanistan dilemma : The New Yorker
BBC NEWS | Americas | US rethinks Afghanistan strategy
Barack Obama's Afghanistan strategy is a gamble and the price will be high | Simon Tisdall | World news | The Guardian
The surge in Afghanistan: The perils of keeping everybody happy | The Economist
What do they talk about in all those Afghanistan strategy sessions? – By Fred Kaplan – Slate Magazine
My mixed feelings about the war in Afghanistan. – By Fred Kaplan – Slate Magazine
Obama's Afghanistan speech was confusing. – By John Dickerson – Slate Magazine
Obama Afghanistan strategy: More troops in quickly, drawdown in 2011 – CNN.com
Daniel Bruno Sanz: The Fool's Errand
Afghanistan and the new great game – thestar.com
The Associated Press: Official: Obama won't take any current war options
Two questions Obama must ask before sending more troops to Afghanistan. – By Fred Kaplan – Slate Magazine
How does the U.S. make sure Afghan policemen aren't terrorists? – By Christopher Beam – Slate Magazine
The worst thing about President Karzai's brother's CIA gig. – By Fred Kaplan – Slate Magazine
Op-Ed Columnist – Don’t Build Up – NYTimes.com
Morning Meeting:Going at it alone in Afghanistan?
How to Bring Peace to Afghanistan by Eric Margolis
Op-Ed Contributor – Afghanistan’s Tyranny of the Minority – NYTimes.com
Karzai, the Pashtuns, and the Taliban
A Dogged Taliban Chief Rebounds, Vexing U.S. – NYTimes.com
Afghanistan – Google Maps
Afghanistan may already be lost | Salon News
The suffocatingly narrow Afghanistan “debate” – Glenn Greenwald – Salon.com
Op-Ed Columnist – Two Wrongs Make Another Fiasco – NYTimes.com
Jon Soltz: The Questions All Americans Should ask About Afghanistan
Is US strategy in Afghanistan working? | csmonitor.com
Rethink Afghanistan Part 1: Military Escalation – Watch the Documentary Film for Free – SnagFilms
New Civilian Deaths Roil Afghans
FRONTLINE: Tehran Bureau: Strategic Leaking | PBS
Iraq Outraged As Blackwater Case Thrown Out

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