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Tiger99 On January - 24 - 2010
Categories: Speakers' Corner

Written by Tiger99

"When You Vote The For Lesser Of Two Evils You Still Vote For Evil" - Tiger99

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  1. Tiger99 says:

    OK , I would have thought for sure there would have been at least one comment for sharing Mr. Grin in the Daisy Dukes…

    • javaz says:

      I could click on your Tiger99 and get into this article!
      I tried to do it before, but being on dial-up, if there are too many youtubes or pics, I can’t open them.
      I miss out on a lot of things, OH!
      Just scrolled up and everything is showing!!!

      Oh, it’s all wonderful!
      Love the first pic about wanting Planet POV back!
      And oh my gosh, is that a real pic of a man stretching his face out like that?
      That isn’t good for him.

      Not sure where the bearded face guy’s face is and not so sure I want to know!

      Love the last cartoon.

      Very good job, Tiger, and too bad this isn’t on the main page!


      • Tiger99 says:

        The face in the pubey tatoo is Tommy Chong…

        • javaz says:

          Wasn’t sure if that were a frontal shot or rear!
          You know, someone had their head up their butt type thing!
          It’s all great.
          Also like the cartoon of Rummy.
          My gosh, can you believe how long they kept Rummy?
          That entire Iraq thing with them going from one place to another in the Sunni Triangle was so . . . would stupid be the correct term?
          So many lives lost so needlessly.

    • bitohistory says:

      What was I supposed to say Tiger? “Yep, Tiger,Definitely,Too much caffeine!!”?

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