My alarm goes off every morning without fail; for better or worse, it has a battery backup.  My alarm doesn’t blare rock or  heavy metal, smooth jazz or classical.  Rather than be scared-out-of-my-mind-awake, I prefer “The Voice,” the soothing voice of  Carl Kassel on NPR’s Morning Edition.  Well, today was Mr. Kassel’s last morning news broadcast. Now what? What am I going to do?

Hear his interview with Renee Montagne and listen to his final broadcast:

Carl Kasell: After 30 Years, A Chance To Sleep In

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Besides Carl, Bill Moyers is retiring this year. He will be missed by most progressives.
Today I heard Ellen Goodman is stopping her column today!

I remember the day “Morning Edition” came on the air. I was PO’d, the “local” NPR station had a program that I really enjoyed. Well, after 30 years,4 states,every morning, I sorta like it. 😀


Hey boomer!

I could loan you my two doggies! It’s for sure you would wake up!

The first thing I am usually aware of is my little black shih tzu, standing up on her hind legs at the bedside, watching to see if I move. If I lay still, she will snort in frustration and go away for a while longer. But if I move, she goes nuts! The unconditional love is incredible! Maybe not the soothing voice you require….but it works! 🙂