Folks,  I have for most of my life been what some might call a  ‘boat rocker’ or ‘pot stirrer.’ I have railed against authority for as long as I can remember and have been loved for it…and hated.  And on more than one occasion I have suffered mightily because of it.  The very thought of being  ‘content’ with what others tell me is the ‘norm’ or the like, sets me into a frenzy of fury.  I was not very well adored by the nuns in my Catholic school for my impertinence. I was/am ‘uppity’ and ambitious. (something my father said was evil) Even now in the depths of despair that I find myself in, …I can’t shake this part of my personality. Perhaps I am a psychotic, manic, megalomaniac that thinks his ideas area the very best. Yet I welcome stimulating conversation and gladly accept new and better solutions to issues and problems when they are offered. I do see reason…and logic.  I’m not highly educated.  I may even have been considered ‘white trash’ and ‘poor’ when I was growing up. I may be on my way BACK to it, financially. But here I am nonetheless. Wondering. Thinking. And stirring…..

Now most of you are probably wondering what in the hell I’m on about….well…good point! I had occasion to listen to Chris Hedges today and his reading of a portion of his new book. I read DN from time to time and this reading really reminded me of so many here at PlanetPOV and others around the nation and I thought that all of you….please…would listen to his reading.  It’s a little long, so maybe listen as the last thing before bed. But, I think it encapsulates a large portion of readers and citizens that are truly NOT polarized in their reasoning with regards to the machinations of our Republic and its future. More importantly, I would love to hear all of our wise and learned opinions of his work. I feel that what I listened to might be the last, best rallying cry for our kind…..

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Good evening, my friend!

I just arrived here, midnight my time, to find that you had posted a new comment. I, like Kesmarn, will have to postpone listening to Mr. Hedges until morning if I am to write tonight.

I imagine that most of us here have a mental picture in our minds of our other members. I have a mental picture of you…and from your self-description, it is nothing like the one you give. I am not referring to physical traits, but something much deeper.

We become transparent here by the sharing of our most deeply held feelings and beliefs. We are courageous; we are brave! We put ourselves out in the open, vulnerable, and subject to criticism from others who might not understand. Another author here wrote that it takes great courage to put ones’ self out there…and I see you in that light! You have graced us with your poetry, words and feelings from the depths of your heart. You have made yourself vulnerable by doing so. I am, kind friend, in your debt for this sharing of your true self.

My mother used to tell me that I was my own worst enemy. I never understood exactly what she meant until much later in my life when I began to realize that I was making my own reality…I was defeating myself by my own self-perception. At the risk of over-stepping my bounds, I would encourage you to make your reality a better one. Anyone who has the strength to write as you have written most certainly has that inner strength, courage, and bravery necessary for the task. Surely you must see this in yourself!

The picture that I hold in my mind of you, Scott, is one of a man who has seen the heights and the depths, one who has the richness of spirit, born of experience, to write beautifully…and to share that beauty with us all. We are graced by it!

I wish you the very best, my courageous friend…only the best!


TRP, so good to see you posting an article here.
Your sense of humor (as evidenced on your comments on other threads) is still in fine operating condition!
Would love to hear Hedges, but I’m using an open source OS called Fedora on my computer and it just doesn’t want to play along tonight. Will have to see what I can do about that.

My brain is too foggy at midnight, though. So this might have to be a project for the morning!

Thoughts and prayers are still with you!