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AdLib On December - 25 - 2009

So many classic Christmas songs to list in this thread though add to those the songs that speak of happiness, family and celebration to you too.

I’ve posted a few of my favorites in earlier posts (my biggest faves for Xmas are Nat King Cole’s version of “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” and John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas – War is Over”). Here are some others of my favorites:

Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Brice Springsteen

Please Come Home For Christmas – The Eagles

This is a real time capsule, Band Aid’s, Do They Know It’s Christmas

Silent Night – Stevie Nicks

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our wonderful members and readers from your Planet!

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Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. javaz says:

    My outlook and how I live my life --

    AC/DC -- Highway To Hell

  2. Kalima says:

    I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!

    Sorry. :(

  3. javaz says:

    Just because ~

    Louis Armstrong : What a Wonderful World

  4. Hopeington says:

    Ok, here comes your resident reggae head!! Here are some of my friends struttin’ their Christmas Reggae stuff.
    First off is Yellow Man, an albino Jamacian that is one of the most incredible performers you’d ever want to see, he also had cancer and part of his face is missing, he’s awesome… and then Jacob Miller, one of the greatest voices in reggae music…he’s doing the same song but a different take
    And then John Holt doing I’m Dreamin’ of a White Christmas.
    Wanted to add Oh Come All Ye Faithful with Freddie McGregor but it failed. Hope you all merrily enjoy these!!
    Merry Christmas

  5. kesmarn says:

    This Christmas song always drove me nuts until these guys did it. There’s even a tip o’ the hat to Chanukah!

  6. Chernynkaya says:

    Well my good friends, I just found out that Turner Classic Movies (TCM) channel is starting a Sherlock Holmes marathon, with Nigel Bruce and Basil Rathbone!! I love those movies so much. I’ll see you in 24 hours…and to all a good night!

    • kesmarn says:

      Thank you, Cher! I just logged on for the first time all day and discover this wonderful bit of info from you. I have been addicted to the Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce Holmes movies all my life. Read just about everything Conan Doyle ever wrote when I was 12 or 13 and have been a devoted fan ever since. To me, Rathbone really IS Holmes--more so than any other actor.

      I’ve always been drawn to characters like Holmes, Data, and Spok…which would be fodder for any shrink, I’m sure

      Do you also watch the New Year’s Eve/Day Twilight Zone marathon on TCM? I love those,too!

      BTW, Happy Holidays to all!

  7. nellie says:

    Simply having a wonderful Christimas time

  8. AuntieChrist says:

    I enjoyed this as a kid. Such a generational gap… A definite favorite.

    Little Drummer Boy -- David Bowie & Bing Crosby:

    • Khirad says:

      I may be of a generation (or two?) after Bowie, but heavily influenced as my music is by Bowie, it makes this generational gap even crazier to me.

      Furthermore, at least when Johnny Cash covers NIN, it makes more sense as rebels from different generations… but Bing Crosby? Maybe he did it just because of the superior hipness we Washingtonian natives are born with. 😉

    • PatsyT says:

      This was monumental for me, then and now.

  9. Pashma says:

    Although it’s almost over one of my favorites to share.

  10. Chernynkaya says:

    I can’t help myself, I love Alison Krause.

  11. Chernynkaya says:

    Luciano Pavarotti -- Ave Maria

  12. Chernynkaya says:

    Even an old Ray Charles is great. This is from 2003 with a gospel choir.

  13. Chernynkaya says:

    Not exactly Christmas, but O Happy Day, by a gospel choir, rocks! They really get down to it about half way through! Dayem!

    • KQuark says:

      Awesome. The very best live “performance” I’ve ever heard was at my wife’s family church during my wife’s mother’s funeral. Yes her family build an AME church. Talk about a conflicted spirit. I knew my wife’s mother before I met my wife so it was a very strange feeling to hear all this incredibly beautiful music and be so sad about her death.

  14. Kalima says:

    My favourite, made me feel good.

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