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Emerald1943 On December - 31 - 2009

In perusing the headlines at HP, I stumbled upon a very interesting article by Congressman Eric Massa of New York. Apparently, the most recent personal attack on President Obama by a certain former vice-president has finally provoked a strong response from a Democrat. In the article, he also cites Senator Jim DeMint for his obstruction in the confirmation process for the head of the TSA.

“Bring It On” Dick Cheney and Jim DeMint

It is time, as Rep. Massa states, for Dick Cheney to “put up or shut up”. His critique is no longer valid, nor is it sought by anyone who recognizes the horrible mess left to our new president by Cheney and his cronies. Mr. Cheney no longer has any credibility on national security or any other subject for that matter.

Rep. Massa writes:

Vice President Cheney, Senator DeMint, it’s time for both of you to be held accountable for your failures and your poor decisions.

I challenge both of you to stand in the light of day and debate your record with me. Your partisan attacks are nothing but empty rhetoric and it’s time to declare that we can no longer stand by while you attack our President for working to protect our Nation and for having an honest dialog about what went wrong.

Let’s make a New Year’s Resolution to call out hypocrisy in 2010. Stand against it and any time that former Vice President Dick Cheney opens his hypocritical mouth to continue uttering blather, he needs to be challenged in a straight forward factual manner that will demonstrate the emptiness of his rhetoric.

Let us hope that the good Congressman has stoked the fire, that he has inspired others to speak out loudly. It is time for some good old-fashioned pushback! It is time to control the message! It is time to call out the hypocrisy!

Written by Emerald1943

Born and bred a Southern lady. Degree in nursing and 20 years of classical piano. Two grown children and two gorgeous grandkids. Also two Shih Tzu doggies, the light of my life! Buddhist. A life-long card-carrying, flaming, hard-core, opinionated, liberal/progressive Democrat...and proud of it! Favorite quotation: "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." Sinclair Lewis

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  1. Marion says:

    It’s New Year’s now in the UK. Have a good one. I’d rather not fuck Dick Cheney … I’d rather just use him for target practice.

  2. Mogamboguru says:

    javaz sais:
    12/31/2009 at 3:43 PM

    FUCK REPUBLICANS AND THE GOP! and the horses they rode in on.
    But not in a good way, because repukes like that kind of thing.
    Appalachian Trail, anyone?
    Bathroom stall tapping foot?

    • Emerald1943 says:

      Hey Mo! I was going to log off but your comment dragged me back into the fray!

      I agree with you on some points, especially about the President’s considering himself an Executor. I believe him to be an avid student of history and in regards to health care, he saw what happened to the Clinton’s efforts to reform in the 90’s. Hillary basically wrote the bill and sent it over to Congress. Of course, they were highly insulted and those that hated her to begin with had all the material they needed to bash the First Lady and her massive plans for reform.

      President Obama could see the error of that approach and decided to give the responsibility to Congress to come up with a reasonable plan. While I can understand his thinking, his mistake was in not taking a much more “hands on” approach on the issue. He literally went for weeks without making any remarks after the speech to Congress. During that time, the Republicans grabbed the open microphone every chance they got and completely trashed anything the Democrats put forth. The lies and distortions were stunning.

      If President Obama was guilty of anything, it was naivete. I don’t believe he expected quite the level of vitriol that ensued. Many of us were stunned by the hatred of the tea baggers and the fact that many of our esteemed lawmakers supported them.

      Let us hope that the President has learned something from this debacle. He MUST be a strong and vocal leader. Surely he has learned that he cannot depend on a badly polarized group of partisan politicians to come up with plans for the benefit of the American people. That is not their focus…defeating him is!

      Bill Clinton has said that no one is ever prepared to be President of the United States. Barack Obama was not prepared either, but I do believe he is a quick study. For all our sakes, let us hope that he is.

  3. Emerald1943 says:

    I note here that there are already 102 responses to my article about the hypocrisy of Dick Cheney….most of them say, “F**k Dick Cheney” or some aberration of the same! Keep it up, you guys! I will have the dubious honor of the post with the most replies! Maybe I will even have my post listed on the list over on the right side of the site!

    Please feel free to come back and post “F**k Dick Cheney” as the night progresses and when you feel the urge! LMAO

    You guys are the best! Happy New Year to all…and to all a good night! :-)

  4. HITO says:

    Jeebus Louisis!

    Is this the “Fuck Dick Cheney” thread?

    I must be in the right place.

    Just want to wish you all a Happy New Year.


  5. AlphaBitch says:

    Do I HAVE to “fuck” Dick Cheney?? I’d rather not, if you get my drift…

  6. TheRarestPatriot says:

    Woooooo!!!!! I founded the koconut rummmmmm!!!

    Woooooo…FCUCK CHICK DENEY !!!!!! WOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~


    Now for my sloppy drunk New Years song!

    • escribacat says:

      That boy is extremely cute. I’ve heard that’s why he wasn’t taken real seriously as a guitarist — which is a pity. He’s pretty good.

      • TheRarestPatriot says:

        Sakes, the guy is one of the finest guitar players alive… ask people in the industry…they’ll tell ya’…

        Here’s a bit of trivia: If everyone thinks Mr. Frampton was a nobody of the 70s….

        …then why is Mick freakin’ Jagger singing BACK UP on this song?…

        Oh, …and another nobody named little Stevie Wonder is playing the keyboards on this one as well….LMAO~

  7. Bernard Marx says:

    Did I hear someone say you had to drink everytime someone said ‘fuck Dick Cheney’?

    In that case, cheers, sk

    • KQuark says:

      😆 How dry I am, how dry I am, nobody knows how dry I am.

      • nottoolate says:

        Another dry one heard from. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.
        Fuck Dick!!!!!! And Joe. And GBx2. And Sarah. And all their ilk.

        Imagine my surprise. I got old. I retired. Instead of taking up birding and knitting, I took up politics. Cross between a soap opera and a horror movie.

        May countless blessings rain upon Franken, Grayson and Massa, upon our President (although I am rather disappointed), and upon all the people I am getting to know here at Planet. And on me, too, please and thank you.

        Time for my heating pad and an Alan Watts book. Good night, good people everywhere.

      • escribacat says:

        I am dry too, KQuark. Life is awfully quiet!

      • HITO says:

        I do. You are one snarky SOB…dry extraordinaire.

        And thank you for that my friend.

        Happy New Year.

        Hope to see you soon.


    • Emerald1943 says:

      Got it! I’m not going to be able to find the keyboard if you guys keep this up!

      BTW, fuck Dick Cheney! :-)

      (I hope Congressman Massa doesn’t log on here tonight! LOL)

  8. Hopeington says:

    I always like to send a letter of encouragement and support for Reps that, I feel, are working on behalf of all Americans and not just his/her constituents. Here is Massa’s contact info in case you feel so inclined.
    Congressman Eric Massa
    Washington DC Office
    1208 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-3161
    Fax: (202) 226-6599

    • Emerald1943 says:

      Hey Hope! I just sent Congressman Massa an email commending his article. I also told him of PlanetPOV and invited him to browse our site.

      Thanks so much for the link!

  9. BigDogMom says:

    About F’en time someone stood up and said something! Let’s hope this starts a trend in calling out this hypocritical bastards.

  10. javaz says:

    FUCK REPUBLICANS AND THE GOP! and the horses they rode in on.
    But not in a good way, because repukes like that kind of thing.
    Appalachian Trail, anyone?
    Bathroom stall tapping foot?
    It’s not the hypocrisy that bothers me so much, but it’s the insanity.
    How do we deal with the insane-Beck-loving-Obama-hating?
    Happy New Year!
    LMAO oh, this is for Keven because I know how much he likes them -- :)
    Next, stories about my cats and dogs complete with video/


    Happy New Year, and signing off until next year!

  11. abby4ever says:

    Excuse me, Emerald, if I do a test here, please?


  12. KQuark says:

    Fuck Dick Cheney! Why did you not keep us safe during 911?

  13. SueInCa says:

    I was perusing Hp a little while ago and the Main is all about Hairyanna and her fellow bots telling everyone to go to community banks and the sheeple are acting like this is the idea of the century. I tried to get in a few posts but any that were critical of Ms A were blocked, figures. So I just used the term “they” to critize the post.

    How long have others been talking about going to smaller banks and credit unions? She is about a 2 years late on the uptake.

    The hubris coming from her these days is incredible.

    • escribacat says:

      People have been saying that in the HP comments sections for months and months.

    • Marion says:

      Apparently, she came up with this wonderful idea while out at dinner with two well-known names, who probably told her what common sense it made. It’s not rocket science and anyone would suss it. Just goes to show how removed from the scheme of things she is, for ordinary people. That there are people there who do reasonable impressions of nodding car dogs means that there are as many ‘dittos’ on the Left as on the Right. Fame WHORE.

      I so agree about the hubris -- every time she farts, it makes headline news there; but on her latest BRAG, about telling Joe Scarborough that people were angry with Obama because he preferred Wall Street to Main Street, she’s taking some serious flak in the comments. One commentator said that, like Sarah Palin, he wished they’d both go away. HA!

      I just have trouble fathoming why the likes of MSNBC and George Stephanopolous, amongst others, give her so much time. She is such an intellectual lightweight. The British saw her shallowness from the very beginning, which is why she could never make it seriously in the media in the UK.

      OH, how I would LOVE to see her have a mighty fall onto her feta-cheesed ass in 2010. I’m a bitch, me.

    • choicelady says:

      Many of us in her NON blog-o-sphere have been advocating this for YEARS. My first brush with community banking came decades ago with the South Shore Bank in Chicago (now just Shorebank I believe) that made all its loans in poorer neighborhoods and to small, largely minority owned businesses as well as to homeowners. We’ve known the benefits of community banking and credit unions. Right after “the fall” last year, I was able to secure a 5-year CD at 5% per year when all banks offered was just over prime. (That has changed, but the credit union is still ahead of commercial banks!) So she’s now taking credit (‘scuse the pun) for information the community banking world has known forever. She is too late to the party, is Ms. A. What a fraud.

      And she leaves out the banks and lenders to the Muslim-American population that offer interest-free (“riba” free) home loans. They were recommended by ME to the community banking world because they do the only HONEST rent to own, interest free homeowner program in America. Very cool people. Very stable banking program (Bank of Whittier in CA does these, among others.) Let’s see if she will suggest as I have that the entire world could emulate MUSLIMS. HAH! Believe she will do that when I see it!

    • Hopeington says:

      Dang, I went there, scrolled down and saw a photo of President Obama shining Sarah Palin’s shoes and I hot footed it right on out of there.
      Media Matters needs to cover HuffPo the way they do Focks and Fiends. I have emailed them about my concerns, I think I may keep up with that. The Greek Whoracle has deceptively acquired too much influence.

      • Emerald1943 says:

        I saw that picture and it absolutely FROSTED ME!! I just decided to ignore it and concentrate on the hypocrisy of the rethugs. How dare they???!! That’s worse than the picture of the watermelon patch on the lawn of the White House.

        I would certainly never encourage anyone here to go over to that other site, but everyone should see this! Warning: this may be damaging to your blood pressure!!

        Here is the link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/12/31/obama-palin-shoe-shining_n_408337.html

        • Khirad says:

          I’m not even shocked by that stuff anymore, sadly.

          And, yet again, it’s not only dog-whistle racism, but a reference which shows the median age of the GOP (no offense meant to my progressive elders).

          • Marion says:

            Living in Europe, I can tell you that the further south and east you travel, the bigger the racists. None so big as the Greeks, I’m afraid. I think that’s part of Whoreanna’s problem, along with the fact that Barack Obama appointed Hillary Clinton as Sec of State. If there’s one person she hates more than Obama, it’s Hillary; but she’s racist to the core.

        • bitohistory says:

          Emerald, You made me look! That is disgusting!!
          And they call that a liberal site? What like a puppy s**ting liberally all over the house?

    • Emerald1943 says:

      Hey Sue! Hubris is being very kind! I would have another word for it! :-)

  14. Mogamboguru says:

    Slightly O/T -- but, nontheless:

    Arianna H., the Queen of Table Waters, is killing her own New Year’s edition of the NuffingtonToast by forcing her queen’s own, MASSIVELY off-topic blog-post as main thread upon her devoted followers.

    How self-indulged can one positively be, to press such a nonsensical thread upon her readers, instead of giving them a free New-Year-thread and let them blast away unmoderated by the tens of thousands?

    Finally, the queen has positively, completely and permanently lost ground contact for good.

    Awaiting her long-overdue space-launch in a blaze of glowing hot air in ten, niner, eight, seven, six…

    • Emerald1943 says:

      Hey Mo! Not only has she completely lost contact and super-imposed her tome about taking all your money out of the big banks, but she has managed to get on CNN for a live interview with Rick Sanchez to espouse her theory.

      I can’t decide whether she is a really dedicated patriot, making every effort to use her influence (whatever that may be) to help correct the errant course of the country, or if she is a sheep in wolves’ clothing, shilling for the rethugs, and caring only for the number of “hits” on her site and the bottom line of her company…made rather fat from advertising revenues! I tend to believe it’s the latter! (Sorry for the run-on sentence!)



      • escribacat says:

        She is not a dedicated patriot. She is a showperson who comes up with promotional “events” designed to get attention for herself — similar to the balloon boy dad she so villified for upstaging her. This latest baloney — fully moderated — is just another one in the parade that included Biden Should Resign. I think she’s trying for the Glenn Beck type of followers — those who love OUTRAGE! and CONSPIRACY!

        • bitohistory says:

          I quit going there one day in October when Nichole(I hope she is ok) and I were battling a bunch of idiots on a story that was anti-Obama and COMPLETELY un-sourced. Nichole gave me the link to here and I have not been back. Life is toooo short.

        • Emerald1943 says:

          Hey e-cat! Good point! I had almost forgotten about the “Biden Should Resign” crap that she put out there last month! I paid it very little attention as did a lot of people. I really used to think she had her liberal act together, but she has shown us her true colors!

          Just another opportunist like Ms. Mooseburger!

          • Marion says:

            Whoreanna was always a neocon and Palin started life as a Carter Democrat. Go figure. Whoreanna was booted out of England after writing a book that was heavily plagiarised and for which she was taken to court. She’s a media WHORE.

            And, sorry, but wasn’t that Biden moment, just a tad seditious?

      • Hopeington says:

        One….blast the bitch off!!

    • javaz says:

      How can you read that crap?

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