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Scheherazade On December - 23 - 2009

From Talking Points Memo:

Senate Votes Again And Just One Vote Left On Health Care

The Senate just cleared its next-to-last procedural hurdle before passing its version of the health care bill.

In a predictable 60-39 vote, senators invoked cloture on final passage of the bill, allowing for a final vote tomorrow morning at 7. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) is absent.

It’s possible they will vote earlier, we’re keeping a close eye on those negotiations.

Before calling for the vote on an issue Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) raised about the bill’s constitutionality, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Republicans have tried to “obstruct and delay” at every turn.

Republicans parliamentary gambits have slowed down the inevitable passage and tomorrow’s vote is the first to be held on Christmas Eve since Dec. 24, 1895.

“Health reform is not about procedure,” Reid said.

He also showed senators a massive stack of letters Democrats have received with true stories about health care.

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  1. Scheherazade says:

    From the Paul Krugman’s New York Times Blog:

    The glums of August

    Howard Fineman, last summer:

    When the history of President Barack Obama

  2. Scheherazade says:

    From Talking Points Memo‘s Health Care Wire:

    Obama To Speak On Health Care Thursday Morning
    The White House just announced that President Obama will deliver brief remarks tomorrow morning at 8:45 ET, after the Senate votes on its health care bill. The Obama family will then depart for Hawaii at 10 a.m., and return Jan. 3.

    Dems Hold Celebratory Press Conference
    Senate Democrats are holding a press conference right now, following their successful vote to break a Republican filibuster and set up passage of the bill tomorrow morning. There are lots of smiles, thank-yous to staff and colleagues, and remembrances of the late Ted Kennedy.

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